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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 74

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But he couldn’t open my mouth.

For him, who has been on a roll, Cheongseong’s regular employees were just a part of Hunter’s existence.

second-rate humans who are not even considered to be of the same class

They had been trampled under their feet as much as they wanted.

When he begged him to forgive me, who had once treated him like that, he was so angry at himself who had been in conflict.

“Shut up! Don’t treat me like a fool like you!”

Hwang Il-woo shook off Sung-hyun’s arm.

Then he threw himself away with all his might and picked up his sword, which he had missed.

Sung-hyun, who was close to the North, was caught off guard, but he had not even pulled out his weapon.

“I can’t believe you let your guard down in front of me. Kill me like this……!”



Hwang Il-woo, who opened his eyes wide, vomited blood.

Maitria’s sickle was sticking out through his abdomen.

Sung-hyun approached the boy, who was stuck with his eyes pierced.

“I didn’t expect it, but you really didn’t change until the end.”

“Oh, my….”


Sung-hyun swung a sword and cut off Hwang Il-woo’s neck.

Hwang Il-woo’s frowned head rolled on the floor and touched Sung-hyun’s feet.

“Well, I didn’t mean to save you anyway.”

He kicked his messy hair into the corner by moving his feet.

It was a waste of time for this kind of guy.


“Already here. Are you done?”

“Of course.”

Izuna, who approached before he knew it, nodded.

Judging from the strong smell of blood, it was obvious what happened to the hunters who headed the other way.

Anyway, it was time to collect the spoils.

Sung-hyun could not get the boss’s trophy because of his characteristics, but in the case of humans, it was not applicable.

“Get me some weapons from the body.”


When he said, the nodding Banshees had recovered their weapons one by one.

Sung-hyun stored all of Hunter’s equipment in his inventory.

As it was an attack squad composed of C-class hunters, it could not have held third-rate equipment, and it would be a pretty good additional income.

In particular, the sword Hwang Il-woo had was very useful.

It is at least 1 billion high-priced weapons with excellent materials and properties.

It would be difficult to dispose of it for a while in preparation for tracking, but it was enough to put it somewhere and sell it to the black market after some time.

‘Then we need to clean up now.’

Sung-hyun, who put his hand on his waist, looked around.

The bodies of the horribly scattered hunters.

He had no intention of keeping these men alive from the moment he entered the dungeon, but he was right to touch Cheongseong as long as he killed Hwang Il-woo.

A thorough cover-up of evidence was needed so that there was no room for tracking.

‘There’s no way to know who entered the dungeon. This is an illegal undeclared dungeon prepared by Hwang Il-woo to secretly deal with me.’

The Scream Gorge was an unreported dungeon that was not known to the government or its guild members.

It is said that he has used this method a lot when he takes Hunter of another guild, which is usually taken by Hwang Il-woo, and plays with it quietly.

If they work in unreported dungeons and close the dungeons, there is no evidence left, including the attack record.

“Of course, it’s hard for me to close this place by myself without a secret company to help, but I never had my name on the list.’

As they set up their own graves, Sung-hyun was able to handle things much simpler.

You had to be a little careful not to be caught on CCTV around the street.

“But the problem is that Hwang Il-woo’s gang was still alive.’

Hunters who were flocking under Hwang Il-woo were not all dead here.

We’ve only been looking at C-level or higher power.

There were several more small-sized ones below it.

‘I wasn’t there, but the rest of them might know about the plan to get rid of me. I can’t do that.’

We had to block all possibilities as much as we could against Cheongseong.

There should not be any remaining people to prove their connection to them.

Sung-hyun took out his cell phone from Hwang Il-woo’s body without a neck.

A lot of contacts in the cell phone.

Sung-hyun, who had been given the list in advance by a follower who had caught him, sent a text message to each of the confirmed names.

“The sooner the better.”

A clatter.

Sung-hyun took out a bone mask from the inventory.

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