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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 86

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“Hwang Seok-il, it’s a good thing you’re here.”

“Yes, you… That necromancer……?”

He was embarrassed by the sudden situation.

Hwang Seok-il’s face changed rapidly after seeing Sung-hyun’s mask.

The indescribable life leaked around him.

“You killed hundreds of people here, and you’re not trying to pretend that you’re wronged by the death of a brother, are you?”

“I’ll kill you, motherfucker!”

Hwang Seok-il leapt in his direction in one go.

“You Dare put your face in front of me!”


The walls collapsed one after another due to his great power.

He was so reckless that he felt like he was dealing with monsters, not humans.


Sung-hyun stepped back one after another, blocking Hwang Seok-il’s attack and avoiding it.

His arms throbbed whenever he blocked the attack with powerful force, and most of all, it was his tremendous speed that was hard to catch up with.

If you miss the tempo even a little bit, you will be cut in half.


Even as he was being pushed out, Sung-hyun’s eyes shone.

Even though he was frighteningly strong, his opponent was very mentally unstable about his brother’s death.

In such a state of calmlessness, gaps naturally arise.

‘It’s now…!’

Sung-hyun instantly changed his stance and stabbed the sword through the gap of Hwang Seok-il following a big movement.

Oh, my God!

But at that moment.

Hwang Seok-il quickly pulled himself back and avoided the attack.

‘…A little short.’

I even thought I had caught it by stabbing a sword, but the tip of the coat was cut off.

Hwang Seok-il’s speed was so fast that the attack did not work as much as he calculated.


Hwang Seok-il, who stepped back, paused for a while.

He thought he would run madly angry at Sung-hyun’s attempt to counterattack, but he slowly picked his breath and began to regain his composure.

‘The blow just now was dangerous. He was so sharp that he didn’t seem he was a necromancer.’

Hwang Seok-il’s eyes soon regained their reason.

He instinctively realized that Sunghyun was not a half-level hunter.

Unlike his younger brother, Hwang Il-woo, Hwang Seok-il was not a toddler who was completely obsessed with anger during the fight.

No matter how strong they are, they would have a gap if they lost their reason or let their guard down because they were obsessed with anger.

While he’s been working as a hunter of Cheongseong, there weren’t one or two guys who died that way.

“…was it all your fault that the others lost contact? I’ll deal with you right now.”

Hwang Seok-il’s voice changed completely from the beginning.

The anger that is rising from the present was enough to burst after removing his limbs.

‘This is not going to be as easy as I thought.’

Sung-hyun had a hunch about Hwang Seok-il’s change.

He tried to use his brother’s death to further anger and solve the fight in his favor, but it didn’t seem to work.

I’ve never been in charge of Hwang Seok-il in person, so I just heard it, but it was more than just a story.


Hwang Seok-il, who ran again, faced Sung-hyun.

However, his movements have changed beyond what he did a while ago.


Hwang Seok-il’s extended legs aimed at Sung-hyun’s neck.

Then, Sung-hyun hurriedly lowered himself to avoid kicking him.

However, as he avoided the attack in a hurry, he naturally had a gap, and Hwang Seok-il did not miss the moment.



Sung-hyun, who had been thrown away for a long time, was buried in a pile of debris.

It wasn’t even a sword cut, it was just a punch.

However, a great shock was delivered as if he had been hit by a cannon, and at least a few bones were broken.

“What a….”

“I’ll admit that the body of Necromancer has this much power. But at best, A-rank entrance. I’ve killed dozens of people like you who were fearlessly installed at that level.”

Hwang Seok-il came tumbling toward him.

He seems to be trying to weigh him down under pressure with a tremendous amount of murderous aura

As it approached the threshold of S-class, it was different from the average A-class hunter.

However, Sung-hyun raised his body by touching the ground.

“…Really? But this time it’s different.”

There is always a first time.


Sung-hyun quickly inhaled the potion taken out of the inventory.

The torn skin healed, and the broken bones were attached again.

Sung-hyun, who regained his strength, raised himself lightly.

As expected, the performance of the recovery form was lame, just like the one made by vampires.

“What? Where did you do that all of a sudden?….”

Hwang Seok-il suddenly reacted as if he were surprised by the form in the air.

However, Sung-hyun took things out of his inventory one after another.

[Fresh green elixir]


[Duration-1 hour]

[Temporarily, the agility stat increases significantly, and the reflexes increase 1.5 times.]

Sunghyun’s condition is that he hasn’t drunk doping foam yet.

He was afraid of decreasing potion numbers until the last minute of the fight with the boss.

To the present Sunghyun, Hwang Seok-il was never a match that could be won without putting everything into it.


[The effect of ‘Fresh Green Elixir’ has been applied!]

[Temporarily, the agility stat increases significantly, and the reflexes increase 1.5 times.]

[Warning-If you take the same type of elixir repeatedly, side effects will occur after the effect disappears.]
The message that popped up in front of Sunghyun who emptied a leap.

However, Sung-hyun did not hesitate at all and poured his second leap into his mouth.

‘I don’t care.’

[Temporary increase in Agility Stats is significant, increasing reflexes by 1.5 times.]

[Temporary increase in Agility Stats is significant, increasing reflexes by 1.5 times.]

He took as many as three elixirs at the same time.

It was Sung-hyun, who had already experimented once on side effects.

His whole body will be stuck for a while due to terrible aftereffects, but this was the only way to catch up with Hwang Seok-il’s low speed.

“Then let’s start round two.”

Sung-hyun, who wiped his mouth, faced Hwang Seok-il.

The duration of the potion is 1 hour.

‘I need to finish everything in that time.’

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