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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 87

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A sharp blade passed by Sung-Hyun’s cheek.


Hwang Seok-il is pushing him even harder.


However, Sung-Hyun’s eyes were calm as ever.


‘I can see it. His movements that were hard to catch up with just now.’


Sung-Hyun’s eyes are constantly moving.


Hwang Seok-il’s movement was clearly visible as he pressured himself in.


He was responding to all his tests.


Even the seemingly narrowly missed attack, Sung-Hyun was sending it away several times as if he had calculated it.


‘This is….’


Hwang Seok-il, who was dealing with Sung-Hyun in person, also felt the change.


His movements are completely different from those of just now, even if he is a completely different person.


“Was that the potion just an inflection point?’


Hwang Seok-il also doped after the dungeon and connection were formed.


Doping was a daily routine for hunters who are at a certain level.


However, the same level of leap that Sung-Hyun drank was of the highest quality that even the top hunters could not get their hands on.


And Sunghyun applied it in three layers.


The reaction speed was amplified to an extreme level, and the opponent’s movements were clearly read.


In addition, the agile stat rose sharply and the body followed.


The effect was further amplified as the effect of the potion, which had already been increased by doping, increased again.




Sung-Hyun, who has been pushing Hwang Seok-il by raising his momentum.


Seok frowned at something unusual.


‘It’s a sudden change in the flow. If I do this wrong, I might get hurt.’


He didn’t even think that the masked necromancer could beat him, Hwang Seok-il.


There could not have been a record to beat him, who was close to the S-level.


But now the idea is starting to shake little by little.


‘I can’t keep an eye on you.’


Seok caught his sword quietly.


Seo Joon-young, who was trying to fight with him, was already down, and there was no one to disturb him.


He approached Sung-Hyun, who was distracted by a fierce fight, aiming for his back.


But the moment he was about to run towards Sunghyun.




On the sudden blade, he managed to lift the sword and block it.


Seok Hyun-jun’s body was pushed out due to a heavy shock.




“Do you think you’re gonna get in the way?”


Vampire Lord, Izuna raised the sword.


She was already the one who had killed a guild member of Cheongseong and had no intention of letting another noob interfere with Sung-Hyun’s fight.


“Where else are you coming from? Are you with him?”


“You don’t have to know that, lowlife. I’ll clean it up for you right now.”


The red mana fluttered in her hands.


A loud explosion of flames occurred with a bang, and Seok Hyun-jun was removed from the place where Sung-Hyun was.


“It’s starting to show.”


Meanwhile, Hwang Seok-il, who was engaged in a fierce battle, opened his mouth.


“I don’t know about you yet, but… I usually deal with monsters. I don’t have much experience competing with a proper hunter.”


“Shut up.”




After posing, Sung-Hyun put black energy into his sword.


Sung-Hyun’s inspection in an honest direction.


Hwang Seok-il, who was simply letting go of the obvious attack, instantly pulled himself out.




Seonghyeon’s sword split the entire wall of the building.


By shadowing the sword, the power was strengthened, and the scope of the cut was increased, making the entire wall of the building beautiful.


Hwang Seok-il’s body would have been halved if he had not instinctively pulled out of the unusual energy.


“You have great power. But the power of technology doesn’t mean much in the fight between high-ranking swordsmen.”


Unlike monsters armed with thick armor and scales, they did not need that much power when dealing with people.


In a fight where you die if you stab each other.


It only needed enough strength to cut out the heart and neck.




The speed-saving inspection poured out without hesitation.


Hwang Seok-il, who suddenly picked up the pace, took full control and began to pressure Sung-Hyun.


The flow that had changed as Sung-Hyun drank a potion was changing again.


“I can’t believe you’ve suddenly changed this much……?’


“I’ll make you feel the wall. Just like I did in the past.”






Sunghyun, who was thrown out, grabbed his abdomen.


‘I could feel my gut was in a mess with one blow I just now.’


After about of bloodshed, he hurriedly tried to take out the healing potion from his inventory.


However, Hwang Seok-il was seen approaching in an instant.


“Do you think I’ll get hit twice by the same tactic?”




Sung-Hyun, who was hit by a powerful kick, was buried in the rubble.


There was only one time that he could not use my hands because he was embarrassed by the function of the inventory that he had never seen before.


There was no way that the two high-ranking hunters could afford to drink potion while fighting.


‘Oh, damn it.….’


Sung-Hyun, who became a wreck, stuck his head on the floor.


His bloody body did not easily listen to him, probably because of the large amount of damage he had just now.


“Where are your best summons? Do you think you’ll be able to deal with me with that kind of composure?”


Hwang Seok-il approached, shouting roughly.


It’s useless to bring in such bodies, but it’s worth stepping on.


If you want, I can cut your head off right away.


He couldn’t kill him, his brother’s enemy.


‘Jesus, you think I’m fighting alone because I want to fight fair and square.’


Sung-Hyun spat out a curse word inside.


Other boss-level summoners, such as Geard and Ankaras, were already dealing with the Hunters of Cheongseong, who were trying to approach them.


Calling in the fighting men would also bring the Hunters of Cheongseong to join the side where the disturbance was occurring, and it would mean nothing.


However, he could not call the legions of ordinary summoners he had left behind.


More and more monsters were already facing large-scale monsters and pouring out of the dungeon.


No matter when the owner of the dungeon appeared, it was not strange.


Rather, we had to hurry up and deal with the Hunters here and go help them.




Sung-Hyun grabbed the ground and touched his arm.


‘People are dying at this time. I don’t have time to lie down here.’


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