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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 76

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“Did something happen?”

Sung-hyun asked about his serious look.

Of course I knew that the atmosphere of Cheongseong would not be good, but that didn’t give me a reason to visit him while Kang Il-hoon was busy.

“It’s about integrity. You’ve already left the company, so it doesn’t matter, but I can’t say it doesn’t matter. First of all, you’re also a hunter in Gangnam.”

“…you knew?”

“I heard all the news. How you got kicked out of the guild.”

“Yes, I made a stupid mistake.”

“Sounds like a mistake. I heard everything from your team members at the same site. Instead of the detection team, you were falsely accused. And then it’s obvious what’

Kang Il-hoon said with a firm expression.

It was not once or twice that the employees below were divided due to the whims of Han In-ho.

I just didn’t know that even Sunghyun would get caught there.

“Why haven’t you told me all this time?”

“What are you going to do if I tell you? I’m not bragging.”


Kang Il-hoon could not say anything at Sunghyun’s words.

At first, he wanted to correct his wrongs and remove even the disgraceful scab.

In fact, if it was an ordinary incident, it could have helped.

However, the problem was that it was the decision of Han In-ho, the head of the guild, to kick him out with a huge debt.

In the Cheongseong guild, Han In-ho’s words were absolute.

The whole guild moves at every word he says, and all the hunters in the country pay attention to his actions.

Even among the nation’s prominent S-class hunters, the guild leader of the 9th guild has unrivaled power.

Not to mention Han In-ho, a serpent who is in charge of the two major guilds.

Kang Il-hoon, who is only one of the general executives, could not say anything about the decision.

But as he’s here now, it’s possible to make an announcement in advance.

“You know the story about a necromancer that appeared a while ago, right?”

“Yes, necromancer……?”

A prickly Sung-hyun stuttered.

This word came out of his mouth, and sweat came out.

“Of course I know. I’m not talking about the big guy who attacked the Artist Guild.”

Sung-hyun nodded and said.

Necromancer was quite a non-mainstream job, and he was the only Necromancer mentioned at this point.

Since it was a huge incident, pretending not to know here only makes people more suspicious.

“Yeah, a fearless attack on the Qingxian guild……. But that’s not all. Hwang Il-woo died at his hands.”

“What…? Hwang Il-woo is dead?”

Surprised by Kang Il-hoon’s words, Sung-hyun inhaled.

Of course, he wasn’t exactly surprised, he was pretending to be surprised.

“Yeah, it’s a secret, but everyone knows it anyway. Even if there’s no confirmation, it’s almost certain that he’s responsible for the circumstances. That’s what everyone thinks inside.”

“Then is there something to do with Hwang Il-woo?”

“No, I don’t think that’s possible. I’m sure it’s because he’s the easiest guild member in Cheongseong.”

It was Sung-hyun who pretended not to know, but it was fortunate that they thought so.

“Anyway, this case is complicated. Not many people would be sad that such a parachute guy died, but it’s a little different at the guild level. Including me, the executives who were dispatched were called back. I’m just on my way back from the meeting.”

“Looking at your expression, the atmosphere of the meeting wasn’t good.”

“Yeah, it went worse than I thought. I don’t think they’re going to be able to figure it out any more.”

“What? You’re not going to do anything about it’s…….”

“Now we’re going to mobilize forceful investigations into the public.”

Sung-hyun paused at Kang Il-hoon’s answer.

There was no way he didn’t know what the “forced investigation” he was talking about.

“No… Cheongseong does that? Does that make sense?”

It was already implicitly done by touching it if necessary during the mission.

However, allowing it internally without restrictions is a completely different story.

No matter how clean it is, risk follows.

Originally, Sung-hyun, who was well aware of Cheongseong’s way of doing things, would never have been this much of an issue.

“Who made this decision? Even if his brother died, Hwang Seok-il would not be the top S-level executive, and he wouldn’t have the power to push him that far.”

“Of course, Hwang Seok-il did not lead the move. The top executives didn’t pay more attention to the case than they needed at first. But since the representative came forward and threw it away, things have changed completely.”

“So you’re saying that Han In-ho gave direct orders?”

Sung-hyun asked with his eyes wide open.

This time, he didn’t pretend to be surprised but he was really surprised.

“Yes, he’s been attacked in a row at a chaotic time, and the guy still hasn’t shown any signs of being caught, so he seems to be in a bad moody. I’m not the type to care about things like this, but I’m very fickle.”

Kang Il-hoon breathed a short sigh and continued.

“Anyway, it’s going to be noisy for a while as the representative personally instructed us. Even if it has nothing to do with this case, you’d better be careful.”

It was the Cheongseong Guild that gave permission to all dungeons in the Gangnam area.

Of course, it’s about winning a dungeon. It’s about the company or the guild, so there’s no need for individual hunters to get involved.

As long as Sung-hyun works as a hunter in the Gangnam area, he will be affected somehow.

More than anything else, even if they were civilians, they could catch them and cursed until they threw up the truth.

“In particular, the area around the construction site is being investigated because the Hwang Seok-il has turned red in both eyes, so avoid it if possible.”

“Well… thank you for telling me. I need to be careful.”

I can’t believe these stories were being told inside Cheongseong.

If you didn’t know, you could have been caught up in something annoying.

“Good thing you knew.”

Kang Il-hoon got up from his seat.

“Are you going already?”

” I’ve seen your face, that’s enough. I’ll let you know if things change, so don’t get caught up.”

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