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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 80

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While the eastern section is being devastated.

The western section of dungeon was also in a bad situation.

Defensive lines built by local guilds and hunters collapsed one by one in a growing group of monsters.

On the unprotected roads, victims emerged helpless.


A group of ghouls was eating them up.

The lucky survivors fled in fear everywhere.


He walked through a city trapped in the valley and turned into a pile of rubble.

A place of death filled with screams.

He didn’t know where to go.

However, there were still people struggling to survive in the devastated city.

“Here he comes again!”

“If we get through here, we’re done! Stop him somehow!”

Hunters of local guilds standing on the roadside shouted.

Numerous monster bodies were already piled up in front of them, but they flocked tirelessly.

a pouring flock of brooks

“Now it’s the limit!”

“There’s nowhere to run anyway! Shut up and stop!”

Hunters used every method to stop monsters.

Hundreds of citizens were immediately protected behind them.

If it is pierced here, they will all be exterminated, as well as the people on the streets beyond them.



However, they were at best D or C-ranked hunters.

Their physical strength was depleted earlier, and there was a limit to what they could block with their mental strength.

As the hunters began to fall one by one, the wires they were maintaining were pushed and the gap widened little by little.

“Oh, shit, we’re done now…….”

Hunter, who was injured and leaned against the wall, dropped his head.

The moment when the last spark of hope was extinguishing.


“Well, what is that?”

The other side of the direction where the burrows are flocking.

Suddenly, a huge group of monsters appeared.

It was a huge army of all kinds of monsters, including Goblin, Bansy, Skeleton, Iron-arm spiders, gargoyles, and Wyvern.

The unidentified black energy from them filled the streets.



The moment Hunters are about to fall into despair because they think it’s another monster’s character.

A group of black-shaded monsters began to sweep away the burrows that were filling the boulevard.

It was not even a fight, but a one-sided massacre.

“Monsters are monsters… You’re not even a match!”

“What the hell is going on here?”

“Everyone look over there!”

Hunter, who found something, raised his finger.

A man wearing a bone mask was walking in the middle of the monster’s herd.

“A… a person?”

“So this is all Hunter’s Summons?”

The mask man leading all kinds of monsters.

However, Sung-hyun was not even pulling his weapon.

He just walked along the path that his summoners had opened up and walked forward.


At that time, the burrows mixed between the bodies opened their eyes and quickly bounced.

The one who ran to bite Sung-hyun’s neck, who was careless.

However, the blade flashed and Ghoul’s body split in half.


The body of Ghoul, which was broken in two, rolled on the floor.

Vampire Lord, Izuna, shook the blood off the sword.

“Get out of my way, little birds. You’re not the one who can stop them.”

Let’s go!

Before they knew it, countless streets in the west were fluttering with black energy.

What Hunters saw was only a fraction of what was revealed.

Large monarchs and leaders followed after Sung-hyun with a sense of intimidation, and many monsters continued without hesitation.

It was an enormous procession of monsters that could not be counted.

“Our Lord… He is the master of the demons, who will keep all the monarchs at his feet.”

“Oh, oh, oh!”

The roar of the monsters rang the earth.

Only then did Sung-hyun pick up the sword.

“Let’s go. To their dungeons.”

There was a group of hunters isolated from the monsters in the western section of the Gyegye.

Due to these and other circumstances, the hunters were unable to retreat to the edge of the street and were trapped in the middle of a monster-filled street.

Dozens of Hunters barricaded themselves and resisted.

However, they were slowly getting tired of the endless crowds of monsters in isolation.

At that time, everyone’s eyes turned back at the tremendous miracle that appeared behind.

“What’s that behind you?”

“Oh, my God!”

Boom boom!

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