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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 75

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An old waste plant in the outskirts

Hwang Il-woo’s men, who had been working separately, gathered without any doubt in his contact.

They thought he had prepared a toy as usual.

But it was the man in the mask who was waiting for them.

Those who came unknowingly were brutally murdered, leaving Hwang Il-woo’s gang alone.

The same goes for those who failed to follow them.

He said he would save his life if he cooperated properly, but unfortunately, the man who caught him was not a man who kept his promise to the enemy very well.

But the real important thing was not the scene where they were killed.


An angry roar burst out.

A-rank hunter of Cheongseong, Hwang Seok-il.

In front of him was the body of his brother, who was brutally murdered.

The traces of Sunghyun’s activities were left intact in the Scream Gorge, an unreported dungeon.

The severed head, body, and damaged body clearly showed what he had suffered before he died.

Hwang Seok-il’s body trembled with uncontrollable anger.

“This is… what kind of man did this?”

Hwang Seok-il spoke with his eyes red open.

It was a completely different body from his brother, Hwang Il-woo.

Among the A-rank hunters, he is the most skilled.

Even the B-class hunter standing next to him couldn’t bear the pressure, so they opened their mouth only after swallowing dry saliva.

“All of Monster’s bodies are gone, and the remains of the body suggest that Necromancer was responsible for the recent attack on the artist. But I can’t say for sure because all the CCTV locations have been avoided and all the critical clues have been erased…….”

“That’s him.”

Hwang Seok-il said, grinding his teeth.

Even if he did not leave any particular traces, there were not many people who would explode the case against Cheongseong one after another with this skill.

Especially at this point, he was the only one who could openly touch Cheongseong’s guild members.

“We put off all our schedules. No dungeon until we get him.”

“It’s… it’s already been tracked at the guild level, but it hasn’t worked out. We don’t have any more leads here, and just because we’re working on it doesn’t mean we’ll have a clue in a day or two.”

“No, I’ll catch him at all costs. He must still be hiding in the Gangnam area. There’s no need to distinguish between means and methods during the investigation process. If there’s a problem, I’ll be responsible for everything.”


Hwang Seok-il, who swung his fist, shattered a huge rock.

“I’ll kill you somehow! Necromancer!”

The inside of the Cheongseong guild has been turned upside down.


Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Sung-hyun was reading the newspaper leisurely.


After Hwang Il-woo and the gang were killed, Sung-hyun understood exactly what would happen.


As much as a direct guild member of Cheongseong was killed.


No matter how much Hwang Il-woo was a parachute that came into the halo of his brother, the fact that he was a formal guild member remained unchanged.


Rather, it is a much more serious issue than the case in which the artist, an affiliated guild, was swept away.


‘But there’s not a single line of articles about this incident. The same goes for other media.’


The response to the incident was calmer than expected.


There was no such thing as making a fuss over the news and the Internet as before.


This is because Cheongseong kept the incident strictly confidential and kept it quiet with officials and the media.


It would have been easier to deal with the guild building quietly because it happened on a relatively small scale than the previous incident when the entire building was destroyed.


‘Well, I knew this would happen. But with this kind of case, word of mouth would have spread in the industry by now.’


It’s quiet right now, but it’s just a story from the outside.


All the people who know are known and still.


As a Cheongseong guild, it was humiliated one after another, and they must be trying to find himself with their eyes open.


Hwang Seok-il was almost going crazy because of his brother’s death.


Of course, there’s no traceable leads, but what do they do?




At that time, Goblin grabbed a tray and waddled up.


The one who serves coffee to Sunghyun who was sitting on the sofa.


Sung-hyun, who got used to the cup, took a sip of it.


“Well, that’s perfect.”




Goblin, who received his praise, was delighted.


Sung-hyun, who smirked, patted him on the head.


Those who used to be only able to smash them now replace one family affair or another and act as a good son in many ways.


Ding dong!


“What? There’s no one to come.”


When the doorbell rang, Sung-hyun rose reflexively from his seat.


There won’t be any packages or mail coming, but who’s here?


Sung-hyun, who approached the intercom screen, was horrified.


“What, what? It’s Kang Il-hoon, isn’t it?”


A-rank hunter Kang Il-hoon of Cheongseong.


Surprised by his unexpected visit, Sung-hyun pushed Goblin’s back.


“Hurry up and get in there! Don’t let the rest of us get out of there!”




Goblin rumbled away and ran away.


After a while, he disappeared into the basement.


Sung-hyun, who reaffirmed that there were no other signs, opened the door only then.


a profit from one’s talent


Between the open door, Kang Il-hoon, who frowned slightly, stood.


“What’s taking you so long? I hear strange noises.”


“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh… Come on in.”


Sung-hyun rushed him into the house to change the subject.


His appearance made Sung-hyun’s heart flutter at the moment, but he would not have come because of the problem with Hwang Il-woo.


If he had been tracking his tail, Kang Il-hoon wouldn’t have pressed the doorbell alone, but dozens of hunters from Cheongseong would have opened the door and came in.

“Do you want some coffee?”

“No, it’s done. I can’t stay long anyway.”

Kang Il-hoon, who came into the house, naturally settled down and sat in front of him.

His first goal was to destroy Cheongseong.

It was awkward to face Kang Il-hoon, an executive of Cheongseong.

The stairs in the basement behind him bothered him for no reason.

“By the way, what happened to you without telling me? It must be a hectic time these days.”

I don’t think he’s here to say hello.

I don’t know what he’s going to say.

Kang Il-hoon sighed briefly and said,

“Things are going crazy inside. Because of that, I had to come back up for a while, and I came here because I had something to tell you. It’s not a matter to be put off under the pretext of being busy anymore.”

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