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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 81

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A ridiculous number of monsters were approaching, filling the streets.

a corps of monsters fluttering in black shadows

“Well fuck. We’re done…….”


However, a group of monsters did not attack the hunters.

As if the Hunters were invisible, they passed by quietly.

Rather, they marched relentlessly cutting down and dividing monsters that were eating people.

“What the hell… is it going on?”

“I can’t believe monsters don’t attack people.”

Hunters stood looking at each other with an incredible look.

It was their move to destroy common sense.

It was such a huge number that I didn’t even think they were someone’s summoners.

“Phew, good thing you didn’t swing a knife when you approached. I almost died of a temper tantrum.”

“Anyway, I managed to survive.”

Hunters breathed a sigh of relief.

It was still thrilling to see powerful monsters with black shadows passing by.

It seemed much better than being killed by a group of wild beasts who had been flocking like crazy just now.

However, the first of them to come to their senses raised their voices.

“There’s no time for everyone to be like this! … I mean the other side of these monsters are all directions! ”

“Right. You can’t just space yourself out again and be isolated.”

“Let’s move right away. Take care of the wounded first.”

I don’t know why, but it was a corps of monsters against monsters pouring out of the dungeon.

The monsters who were in the place where the corps had passed by would have all disappeared in silence, as you have just seen.

At this time, it had transferred to a safe place.

It gave Hunters, who were embarrassed by the sudden incident, time to put their power together and reorganize.

In fact, as Seonghyeon’s legion advanced, survivors from other places were moving there.

“The monsters here… There’s no end.”

“They’re not attacking us, so this is safer for us. Let’s move quickly.”

A group of surviving survivors passed by the Skeleton Corps.

They were isolated in the building and almost died, but faced these monsters and were lucky to survive even though they were non-awakened.

“Wait, look over there!”

“The sky is…”

A group of pelbats soared from the center of the valley.

The dungeon, which created the connection, is pouring out even a flying monster.

Those who filled the central sky began to search for food in the city center, spreading everywhere.

“Hey, it’s coming this way!”

“Inside the building…….”

“Too late!”

Already close, a pelbot found them exactly and flew in.

The embarrassed survivors looked at the monster in the street with eager eyes.

However, the Skeleton warriors passing by were advancing without giving a thoughtless attention.


“Be careful!”

The moment survivors close their eyes on their stomachs.



A Wyvern, who flew in in an instant, snatched Pelbat and ate him up.

At once, the people of Pelbat and Wyvern, who disappeared to the other side, looked up at the sky blankly.

“Ga, I’m alive.”

“Are these monsters trying to help us?”

“I don’t know about that, but… Let’s move quickly. Everyone will be gathered at the edge of the hierarchy. We have to go to the Hunters.”

By thoroughly annihilating the facing monsters, the Summons of Seonghyeon protected the citizens.

Not only that, but by bringing people together near the western edge, in front of Monsters, helpless citizens were given the opportunity to meet hunters to protect them.

As a result, they were saving more lives than directly saving citizens.

“This time, even the flying monsters appeared. There’s still a lot of monsters left to spit out.”

Sunghyun, who was looking at the sky for a while, said.

“The pelbats in the city are being handled by Ankaras and the Wyverns. That number should be sorted out in no time.”

Izuna, standing next to Sunghyun, reported.

In fact, pelbats were seen being eaten by Wyvern or being swept down by flame Breaths throughout the sky.

If it was a fight between airborne monsters, it would be sorted out quickly as there was no right way to avoid or hide.

“It takes a little while for the number of monsters pouring out to increase, but at this rate, we’ll get to where the dungeon is.”

Seonghyeon’s shadow corps, which is pushing forward, was approaching the dungeon by quickly organizing the western streets.

The high-ranking hunters in the eastern section should have entered the dungeon by now.

However, given the number of monsters appearing, it would have been a fairly large dungeon.

Hunters are inside.He only goes into the deep end to attack the boss, who is guarding the Mana Column.

We couldn’t block all the entrances.

Therefore, Sung-hyun planned to advance with his minions and block the entrance to the dungeon so that the monsters would not come out.

It was to minimize damage while saving citizens.

“You’re not dealing with the boss, you’re blocking the entrance, that’s simple.”

“No, they haven’t even seen their true colors yet. In addition, there may not be a single S-class hunter in this connection.”

Sung-hyun said with a rather serious look.

Among S-class hunters, less than ten are the highest-ranking hunters in the Cheongseong guild, one of the two largest guilds.

It was quite likely that it would not be in this hierarchy.

The problem is that the chances of attacking this dungeon will be very slim.

‘I’m going to have to go in and fight with him.’

I’m hope they’ll find a place to run anyway, because we’re stuck in every direction.

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