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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 77

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“Phew, fortunately I didn’t get caught.”

Kang Il-hoon left and Sung-hyun sat on a chair and leaned back.

“Han In-ho, that’s a real problem until the end.”

As he has worked in industries for many years, the general movement of guilds has been somewhat predictable.

However, the problem was that the direction of the huge group could always be changed to the will of only one Han In-ho.

It was hard to even see Sung-hyun there.

‘Anyway, I’m gonna have to keep quiet for a while. Especially when Hwang Seok-il walks around.’

As long as instructions were given at the guild level, legal evidence was no longer a problem for them.

Of course, they can’t catch any visible citizens, so they’ll control the extent that it won’t leak out.

It was questionable whether he would keep the line until Hwang Seok-il, when reason flew away.

‘Well, we’ll have to deal with what we’re going to do today.’

Sung-hyun jumped out of his seat and started getting ready to go out.

There was something he had to do outside before he went into the dungeon again.

The resources of the dungeon in his inventory.

The move was aimed at getting enough cash to spend for the time being by disposing of goods on the black market.

Iron ore, wood, runestone, rare medicinal properties, etc.

As it is worth at least hundreds of millions of won, the issue of funds will not hold him back for the time being.

Even though he used all the things to use in the dungeon and took only a little bit of the remaining amount, production has already increased this much.

Billions of debts could be paid off at any time if he was determined, so he didn’t have to pay much attention.

‘It’s like a non-dry potted plant underground. I didn’t expect to earn unearned income this way.’

If he survives safely, he will not worry about his retirement.

Sung-hyun, who smirked, walked out of the house and walked down the street.

He didn’t drag his car out for black market transactions but used public transportation in moderation.

There was no need to go to the place where Heukryeon’s base was located.

Since there was no need to regularize the movement line, he was planning to visit randomly among various branches of Heukryeon every time.

However, he was on his way to the dark side of the road to head to the hidden Heukryeon branch.


‘…What is it?’

The paused Sung-hyun’s eyes turned sideways.

He wondered if it was just his feeling, but he felt an unknown sense of alienation from earlier on.

He pulled up his senses and looked around, but he wasn’t following or digging a trap.

It feels like something is surrounding this whole place.

‘I don’t know what it is, but I have an ominous feeling. I should go back after finishing the deal quickly.’

Sung-hyun hastened his steps.

He couldn’t explain whether it was because he just woke up as a hunter or exactly what kind of sense it was.

But it was clear that it wasn’t a good feeling.


At that time, a woman’s scream rang out her ears.

The shouts and screams of the people that follow.

‘No way…?’

Sensing that it was unusual, Sung-hyun drove out of the alley reflexively.

As he approached the direction of the scream, he could witness a crowd of people fleeing to both sides.

“Mo, it’s a monster!”

“Argh! Run!”


A giant wolf running out of the window.

The building where he ran out was already covered in blood.

“What the hell is that……?”

I can’t believe monsters are wondering around the city.

However, there was no time to be surprised.

The wolf was on the verge of chasing and eating up the fleeing citizen, and Sung-hyun immediately pulled a sword out of the inventory.


Sung-hyun cut off the wolf’s neck in an instant.

The head of a large gray wolf fell with a thump, and the man who almost died to him ran away, horrified by the pouring blood.


“Ha, it’s a complete mess.”

Sunghyun, who shook off the blood of the blade, murmured.

An empty street with frightened citizens escaping.

Seeing bloodstains on the streets, the number of citizens he ate was not one or two.

A dungeon would have been created somewhere in the city around here, and it was clear that it was a major accident, no matter where it was a mistake.


“Save me!”

But contrary to Sunghyun’s thought that it was just a brief happening.

Another scream rang desperately.

On the next street, zombies and groups of ghouls poured down on the citizens, and on the other side, a large rock golem was tearing apart the walls of the building.

the scene of a city in a mess

‘What… what happened? What are your guilds doing? I can’t believe the middle of Seoul is so open.’

No matter how failed to predict and control the dungeon in advance, it was not normal to allow this level of assault.

Since they have fought a war against monsters for a long time, they had a system in place to prepare for such situations.

However, such a system was applied to the story of dungeons within the standard.


Turn it on!

The connections spread out with a piercing sound.

All citizens looked up into the sky with the heterogeneous sound that even ordinary people, not awakened, could feel.

“Well, what is that!”

“…You’re kidding, aren’t you?”

Even Sunghyun looked up blankly.

A giant dome of translucent crystal that has engulfed the city center.

It was on a different scale, absolutely impossible with a typical dungeon, and there was only one thing that could be built on that scale.

“S-class dungeons, that’s a tie-up……?”

The identity of the dungeon flowed out of Sung-hyun’s mouth.

It was the emergence of the S rank dungeon, which had locked up tens of thousands of citizens.

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