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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 84

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Dozens of people who were chased by monsters and evacuated were trapped inside a building.

People who don’t even dare to go out and hold their breath as zombies are wandering around.

But the zombies, who were hanging out of the building, were already devastated.

That buck.

A-class hunter of Cheongseong, Seok Hyunjun.

The man who killed all the zombies, approached the locked door of the building.

However, Seo Jun-young, who had been chasing him, hurriedly grabbed Seok Hyun-jun by the shoulder.

“Come on, wait…!”

“I warn you in advance, if you’re not going to help, don’t disturb me. You’ll survive because of us.”

Seok Hyun-jun pushed his hand past.

Then slowly pulled out the sword.

“Why don’t you just stay in a corner quietly when you’re so conscience-stricken? This side doesn’t just like it either. I do it because my boss makes me do it.”


Seo Joon-young clenched his fists at his reply.

he know all the citizens in there will be killed, but he couldn’t stop Seok Hyun-jun anymore.


Seok Hyun-jun of Cheongseong eventually broke into the locked door.

“Huh, Mr. Hunter?”

“Wait, come on!”

“Jo, watch out! Turn it off!”

People’s terrible screams leaked out of the building.

A vivid smell of blood pierced his sense of smell, and Seo Jun-young dropped his head to the ground.

He was a high-ranking Hunter who had no guild but had a strong presence as an A-rank mercenary.

However, the opponent in front of him now was Cheongseong.

Whether it was right or not, blocking their actions would only return terrible retaliation.

As long as you are a hunter who has set foot in the Gangnam area, you cannot disobey the words of the Cheongseong guild.

‘What I’ve seen here today is that you’ll have to shut up for the rest of your life.’

“Please, please save me!”

“Don’t bother running away. It’s hard to kill at once.”

The dull blade of Seok Hyun-jun goes up.

The wall next to him collapsed.


“Stop it, you scumbag.”


Seok wiped away blood stains on his face.

In front of him stood Seo Jun-young with a determined expression.

“Seo Joon-young, I think you know how this business works, can you handle it?”

Seok Hyun-jun smirked as if he was dumbfounded.

His behavior now was to turn Cheongseong to the enemy.

Even if he was lucky to survive here, it was not something that Hunter, a mercenary who didn’t even belong to, could handle.

“Shut up. I can’t stand by and watch this crazy thing.”

It didn’t matter whether it was Cheongseong or whatever.

Seo Jun-young, who rushed in an instant, swung his legs at Seok Hyun-joon.


Seok Hyun-jun, who was beaten by a kick, smashed the opposite wall and bounced off.

At the same time, Seo Jun-young, who ran outside, shouted to the frightened citizens.

“Everyone, run away in this gap!”

“You son of a…!”


Seok Hyun-jun’s sword flew fiercely.

However, Seo raised his shield and lightly defended his attack.

Then he immediately counterattacked his opponent.


Even though it was a class of tankers and knights in charge of the front, sharp counterattacks continued.

As both sides are talented in A-class hunters, there was a high-quality battle that could not be seen in the fierce battle of hunters.

In particular, Seok Hyun-joon led the attack without a break and drove fiercely.

However, Seo’s stance was solid, especially because of the shield he held in his left hand.

Oh, my god!

However, Seok Hyun-jun, who managed to squeeze the defense and create a gap, cut Seo’s left leg deep.

As much as he cut the leg, all movements will be disrupted.

However, Seo Jun-young didn’t care and hit hard.

“You don’t mean to knock me down like this!”

There was a white light around Seo Joon-young’s body.

The glare quickly restored the deep scar on the left leg.

Seo Joon-young was the owner of the Paladin class, and his A-rank characteristics were expressed and he healed himself without the help of healer.


“Wow, that’s good.”

Seok Hyun-jun, who was pushed out after being hit by a shield, wiped the blood off his mouth.

Each other had comparable skills, and it would not be easily settled.

In particular, it would take a very long time to knock down even if it was against a saint with recovery capabilities.

“It would be nice to fight until the end of the day, but… That’s it. We don’t have much time. I have to catch the ones who ran away because of you.”

“Who’s the one who wants it’ You think I’m gonna let you go?”

“Of course you can’t let us get in the way, so you’re done here. But I’m not alone.”

“Seo, really?”

“I already sent a signal through the communication machine when we started the fight. The guild members around you will be here soon.”

‘…Oh, my God.’

Seo Joon-young’s expression darkened at his words.

Seok Hyun-joon was not an easy opponent.

However, if other Hunters of Cheongseong join the team, he had no chance of winning.

But after a short period of time, they confronted each other.

The guild members of Cheongseong still did not come.

‘…What happened?’

Still embarrassed by the quiet atmosphere, Seok looked around.

At least two or three guild members should have arrived by now.

The signal of the communication machine went well, but this was due to circumstances for Hunters around them.


“Jesus, damn it! What the hell are these guys!”

“Be careful!”

The attackers started attacking the scattered guild members of Chengseong.

Monsters hunting hunters who forgot their duty appeared.

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