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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 92

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[Lord, you have absorbed the shadow of Zagos!]

[The Ghost’s Soul attribute is activated!]


However, Sung-hyun’s figure was completely gone.

His disappearance, leaving only a green afterimage.

“This way.”


Sunghyun from behind Carlisle’s back.

The surprisingly fast movement of Zagos, the king of bones, on the gray ground was the same.

A new trait that allows the monarch to borrow the characteristics of the summoner to his own by returning some of the shadows he had given.

With the third characteristic of enlightenment, the game was completely reversed.


Sung-hyun’s sword swung apart Carlisle’s armor.

It was a very solid armor that would not even scratch on impact, but it was just a meaningless story in front of Sunghyun’s sword.

The collar of the chest, which was cut deep and ragged, staggered.

“It’s time to wrap this up. It’s time for the Hunters to move on because they’re starting to break.”

[Lord, you have absorbed Izuna’s shadow!]

[The ‘Heart of Mana’ property is activated!]

There is only one shadow that can be absorbed at a time.

However, from the moment he absorbed the shadow, he was able to use it freely as if it were his own characteristics.

This was not just a concept to borrow characteristics.

An authority that follows one’s back.

Although they were already faithful subordinates who served him in the shadow, He felt that they had truly become one by closely connecting with each other.

Let’s go!

Powerful mana was wrapped around Sung-hyun’s hands.

Bringing the heart characteristics of mana, not only did his mana increase rapidly, but also his knowledge and understanding of the magic he used.

He became the master of the true shadow, not only to revive it, but also to absorb and dominate the power of the authorities as his own.

It’s over!

A huge flame created by Sung-hyun poured into him, and Carlisle was buried in a dazzling flash.

Yay! Yay! Yay!

[Quest completed!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]


[All Stats Increase by 25!]

[Title: “Those who have reached the level”]

[An additional 5% calibration applies to all major stats.]

“…I did it.”

In front of the drooping body of Carlisle, Sung-hyun touched both legs.

The level-up message covered his eyes with the enormous amount of experience.

Completing the quest, killing Carlisle, the S rank boss.

He quickly surpassed 154 levels at 106 levels, achieving ridiculous growth.

‘…but this one first.’

Putting off the joy for a while, Sung-hyun approached the sprawling body of Carlyle.

The fight at the top wasn’t over yet, and Sung-hyun let his shadow slip to him without delay.

Let’s go!

[Dark Knight Carlisle]

[Grade – Monarch]

[Level – 151]

[The boss’s pressure] [Chivalry] [Strong Resolution]

Carlisle, who accepted the shadow, stood up with a sound of ironclad.

He knelt down toward Sung-hyun and swore his loyalty.

Looking into his condition window, he also had an overwhelming level, and he had a monarch rating, probably not a regular dungeon boss

‘Summoner rating is A even though he is not a demon, but it won’t be possible to get an S unless you get a promotion.’

Since it was a summoner’s grade after the name, which was separate from the actual grade of the dungeon, it was also understood that the S-class boss was labeled A.

The direct measure of strength was level.

It was a grade related to the intelligence and potential that made a difference within the same level.

Rather, they might be quite smart for not being a demon.

‘Anyway… we should get out of here now.’

Along with him, Sung-hyun climbed out of the underground space, and the fierce fight was already over.

“Lord, you did it!”


The monarchs welcomed his return.

When Carlisle became the commander of the Spirits, both the Death Knight and the undead Legion were revived under the command of the Sung-Hyun.

However, not all other monsters in the dungeon were subordinates.

It was because it was not a monster of the same line, nor because it was not a direct species like Gargoyle or Death Hound under Izuna.

However, S-class boss monsters, dozens of Death Knights, and thousands of corps of evil soldiers have absorbed all the core power.

This alone was practically everything in this dungeon.

“Good job, everyone. Let’s go back now. I’m sure they’ve been cleared by now.”

Sung-hyun looked around and said,

It is a large-scale incident in which an S-level dungeon occurred.

It would be very difficult if he ran into the Hunters of Cheongseong who came to deal with the situation.


But at that moment, Sung-hyun, who was about to move, flinched and stopped.

‘It feels like my whole body is paralyzed.’

The effect of the potion he drank triple was over.

“Lord, Lord?”

“You… you crazy…….”


Sung-hyun collapsed into his seat.

The chief executive of Cheongseong, Cheon Tae-Seong.

He was a famous S-class top hunter who was so famous that everyone knew his name.

However, he ran to the news of the disaster, but an unexpected sight greeted him.

“I thought it would be held after a long sweep of the S-class dungeons… I’m suddenly losing my balance, I’ve already eaten what’s left and I’m nothing but scraps.”

He murmured absurdly.

The center of the dungeon, where only traces of fierce fighting remain.

Only the Mana Column, which had already been destroyed, was welcoming them to the boss who disappeared without a trace.

Even A-rank hunter Hwang Seok-il and other Hunters in Cheongseong were eliminated as a team.

According to the testimony of numerous survivors, a huge number of monsters appeared and saved them.

Many people also witnessed the presence of a masked necromancer who was leading them.

In other words, the necromancer who recently attacked the guild also appeared here.

‘By the time I came in, it was already gone, so it’s hard to track. It’s impossible to hide this incident.’

It is not a single Hunter, but a level of corps that covered the city center.

At this level of sight, no matter how clean it is, the truth could not be distorted or hidden.

‘None of the Necromancers in Korea were S-class hunters. It’s rare for anyone to make a debut with such a big event… The whole country will be in a uproar for a while.’

The birth of a new S-class hunter.

At the wavelength it would bring, Chun Tae-sung shook his head as if it were troublesome.

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