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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 90

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The core of the system, which has been bombarded with consecutive bursts of sound.

A huge number of monsters were pouring out of the entrance to the dungeon.

However, the summoner corps of Sunghyun was holding them back from going to the city.


The fight itself was dominated by Sung-hyun’s legions.

It was a shadow corps that followed the level of its boss, so it easily exceeded the level of ordinary monsters.

But that didn’t mean there was no loss.

They tried to block their entrance completely, but they couldn’t move beyond this because so many numbers were pouring out.

Deadlock that never ends even if you knock it down.

The level of the men in the dungeon gradually increased, and the loss to the corps gradually increased.

Thanks to this, only piles of debris and bodies fought by monsters were at the center of the valley, which turned into ruins.

But at that moment, a roar came from the sky.


Drake Ankara’s flame Breath swept the battlefield.

In an instant, hundreds of monsters were burned to death by Ankara’s flames, and some of their formation collapsed.

Stomping around.

Sung-hyun walked forward through the shadow corps.

Behind his back were boss-class summoners who immediately followed him.



The Goblin advanced vigorously with the roar of the leading Geard.

As the monarch took the lead, the morale-boosting men raised their weapons in unison and jumped into the enemy.

It wasn’t just him.

The pressure of the boss monster, Geard, naturally shrank the movement of enemies blocking the way.

“We can’t lose.”

Izuna, who looked next to him, gestured.

Then the vampires and gargoyles, who were in her power, began their relentless march toward the dungeon.

The move was the same for other bosses and minions.

As the monarchs began to take proper control of each line of water, the movement and momentum changed completely.


Only Sung-hyun and seven boss-class summoners joined, but the influence was not just a few strong men.

It quickly overturned the sluggish situation, giving them an overwhelming gap in power.


Sung-hyun swung the sword and cut the big gole in half.

In order not to slow down, he also took the lead in the corps and cut down the enemies.

“We’re almost at the entrance. We’re going to the dungeon.”

The initial goal was to block the entrance of the dungeon to prevent more damage while the attack team was attacking the dungeon.

However, now he couldn’t expect the help of others.

He faced S-class boss monsters with only Sung-hyun’s power and had to destroy the dungeon’s mana crystal.

It was a mission that was overwhelmingly likely to fai;.

However, it was a must for Sung-hyun.


Sung-hyun, who crushed Ghoul’s head, approached the entrance of the dungeon.

A big hole in the middle of the main street like a sinkhole.

Numerous monsters were coming up from the pit, but Sung-hyun, who was looking indifferently, looked up at the sky for a while.



When Sung-hyun gestured, Ankaras exhaled a flame breath in the air.

A powerful fire filled the pit, and beneath it came a tremendous scream.


Ankara’s fierce fire that baked the monsters that were coming up.

The scene was almost like a hell of fire, and the smell of burnt came up terribly.

“Okay, it’s clean.”

After checking the bottom, Sung-hyun nodded and threw himself underneath.


First, Sung-hyun went down the pit and entered the big dungeon.

He could see many eyes surrounding him.

All the men who were coming up burned to death, but the crowd of those who poured out from underground continued.


The group of monsters, who are still bustling, rushed as if they were about to tear Sunghyun’s body apart.

However, the chief and his minions, who followed him immediately, poured down the pit and clashed with them.


Sung-hyun’s shadow legion is advancing by turning all the monsters that are rushing into blood.

The huge passage filled with minions was quickly penetrated.

“I’m pushing forward like this. Follow me, everyone.”


Sung-hyun led the corps in the front.

It was a mid- to large-scale dungeon where they entered, and it was never a small scale.

Crossroads were spread out in all directions, and they were quite complicated to fit the size.

As with the number of monsters appearing, it will take a considerable amount of time to attack if it is attacked according to the standard.

It was very difficult to get around the first dungeon without a preliminary reconnaissance process.

‘But I don’t have to take that trouble.’

Now in Sung-hyun’s eyes, there was a quest marker for the goal.

Even if not all the structures in the dungeon are clearly visible, there is a quest marker, which allowed him to know exactly where he needs to go.

For Sung-hyun, who has seen countless dungeons over the years, the direction alone was enough to find a way.

‘You don’t have to touch any of the other monsters in the Dungeon. It’s important to destroy the hierarchy.’

The monsters will try to escape the dungeon through various side roads, which are different from the path they entered.

However, Sung-hyun’s men were already in full control of the entrance.

Without his order, not a single monster at this level will be able to get out of here.

Like that, Sung-hyun went deep into the dungeon, crushing the monsters in front of him relentlessly.

Then a large door blocked him with a slightly different view.

‘Looks like you’re right.’

After stopping for a while, Sung-hyun looked around.

Unlike the passage of a huge cave to reach here, it was built in the form of artificial buildings from the walls and floors.

It gave off an atmosphere like an old underground historical site.

If the atmosphere changes dramatically within the same dungeon, the high probability was that there was a central force in the dungeon.

‘It looks pretty strong, but… It doesn’t matter to me.’


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