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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 94

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They were whispering in silence.

The wrongdoings committed by large guilds were virtually inevitable.

This time alone, without high-ranking hunters and large guilds, citizens would have been completely exposed to monsters’ raids.

As long as the problem of survival lies in their hands, many mistakes are inevitable.

It was a world where even rich people who were rich with money cleverly deflected the judgment of the law.

In the world after the dawn of the dungeon, awakeners beyond human power could not be kept within the boundaries of the law on the same basis.

“Right. Come to think of it, there were some strange stories going around on the Internet. I heard that the Hunters of Cheongseong killed the citizens who were trapped in the lineage.….”

“Hey, hey, hey, do you still believe in those things? You can’t do that if you’re out of your mind.”

When his friend who had picked up something strange, he replied as if he was embarrassed.

I can’t believe Hunter attacked citizens indiscriminately in the midst of a dungeon.

Sometimes, it was something that could be done by a third-rate guild on the news.

It was hard to imagine that such a thing would have happened in Cheongseong, a large guild that divides Seoul.

“But… this doesn’t make any sense.”

He also nodded and admitted.

If that had really happened, it would have been normal if it had been crazy by now.

However, it was all about talking on the Internet.

As if to turn the subject around, he asked as if he had suddenly come to mind.

“Right. Come to think of it, the new necromancer, what’s his tinker? An S-class hunter would have had a tinker.”

The S-level Hunters were literally at the pinnacle of Hunter, and were in such a special position.

It means more than just one level in A class.

Even the concept of the attack squad, which is just the basic as a hunter, most of the S-class hunters worked alone and attacked the dungeons.

They are practically leading the world and have a different level of strength than the Hunters below.

However, there was a difference that the public was most likely to know.

‘Serpent’ Han In-ho, ‘salt agent’ Choi Sung-joon, etc.

S-class hunters used to be called together with tinnitus that matched their characteristics.

Furthermore, in the case of Sung-hyun, he was an unidentified necromancer wearing a mask and whose name was not even known, so he quickly became tinnitus to refer to him.

‘The King of the Shadows’

He was given new tinnitus that recognized him as an S-class hunter.

“Ha, my lord.”

The guild leader of Cheongseong, Han In-ho.

He recited the tinnitus that Sunghyun received from the public.

It was unprecedented for a man who had just entered the S-class to have the modifier “King.”

It meant that his appearance this time had an impact.

‘I’m sure you can’t say that name’s too good. Given his ability to handle legions of that size, he must have S-class characteristics.’

It goes without saying that it is the potential of an owner with S-level characteristics.

However, Cheongseong was a stumbling block to the guild, and he was an opponent who should be caught and killed immediately.

However, Han In-ho decided not to be anxious.

As long as he became an S-class hunter, he knew that he had no choice but to face him in any way soon.

There was something else that bothered me now.

“How’s your job?”

Han In-ho asked, glancing sideways.

Then the staff standing next to him quickly replied.

“Yes, as much as I’ve ordered, this massacre of civilians won’t come to the surface.”

It was about the crazy things that Hwang Seok-il and his team members did in the hierarchy.

Originally, this should have been handled neatly without a single witness, just as Hwang Seok-il did.

If the public sees it by chance, it’s only handled together.

It was virtually impossible for high-ranking officials of at least grade B or higher to fail to recognize even one witness properly.

However, an uninvited visitor stormed in the middle of the hunt for non-awakening people and their work was completely out of order.

There’s no way they’d be able to shut their mouths while they were hunted to death.

At least more than a hundred people were missed by the Hunters of Cheongseong who failed to kill them during the massacre.

Naturally, words about this couldn’t help but come out.

The victims and witnesses, who were lucky enough not to be slaughtered, were shocked and voiced about the incident.

Some people visited Cheongseong directly to protest, report to the media, and even go on a demonstration.

But all their voices were quickly buried.

That couldn’t have worked.

Their behavior was completely wrong.

The media, which was supposed to make noise, kept their mouths shut, and those who were making noise one by one.

“The remaining witnesses will also be dispatched soon to deal with all the hunters. We’re adjusting the pace, but we’ll be able to finish it in two days at the longest.”

The response to Hwang Seok-il’s actions in the hierarchy has been delayed because Cheongseong did not immediately notice them.

From the moment the victims’ voices came out, Cheongseong began to respond quickly.

Even if you speak in a clumsy way, you’ll end up in silence without even knowing the mouse or bird.

“Yes, it’s a simple matter.”

Han In-ho smiled satisfied.

It could have been a pretty burdensome issue for Cheongseong, but as usual, it was enough to bury it quietly.

There was nothing different when a few minor non-wakening people gathered and talked.

But at that moment, another employee jumped into the room.

“Sir,We’re in big trouble! We’re completely. They’ve completely bitten you off!”

“What? What are you talking about?”

“Look at this!”

Han In-ho, who frowned, looked at the screen handed by the employee.

I’m sure there’s some news about this incident that should have been completely buried.

It was filling up the screen countless times.

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