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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 78

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Unidentified dungeon in the middle of the city.

It was also the unprecedented appearance of a huge chain-type dungeon with more than 100,000 people locked up.

The whole area was turned upside down and there was a big fuss, especially those trapped in the valley.

“Darn it, open this!”

“Let me go! Please!”

Citizens clinging to the crystal beat the translucent membrane.

Of course, however, it did not budge.

This is the result of the top-class dungeon.

Low grades such as E and D could be forcibly opened, but if it was a tie-up of this grade, it could not be helped by the power of high-ranking awakeners with related characteristics.

In other words, you can’t even hope for outside help.

“What should we do now…….”

“Calm down. The Hunters of Cheongseong will be in here.”

While countless people were clamoring, the man soothed his tearful lover.

Living within the influence of a powerful guild also meant that there was a high possibility of a high-ranking hunter close to the emergency.

But I can’t wait to have that kind of hope.


“Wow, it’s here! Run!”


People screamed at the crowd of monsters.

Citizens who started running away panicked.

He was already at the edge of the crystal system, so he couldn’t go outside and ran away, scattering from side by side.

However, there is no way that ordinary people can outrun the speed at which the monsters of the dungeon follow.

Those who tripped and fell were the first to be eaten by them.


“Oh, no!”

The man who was pushed by the crowd and fell closed his eyes to the monster approaching him.

But the mouth of the monster split in half just before swallowing the man’s head.

The man, who opened his eyes as his larynx splattered, could see the back of Sung-hyun standing in front of him.

“Ga, I’m alive! Thank you so much! Mr. Hunter!”

“Run to the shelter first. I can’t protect more than this.”

“Oh, yes… yes!”

The man, who nodded, hurriedly lifted himself up and ran away.

Leaving the fleeing citizens behind, Sung-hyun stood alone in front of a crowd of monsters.

‘I can’t believe this is happening now.’

Due to the unnoticed dungeon, it was also unknown when it occurred and activated.

But as you can see from the monsters that have appeared everywhere.

He is already in the process of pouring monsters out of the dungeon.

From the undead to the golem and the beast.

Second of all, they were not monsters of uniform classification, not just a single species of monsters who broke into the city.

Of course, it wasn’t the level of monsters in the highest dungeon.

In other words, the main series of monsters that make up the dungeon has not yet appeared.

This was the level of Jobless mobs pouring from the side branches alone.

‘The size of the hierarchy makes it clear that the S-level dungeon is. There’s a guy down here who’s strong enough to keep all the other species down here.’

The most notorious reason for the tiered dungeon was that it was impossible to prepare Hunter’s power in time for the dungeon to attack.

Therefore, it had to be solved only with the power of the hunters trapped in it.

In this case, the area was quite large, and there was a high probability of having some high-ranking Hunter power.

However, if they fail to attack the dungeon, more people will die.

At least 100,000 citizens were trapped in the settlement just by Sung-hyun’s guess.

“I must succeed in your attack. Otherwise, at least half of the people in the area will die.’

So far, only some parts of the trapped city have monsters appeared, and hunters everywhere have been stopping them and reducing damage.

However, unless one is a high-ranking hunter, the limits are clear.

The damage will increase rapidly as their main base appears or the number of monsters increases.

It had already happened, but to prevent it from spreading to the catastrophe, he had to deal with it quickly.


A group of monsters just around the corner.


Sung-hyun summoned Izuna and Geard on both sides of him.

Two monarchical summons appeared and knelt before him.

“Have you called, Lord.”

“You know what’s going on. I need you to help me a little bit.”

A while ago, an emergency broadcast was broadcast throughout the country, summoning high-ranking hunters inside the city to one place.

It was to check the power inside and prepare for a full-fledged attack on the dungeon.

By now, everyone would have gathered in the eastern part of the city.

However, Sung-hyun could not join the team.

It would be on the opposite side of the direction, and most of the Hunters of Cheongseong would be, so if they joined, they could have caused friction.

“I just want you to take care of the eastern section and the dungeon boss.”

A pitch-black shadow stretched out behind his back.

Sung-hyun wore a mask.

“In the meantime, I do what I do.”

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