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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 91

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Sung-hyun immediately threw a shadow on his sword and tore the whole big door apart.

When the split door collapsed, he entered it.

The wide hall was connected for a long time, which was a huge space enough to make you forget it was underground.

But the large space was already full of enough beings.

“I think it’s the enemy’s base.”

Splash! Splash!

The sound of the armour clapping came out in perfect order.

A legion of thousands of evil spirits was in front of him

The undead armed with black armor were advancing on them.

It seemed certain that the main line of this dungeon was different from the atmosphere of the monsters they had been dealing with so far.

“I can feel a strange energy beyond them. The quest marker points in the same direction. It’s going to break through.”

“Okay, everybody to your positions!”


The elite troops of the corps took the lead in Izuna’s cry.

As they faced their main unit, they had to match their strength.

Skull knight, Hobgoblin, Vampire, etc.

Under the same boss, he armed them with rare metal weapons, which included magic, and was the preferred selection of elite monsters.


The two armies, who rushed toward each other, faced each other.

A powerful magic burst out, and a fierce battle broke out between the monsters.

Even though they were regular monsters, their strength was very strong, saying that the level of dungeons would not go anywhere.

Sung-hyun’s men began to fall one by one in the battle against them.

It was a painful loss because monsters, who were revived once in a shadow, could not be revived again.

However, he had to endure this much, and Sung-hyun swung the sword vigorously.


Niadra, the queen of iron-clad spiders, ran out blew away dozens of evil soldiers.

He pushed forward without hesitation, collapsing the front lines around Seonghyeon and the bosses.

Even if the power of ordinary subordinates is being pushed by them, the boss-class summoners are so destructive as they wave the battlefield that they gradually began to win.

But at that moment, a creepy energy was sensed by Sung-hyun’s sense.


“…You’re finally here.”

Sung-hyun, who escaped the attack, looked at the presence in front of him.


He’s wearing a black armor and holding a long sword.

Carlisle, the dark knight, S rank powerful boss monster stood in front of him.

The energy he felt was different.

Other monarchs tried to approach Sung-hyun with the sudden appearance of the man, but the other side also changed the situation.


“These guys…”

Izuna’s expression slightly frown on the blade that flew in,

Dozens of Death Knights stormed the battlefield with Carlisle.

High power, which was different from evil spirit soldiers.


Death Knights stirring the battlefield were so powerful that they could not be handled by ordinary monsters.

Sung-hyun’s boss-class summoners began to fight against two or three men who attacked them, which led to them being held back.

Carlisle raised a sword toward Sung-hyun without saying a word.

Sung-hyun had to step down in a hurry due to his onslaught.



Extreme speed and destructive power.

Like S rank’s boss monster, he was just wielding a sword, but his power was so strong that it burst out.

As a result, even his subordinates were swept away by his inspection.

At the level of ordinary men, trying to help him in would only crush Carlyle and disappear.

‘Damn it, I am no match.…!’

A persistent pursuit of Sung-hyun.

Given that he was aiming for him even though he was with other subordinates, he seemed to know that Sung-hyun was the captain of the corps.

However, from Sung-hyun’s perspective, it was too much to give up on counterattacks and just survive.



Izuna, who saw that Sung-hyun was in danger, tried to approach him in a hurry, but Death Night blocked her.

The three Death Knights rushed at the same time, so even if it was her, she couldn’t shake it off easily.

Sung-hyun, who was rolling on the floor in a huge battlefield, came up with an idea.

“With a car this big, it’s impossible to knock it down. But I’ve calculated the possibility in advance.’

He did not enter the S rank dungeon without thinking.

If you can’t handle the enemy, you had plan B to switch.

Destroying the Mana Column of the Dungeon, not knocking down the boss monster.

Of course, this was an idea that anyone could do, and there was nothing to call a grand plan.

But it wasn’t as easy as it sounds.

Generally, there were also mana columns in the space where the boss was lurking.

This means that they must break through the fire of boss monsters and minions and destroy the Mana Column.

In addition, no matter how much he looked around now, he could not see a pillar of mana in this space.

It meant that the Mana Column was hidden somewhere in the dungeon.

If you come to the boss’s place for the Mana Column, it would be a total disaster.

‘But thanks to you, I knew for sure which one was my real goal.’

There are two quests that Sung-hyun received before entering the dungeon.

And there were two quest markers that he could see.

One of the quest markers was floating on Carlisle’s head, running fiercely at him.

The other one existed under the feet of Sung-hyun, who had been stepping back for a long time.


Sung-hyun, who struck down the sword with all his might toward the floor.

A large crack was splashed on the floor, which seemed only solid.


“You’ve been off guard, haven’t you?”

Sung-hyun’s mouth went up because of the embarrassed look of his opponent.

Both Sunghyun and Carlisle were reeling from the rapidly tilting floor, and soon the floor they were standing on collapsed below, dented.

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