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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 93

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Sung-hyun who defeated S-class dungeons alone.

He fainted and could barely get up until the next day.

“Cheon Tae-sung came…I would have been in trouble if I was a little late.’

Sung-hyun, sitting on the sofa, arranged his disheveled hair.

After collapsing due to the side effects of the leap, he was carried out of the dungeon, carried back by Izuna.

Thanks to this, he was able to quickly lift the summons of his minions and sneak out just before the hunters entered the dungeon.

If he faced Chun Tae-sung in the dungeon in his physical condition, he would have seen a great failure.

‘Now I am moving in good shape.’

Sung-hyun recovered from his physical condition in a day.

Even if it was a side effect of overdosing the potion, it didn’t mean permanent damage.

Perhaps because he grew more, he recovered quickly from overload.

He seems to have finished everything well without being stepped on by them.

But that didn’t mean that everything was over.

‘There’s still one more thing left. We need to move as fast as we can.’

Sung-hyun jumped up from his seat.

By now, the news of the dungeon must have drawn a lot of attention.

And before the topic subsided, Sung-hyun intended to give the Cheongseong people a rub of salt on their wounds

“Hey, did you hear that yesterday?”

“S-class dungeon? Of course I did. It wasn’t that far from here.”

Students who were walking side by side talked in a fuss.

There was no way that one could not have known about the hot topic of Seoul since yesterday.

“Uh… it’s terrible that there are thousands of dead people. Imagine that there’s something like that in my neighborhood. When feeling of monsters becomes numb, something like this happens. I’ll be scared.”

“But it’s supposed to kill tens of thousands of people, so  it was cleared .”

“Right. I heard there’s a new S-class hunter.”

When the story of an S-class hunter came out, their noisy eyes flashed.

The shocking incident that happened in the kaleidoscope has brought a lot of attention.

There was Hunter, who cleared the S-class dungeon with his own power and saved countless people from the catastrophe.

Of course, he received as much attention as the attention he had drawn to the disaster.

Not only in Seoul, where things happened, but also across the country, attention was paid to the emergence of new S-class hunters.

“An S-class necromancer at the moment of crisis…….”

“Well, this is the real Hunter.”

It was Sung-hyun’s performance in a desperate situation, defeating the S-class boss monster and saving 150,000 people from death.

He didn’t just break the dungeon and say he didn’t know me, but he even used his summons to minimize the damage to citizens who were attacked by monsters.

From the perspective of people, it was like a hero.

“I can’t imagine leading a legion of tens of thousands of Summons to wipe out the monsters. I want to see it myself at least once. From far away, of course.”

“But that’s……. Are you sure? Honestly, I don’t think it’s that bad. I would have exaggerated a few hundred.”

“What, didn’t you see that picture?”

“Picture? What picture?”

He sighed deeply at the question of his puzzled friend.

Among the factors that attracted great attention this time, Sung-hyun’s unconventional ability also accounted for a large stake.

“Now, look at this.”

The boy took out his cell phone and showed his friend a picture of it.

Inside the screen, there was a large-scale photo of the inside of the valley above Seoul.

“What’s this? This are all summons?”

“I thought it was synthetic at first.”

The student who looked into the picture opened his mouth without realizing it.

Legion and shadowy streets of the city streets.

In Sung-hyun’s legion, which filled one side of the city, the streets were filled with black energy.

Thanks to this one photo, there has been a hot response on the Internet since yesterday.

It was unconventional to be able to control a group of summons of this size, no matter how much good of a necromancer it was, and everyone was shocked.

Considering all existing S-class hunters, no one could even imitate them.

Everyone even suspected of authenticity at first because of this nonsense.

Such suspicions and controversies quickly subsided because almost everyone who was trapped in the lineage during the incident was de facto witnesses.

“Not everyone can be S-levels.”

“Well, it’s totally monster-like, so I don’t think it’s the same human being.”

The students were blinded by the picture for a moment.


Even though it was an evasive job to manipulate the body, it became the object of yearning that everyone envied when it was labeled S-class.

The meaning of the S-class hunter was like that’s what they meant.

“But what’s wrong with Hunter, who’s that talented, attacking Cheongseong while hiding his identity?”

“Well, there must be some kind of resentment when I see him covering his face. To be honest, you all know that dark stuff behind the big guilds. Although Cheongseong is much better than other places.”

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