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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 88


It was Sung-Hyun who lost his parents to a monster who left the dungeon when he was young.


I don’t want to let tens of thousands of people in here go through the same tragedy as myself.


If he did not stop Hwang Seok-il here, the massacre would begin again, so he could not fall.


“Yes, I’d be sorry if you gave up already. Let’s try again. It suits bugs like you better.”


Hwang Seok-il grinned at Sung-Hyun standing up from his seat.


He was going to play with him until he begged him to kill him, and then kill him.




Sung-Hyun, who grabbed the sword, closed his eyes for a while and took a deep breath.


He pressed the pain all over my body and organized my mind.


“You think I’ll give you time to rest?”


Hwang Seok-il immediately kicked the ground and poured into him.

Then, Sung-Hyun opened his eyes and hit him with a sword.




The two swords flashed and exchanged dozens of sums in the close distance.


Hwang Seok-il tried to make Sung-Hyun roll the floor by giving him a shot again, but surprisingly, Sung-Hyun was not pushed away by his onslaught.


What’s going on here?’


Hwang Seok-il’s embarrassed eyes shook.


Rather, the movement was faster than the injury.


No, it wasn’t just an acceleration.


Hwang Seok-il, who realized what happened late, was shocked.


“Yes, you’re not……!”


“Thanks for the advice. I’ll use it for you. Even after living here!”




Sunghyun’s sword stretched out for only a threatening vital point.


Even so, unnecessary forces did not go too far in all inspections.


He wielded a sword with only the power to take away his opponent’s life.


Thanks to this, he was able to take advantage of the rapid pace that had been rapidly accelerating and quickly attack Hwang Seok-il.


This was the same way Hwang Seok-il used to do it until just now.


‘You saw my movements and you learned it right away? No way. That’s never gonna happen!’


It was not a secret or know-how.


It was an optimal fighting style against Hunter, and it was made by being cooked in his body with countless experiences.


He gained long training and experience to reach this level and overcame several fatalities.


However, Sung-Hyun made his essence his own by dealing with him only once.


‘This guy’s not gonna… You’re saying you have the talent to go beyond the walls?’


Although he put everything into it, he was frustrated in front of the wall called S rank


To overcome the S-class wall, he needed qualities and talents that no one could encounter, and Hwang Seok-il did not become the main character.


But this guy had qualities that he couldn’t overcome.


“Woo… don’t be ridiculous! What a cheeky bastard!”


Angry Hwang Seok-il shouted and swung the sword.


He could never admit that this kind of guy had such qualities.


But whether he admits it or not, nothing has changed.




Sung-Hyun’s sword, which penetrated Hwang Seok-il’s abdomen, penetrated his back.


He looked down in disbelief.




He threw up a handful of blood when he dropped the sword.


Now that the vital point was stabbed so deeply, no matter how much A-rank Hunter’s body was, he could not hold on.


“Even if half are sacrificed, you are not worth living. You try to weigh it with someone else’s life, so take it the same way.”


“You can’t do this…How dare you……!”


Hwang Seok-il, who was relieved, collapsed.


In the end, he felt humiliated and inferior to his younger brother, even though he could not repay his enemies.


However, Sung-Hyun, who pulled out the sword, turned his back without hitting him directly.




Boom boom!


The death hounds appeared in the shadow of Sunghyun.


Those who opened their mouths rushed to Hwang Seok-il as if they were starving.


“Turn it off!”


With a murmur.


Hwang Seok-il’s body, which gave up a terrible scream, was torn to shreds and disappeared.


[Level up!]


[Level up!]


[Level up!]


[You have acquired the title, Human Hunter!]


[Additional damage of up to 10% to people and reduce damage by 5%]


“But you’re more nutritious than your brother.”


He didn’t even get a quest, but the level has risen quite a bit, probably thanks to the opportunity to grow.


The title also had an outstanding effect to be used for the future.


There will be more friction with Hunter in the future, but it was a reliable option.


“You did it, Lord.”


Izuna, who approached, stood in front of Seonghyeon.


She had also just knocked down A-rank hunter Seok Hyun-Joon of Cheongseong.


There was a scar to see if she resisted quite violently, but there was nothing wrong with her, a monarch-class boss monster.


“Good job, too. I was able to stay out of the way thanks to your quick joining.”


“No, Lord. But the body…….”




Only then did Sung-Hyun look down at his body.


His whole body was covered in blood, and he felt his body creaking with pain.


‘I can’t believe I was fighting over this much, forgetting that it was ruined.’


Shaking his head, Sung-Hyun took out two bottles of healing potion from the inventory and swallowed them.




Feeling the sensation of his fast-healing body, Sung-Hyun sat down for a while and took a breath.


Meanwhile, the boss-class summoners of Sunghyun returned to his side one by one.




Geard, niadra, jagos, etc.


The monarch and chief-level summoners took charge of three or four each, overpowering all the guild members of Cheongseong, who were scattered in the eastern area.


Seok Hyun-Joon and A-rank Hunter, who Izuna killed, were quite difficult opponents, but the rest of the B-rank Hunters were no match for the bosses.


As Sung-Hyun instructed not to leave a trace, all the Hunters of Cheongseong were torn to shreds or eaten away.




Finally, the leader of Wyvern, Ankaras, settled beside him, folding his big wings.


“Everyone’s here. The effect of the potion is all over, and now it’s time to get up.”


Sung-Hyun woke up after clearing his seat.


The remaining duration of the elixir is about 40 minutes.


He didn’t have much time.


“Now we’re going to their dungeon.”


“Yes, it’s not going to be an easy fight.”

With a nod, Sung-Hyun looked down at his hands.

An S-class boss monster lurking in the dungeon.

The S-class wall was so high that Hwang Seok-il, who just faced him, gave up in frustration.

However, rather than receiving support from other hunters, they had to solve the problem by themselves because they had done this.

In fact, it’s a rare battle.

But he couldn’t give up.

The moment Sunghyun grabbed the sword again.

[Quest has occurred!]

[Quest has occurred!]

Two quests appeared in front of him at the same time.

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