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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 83

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The thick wall broke loudly.

Even the shell was a trace of falling, but it was only a lightly wielded inspection.


Two swords collided with a heavy sound.

Among the blades that made the giggling sound, Sung-hyun and Kim Pil-ho faced each other.

“Necromancer who uses swords. Well, the average guy wouldn’t even dare to touch me alone.”


Kim Pil-ho, who moved quickly, twisted the direction of the blade.

Even when he was close, he was able to use his opponent’s power to launch an anomalous attack, and Sung-hyun had to quickly pull back.

However, Kim Pil-ho did not let him keep his distance.

“You’d better not compare me to the parachutes and other guild members!”


Kim Pil-ho, who had narrowed the distance at once, bombarded the inspection.

Sung-hyun was pushed out due to an anomalous and incessant rampage.

‘It’s definitely not like the others.’

Cheongseong’s B-class hunter, Kim Pil-ho.

The guild leader of the artist whom Sung-hyun previously faced was also a B-class hunter.

However, Kim Pil-ho’s technique was much more sophisticated than the guild leader he faced at the time and had strong power.

“Especially I know exactly how to deal with Hunter and how to cut him. It’s not something I’ve done once or twice.”

As expected, Cheongseong’s scab could not be attached to anyone.

It was no exaggeration to say that he was the strongest hunter he had ever fought.

On the other hand, even though Sung-hyun has been growing rapidly, the awakening time itself was never long.

Therefore, he also had little experience directly fighting with Hunter.

A member of Cheongseong would have fought and killed other hunters on some days, so it would not be comparable in this regard.


However, since his first day of awakening, Sung-hyun has continued to fight against countless monsters under the huge dungeon.

That’s how he’s grown so far.

His experience at risk was more valuable than dealing with thousands of second-rate hunters.


Kim Pil-ho’s body, which was running, fell to the floor in an instant.

He was no longer a match for a B-class hunter.

“Kurk… how do you do this…….”

Kim Pil-ho vomited blood on the ground that was splashed.

Sung-hyun grabbed him by the neck and lifted him up.

“Tell me before you break it. Where’s Hwang Seok-il?”

“Kuck, come on, wait……!”

Kim Pil-ho, who was caught, wriggled his body.

Sung-hyun’s grip has been getting suffocated.

However, when he struggled in this state, Sung-hyun’s hands only tightened stronger.

“Well, stop…”!”

“Where’s Hwang Seok-il? This is the last question.”

“Ah… still in the process of determination… I’ll stay in the east……! I can’t do more than that.…!”


Sung-hyun broke Kim Pil-ho’s neck and threw it to the side.

He’s all over the floor like a broken doll.

Thanks to the vitality of the B-class Hunter, he was wriggling in pain without dying immediately.

However, it would have been difficult to breathe because he had cut off his nerves, so he will die on his own soon.

Of course, he’ll struggle with pain and become food for the monsters.

Sung-hyun left Kim Pil-ho alone.

“You crazy bastards, Hunter killing people who can’t catch monsters.”

Blood trickled out of Sung-hyun’s biting lips.

The soaring anger in front of the unbelievable fact was not enough.

Hwang Seok-il was originally a hunter with a crazy temperament even in Cheongseong.

Like a talented person who once aimed for the S-class, even though his skills were certain, he often caused problems with his radicalism.

The tendency of the team he leads naturally followed him, and the level was different, but his younger brother Hwang Il-woo must have been out of line.

‘But I can’t believe you’re making this mess.
What they’ve done has made things more complicated.’

Sung-hyun stood still for a while.

Although he walked unconsciously, he has yet to set the right direction for him.

Only by blocking the entrance of the dungeon where monsters were pouring in could he prevent further damage.

On the other side, however, Hwang seok-il and his team members were hunting civilians indiscriminately.

‘Either way, the damage will get out of hand. What should I do to make damage as little as possible?’

To prevent damage from monsters and to stop Hwang Seok-il’s crazy behavior.

He thought about which option to choose between the two options.


He couldn’t help it, but it was disgusting to make him worry about something crazy.

Now was the time to make a wise choice rather than anger.

After closing his eyes for a while and cooling his head, Sung-hyun made a decision.

‘…I don’t make a choice. I’m done with both of them.’

Either way, hecouldn’t open my eyes and watch.

Of course, it was impossible to do two things alone at the same time.

But he was not alone.

“Come on out.”


Seonghyeon’s shadow stretched out, and the seven monarchs appeared at the same time.

“Have you called, Lord.


Geard, Izna, Niadra, Oleg.

Zagos, Ankaras, and Maitria.

They were all monarchs and chief summons under the command of Seonghyeon.

“The main battalion continues to advance to the dungeon. We have to block the entrance as planned. But we’ll move separately.”

“You have things to deal with. What kind of guys are they?”

“We hunt the Blue ones in the east. The boss of the dungeon is next.”

TL note:- Cheongseong is blue castle and their employees are blue ones

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