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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 79

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As the emergency situation broke out along with the first-class dungeon alert, all high-ranking hunters of Class B or higher gathered according to the guide.

But the situation was not good.

There were fewer than 30 hunters of Grade B or higher gathered at the venue, and all but three or four were guild members of Cheongseong.

“Is all the power here? It’s hopeless.”

Hwang Seok-il opened his mouth that was closing.

There are only four A-rank hunters, including himself.

Except for one outsider, they were team members under Hwang Seok-il, not senior-level officials.

Hwang Seok-il and his team members were searching the area around the abandoned factory for clues about Necromancer.

He was caught up in the sudden formation of this huge dungeon.

“Ha, I can’t believe there’s no S rank Hunter against the S rank Dungeon.”

Hwang Seok-il smirked as if he were absurd.

There was not a single S-class hunter in this area, which is a force that can attack S-class dungeons.

“It’s a difficult situation. But why don’t we at least go after the dungeons?”

A-class hunter Seo Joon-young stepped forward and said.

He was a well-known hunter who was quite well known for his unaffiliated mercenaries.

However, Hwang Seok-il responded as if it were ridiculous.

“What a stupid thing to say.”

“What a stupid thing to say! People are dying at this hour, and what have you been doing here?”

“So what’s your plan? Isn’t that the end when we all get together and jump into the dungeon? He’s a kid who’s never been in an S-class dungeon before, so he can say that.”

Hwang Seok-il replied by mixing even a tone of contempt.

The world of S-class Hunters was completely different from what they had known before.

In the first place, there was a predictable range in the general class, but from the S-class, there was no upper limit as there was no more dungeon grade.

I can’t even guess how strong they are.

In fact, the rating was at a stage where it was meaningless, whether it was Monster or Hunter.

Hwang Seok-il, who once reached the threshold of Class S, was well aware of the wall that could not be crossed.

“But what if you talk like that before you even start? Are you saying we should give up here and die together?”

“No, there’s another way.”

“…what do you mean another way?”

asked Seo Joon-young, who paused.

But then, there were sharp, piercing cries coming from the ears.


“Jesus, that’s fast. We’ve already reached this point.”

A group of monsters pouring from the other side of the street.

Monster Wave is already in full swing.

“Mo, it’s a monster!”

“Hunter, please save me!”

Citizens gathered around them shouted in fear.

When they heard the broadcast that Hunters were gathering, they ran here believing only in Hunter of Cheongseong.

It’s a place full of high-ranking hunters, so it’s safer than any other shelter.


Hwang Seok-il pulled out a sword without saying a word.



Hwang Seok-il’s sword swung and the red blood scattered.

However, the blood was not of a monster but of a citizen.

A man with a deep chest cut fell on the floor, and Hwang Seok-il, with an eerie look, wiped off the blood splashed bluntly.

“What, what…He killed a man!”


Of course, frightened citizens screamed and panicked.

The embarrassed hunters also hardened into place.

“What the hell is this…….”

Although the Hunters of Cheongseong looked embarrassed.

In particular, outside hunters, including Seo Joon-young, were shocked by what he had just shown.

“What are you doing all of a sudden? Are you crazy?”

Seo Jun-young shouted.

It was doubtful whether Hwang Seok-il had even gone mad in fear.

However, Hwang Seok-il was surprisingly calm and not agitated.

“Hey, do you know the conditions that neutralize this chain of dungeons?”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Even though the characteristics of dungeons vary widely, there are two common conditions for releasing them. Either they break the Mana Column in the dungeon, or more than half of the people in the field die.”

“Wait, that means… You can’t just do that”

“All the prominent non-wakening people are killed and only Hunter is alive. It’s the only option we can choose.”

Hwang Seok-il, who turned his head, shouted at the surrounding area.

“Are you going to let those monsters pick their survivors? There should be people who are worth a little more! You don’t have to risk your life in a fight without probability!”

It is a dungeon that can never be attacked anyway.

Leaving only hunters who could resist monsters and reducing the number of people as much as possible was a way to increase their chances of survival.

Death by human hands, death by monsters.

The same number of dog deaths was the same after all.

“What are you staring at? Let’s get started.”


At the direction of Hwang Seok-il’s growling instructions, his teammates nodded while exchanging glances for a while.

Then a brutal massacre of citizens gathered for their help began.


“Hey, that’s ridiculous! Hunter’s killing people!”

“Turn it off!”

“Run away!”

Hunters began cutting down and killing the surrounding citizens.

Seo Jun-young and some Hunters, stiffened by shock.

A terrible scream rang out.

However, Hwang Seok-il and the Hunters were mechanically killing people, chasing the fleeing citizens.

“Hurry up. If the S-class boss monster takes the time to get out, it’ll be nothing like a hunter.”

“Yes, sir.”

With a dry but cold answer.

The Hunters of Cheongseong tightened their grip on the sword.

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