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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 85

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In the fluttering debris.

The guild member of Cheongseong, Ham Seokwon, threw himself quickly.

He was on a mission following Hwang Seok-il’s order, but he had to hold a weapon in a sudden attack by a monster.

As a B-class hunter, he was able to break into two pieces at once, but the one who appeared now was different.


Goblin’s great chief, Geard, appeared through the walls.

The boy, who came in an instant, swung a big club to Ham Seok-won.


Ham Seok-won managed to avoid the club by dodging away.

However, a large shock wave broke out and the ground began to collapse.

“Hey, you crazy……!”


The walls and columns collapsed with dents.

As the shock wave was so powerful, one side of the building was completely destroyed and collapsed.

Therefore, even Ham Seok-won, who thought he had spread the distance enough, was sucked underneath.

“What a hell of a…….”

Ham Seok-won, who cleaned up the rubble, hurriedly leaned against his window and stood up.

But above his head, Geard was already running wild.


The goblin boss of a giant who persistently follows him as if he is going to take a breath away.

“You think I am going to be so easy!”

Ham Seok-won, who had his teeth clenched, stretched out his spear as hard as he could.

He stabbed Gead in the abdomen and blew it sideways, and he was just stuck on the wall.


But Geard, who just woke up, showed his teeth.

He obviously hurt himself, but the spear didn’t go in properly compared to the force he stabbed.

This was due to the tough skin characteristics of the geard.

More than anything, like a boss monster, not a regular monster, a few successful attacks were not easy to kill.

“Darn it.”

Ham Seok-won wiped away the dripping sweat.

Even if it was a hunter of the same class against Boss Monster, it needed an attack squad-level personnel.

However, a B-class hunter couldn’t afford the Gaerd alone.

“It’s not the speed at which you can be left out, but if you keep going like this, you’ll get caught.” I asked for help a long time ago, but when are these guys coming?’

Ham Seok-won looked down at the smashed communication machine.

Though broken during the battle with that monster, his signal must have gone to the guild members around him.

Unfortunately for him, however, the situation was the same for the other Hunters.

Sunghyun’s boss-class summons were hunting Cheongseong’s hunters scattered all over the place.


“What is it?”

Seok Hyun-joon frowned.

A part of the building that was far away collapsed and a shock was delivered.

It was not exactly known what the situation was because of the distance, but it felt faintly to him, A-rank’s senior hunter.

But it wasn’t just the echo.

From a while ago, he felt the aftermath of big battles everywhere.

It was an echo from a battle on an impossible scale for ordinary monsters pouring out of the dungeon.

“No way…”

“Your colleagues are not coming. Something’s wrong, huh?”

Seo Joon-young is one step closer.

Contrary to what he had promised, they were the members of the Cheongseong guild who had not yet gathered, and it was unlikely that they would come just because a few more minutes were left here.

“Let’s keep fighting.”

“Chit… it’s hard to catch the ones who ran away.”

Seok Hyun-jun frowned and lifted the sword.

There seemed to be a problem on the other side, and it took quite a lot of time to win the game alone.

But the moment the two hunters were about to bump into each other.

“No, you don’t have to.”


A man fell between them with a heavy sound.

“I would have explained to you enough.”

“You are…”

A-rank hunter of Cheongseong, Hwang Seok il.

Under the pressure he emitted, Seo Joon-young faltered without realizing it.

Of all things, the worst opponent came.

“Why are you interrupting us?”

“Are you asking because you don’t know that?”

“Without Hunter, this society doesn’t even survive. It’s a small number of human resources that can’t be replaced in any way. If you think coldly, of course, the scale will be higher than thousands of non-wakened hunters. There’s nothing to say about an A-class hunter like you and me.”

“So you killed the people? Who can weigh a man’s life as he pleases? Before you woke up, you were just like them. I was lucky enough to get the ability.”

Seo Joon-young replied with a frowning face.

However, Hwang Seok-il only smiled.

“It’s the same number of sacrifices anyway. Rather, if the boss of the dungeon appears before the tie is opened, much more will die. Do you know how dangerous it is to attack S rank’s boss monster inside the dungeon?”

The existence of S rank’s boss monster, who hasn’t even been revealed yet.

Since it is itself outside the standard, it had to be very careful when it was in the dungeon when it was attacking.

However, if people fought with S rank’s boss in the exposed city center, there could be a lot of damage.

However, Seo’s expression did not change even when he said it.

“By rationalizing it that way, you’re nothing but trash that kills civilians. Don’t think you can understand by making such sophistry.”

“You don’t understand. If Hunter’s going to disturb us, you’re going to die.”

“You can’t just survive here and die.”

“…if so.”


The fight started in an instant.

Seo Jun-young fought against Hwang Seok-il with all his might, holding a sword and shield.

However, the aspect of the fight was one-sided.


No matter how hard Seo Jun-young put all his energy and struggled, only the picture of Hwang Seok-il unilaterally overwhelmed was unfolded.

Even if it was the same A-class, it was different in terms of power.

Even though Seo jun had strong physical strength and defense, the weight of the attack was so different that it couldn’t be stopped.

The speed was difficult to follow with the eyes.

“That’s it.”



Seo Jun-young, who had been thrown away for a long time, drooped.

He was beaten to the point that he could not even invoke self-healing characteristics even with the strong A-rank saint’s body.

Seo Jun-young looked up at Hwang Seok-il helplessly with a finger stuck.

“How come you have such a strong power…….”

“If my strength seems strong, it means that you can’t attack an S-class dungeon even if you die and wake up.”

the pinnacle of the Hunter world

That’s what grade S meant.

“Let’s call it a day.”

Hwang Seok-il lifted the sword bluntly.

Seo Joon-young, who resigned that this was the end, closed his eyes.

‘I didn’t expect to die this way, but at least I had no regrets.’

But the moment Hwang Seok-il’s sword was about to fall to his neck.


With a loud binge, the dust cloud blocked the view.

It was Sung-hyun wearing a bone mask that emerged from the cracks in the collapsed wall.


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3 months ago

Cannot denied the villain word at all
Yes it is wrong but itis the most correct choice among many other wrong choice
If the S class boss come out then seoul will be flat with mud anyway
Just because MC has cheat abilityhe cant judge the villain wrong to act acording to the information that he has at the momeny of crissis

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