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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 89

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Eliminate Carlisle, the S rank Boss Monster.

And to destroy the Mana Column in the dungeon and free the people trapped in the valley.

Seong-hyun received both of these quests at the same time.

Among them, Sung-hyun’s more focused goal was to destroy the Mana Column first, not the boss.

Of course, two quest markers of the same shape were floating around, so he wasn’t sure which side was pointing to the Mana Column.

As long as Carlisle, who is wearing a quest marker, appeared in front of him, he didn’t have to think about it anymore.

Despite the collapse of the floor and falling into the hidden space below.

Sung-hyun did not let go of his mind and swung the sword toward the floating quest marker.


The rubble of the crumbling pillar.

The Mana Column was cut in half by his sword and shattered into pieces, losing its mana.

It happened so quickly that even Carlisle had no choice.



Sung-hyun clenched his fist at the vibration that came all the way here.

As the device to supply mana disappeared, the connection was collapsing at a rapid pace.

However, Sung-hyun was stunned by the creepy sensation he felt right in front of him.

‘Oh, my God, I am so angry…….’

Although the plan was successful.

There was a big problem in front of him right now.


Angrily Carlisle came to kill Sung-hyun, spouting his life.

As the floor collapses, the two face each other in a separate space.

In fact, this was the major problem in his plan.

Even if people are rescued by destroying the Mana Column, Sung-hyun himself is very likely to die.

There was a few minutes of delay, as this size of the crystal was not immediately destroyed by breaking the Mana Column.

In addition, it took quite a while for an S-class hunter waiting outside the valley to come to this dungeon in the basement of the center.

But Sung-hyun came into the heart of the S-class dungeon and faced the boss monster alone.

In the end, as long as he could not handle the boss of the dungeon, even if he was lucky enough to break the barrier, the only thing that came back was death, and Sung-hyun was aware of it.

‘But it was the best possibility I could try in this situation. And the result hasn’t come out yet.’

I’m not sure, but I had no choice but to bet on one gamble.

If I succeed anyway, I could have saved the citizens’ lives, and I couldn’t just sit back and die.

[Quest completed!]

[Reward is given for successfully destroying the target!]

[You have gained a large amount of experience!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]

[Level up!]


‘Here it is.’

A feast of system messages that began to pop up before Sung-hyun’s eyes.

Thanks to the large amount of experience gained from completing the quest, 10 levels rose at once.

But this wasn’t the end.

The gambling numbers that Sung-hyun put on, which could reverse this situation, were another compensation written next.

[Quest’s reward opens up new attributes!]

[Grade S, ‘White Night’ acquired!]


With Sung-hyun’s smile, his third trait blossomed.

“Darn it! You can’t take your time with your little……!”

Izuna’s expression against Death Night became ugly.

Underneath the collapsed floor, only Sunghyun and S rank’s boss monster, Carlisle, were fighthing.

She didn’t have time to be held here because she had to go to help quickly, but somehow Sung-hyun didn’t call her in with the power of the shadow.

But then, Sung-hyun’s voice was heard in her head.

‘Isna, can you hear me?’

“Lord, Lord? How is this?’

Izuna was startled.

She looked around just in case, but Sung-hyun didn’t come out either.

a strange sense of conversation only through the will in one’s head

However, this was only a fraction of the effects of the new characteristics of Sunghyun.

‘You need to help me.’

‘Of course, Lord! I’ll head to the side right away.’

Izuna replied with a determined look.

The Death Knights were still persistent, but they were ready to blow themselves up, even if they were to be shattered.

‘No, you don’t have to come in person.’


“I’m going to borrow your strength.”


Part of the shadow escaped from Izuna’s body.

Sung-hyun returned some of the shadows he had given to her second life to her body.

At the same time, the messages that appeared in front of him.

[Grade S, ‘White Night’ will be invoked!]

[Lord, Izuna’s attributes are enabled!]

[Precious Blood]

[The blood of superior bloodline is the basis of powerful force.]

The red energy that began to circulate around Sunghyun’s body.

Strong power was carried all over him, and Sung-hyun swung the sword with all his might.


Sung-hyun hit Carlisle’s flying attack from the front.

Until a while ago, he was running away in a hurry to avoid it, but now the situation was completely different.

Izuna’s noble blood characteristics were applied, and all physical abilities were greatly enhanced and the movement was accelerated.


Sung-hyun started attacking and attacking back.

Even Carlisle was embarrassed and faltered at the moment by his sudden change in movement, and he was hurt by an onslaught in the gap.

But he didn’t keep on beating him.


Carlisle, who focused again, gave all his strength and stabbed Sung-hyun with a sword.

‘A powerful blow coming in at a very high speed


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