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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 73

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Hwang il- woo enjoyed playing low-level games that he couldn’t talk about.

Sung-hyun also heard rumors about him several times.

However, he didn’t care much because he didn’t know how much was true.

However, the rumor seems certain, given what he was trying to do to himself.

I’ve never done this before.

This is exactly what happened behind him not only acting as a member of Cheongseong, but also taking his own dork.

“I’ve heard from all your men that you’ve put on the tag, saying it’s a follower if it’s a lame plan you’ve made. That’s why you were sucked into my situation.”

“This was all your plan? Don’t talk nonsense! Hunter’s foot-wiping and all that crap!

Hot Hwang Il-woo shouted and swung the sword.

However, Sung-hyun simply beat him up.


The sword I was holding was thrown out and stuck on the floor.

Hwang Il-woo faltered back, feeling a strong pain in his arm.

“Oh, my God.…!’

An overwhelming difference in skill

Hwang Il-woo could not even see Sung-hyun’s movements.

At the speed just now, he was one step ahead of Cheongseong’s guild member, who usually felt inferior.

“Let’s start with our fingers. I said.”



A terrible scream rang out.

Hwang Il-woo’s two fingers were simply cut off.

“My finger……!”

“You don’t think that’s it, do you?”

Sung-hyun strode to Hwang Il-woo, who was stumbling.

Fearing, Hwang Il-woo struggled and hurriedly stepped back.

“Come on, wait a minute! If you touch me here, Cheongseong will follow you to the end! You know what happens if you mess with a guild member of Cheongseong.”

“Good, that’s what I want. I’m going to smash Cheongseong with my own hands anyway.”

“What? You’re going to destroy Cheongseong? Well, then maybe the Necromancer who attacked the artist…….”

“Oh, you managed to come up with that in your head.”

Hwang Il-woo was terrified by his words that he didn’t even deny.

He couldn’t have known if it was a recent incident involving the Artist Guild.

The number of these ridiculous monsters he deals with and the hostility to the integrity made sense if they were the same person.

Anyone who has already crossed that line would not be afraid to hurt a guild member.

“Woo… don’t be ridiculous! My brother won’t stay still! I’ll find you somehow……!”

“Oh, you can’t seem to understand what’s going on.”


“Turn it off!”

Sung-hyun broke Hwang Il-woo’s entire arm.

The strangely twisted man’s arm was dangling.

“He’s going to destroy my integrity. Do you think Hwang seok-il is a big deal?”

“Turn it off!”

Hwang Il-woo struggled with pain.

He was losing his mind because of the terrible pain.

However, Sung-hyun, who knows what he has been doing, only seemed ridiculous.

“I can’t believe a guy with such a bad taste made a fuss about this. It’s kind of funny.”



Sung-hyun gave Hwang Il-woo a strong impression on the face.

The one who fell down suddenly sat down, even if it was too much to hold his head down.

Then, Sung-hyun grabbed Hwang Il-woo’s chin, where blood flowed out.

“Well fuck, I’ll save you.”

“Kurk… well, what…….”

Hwang Il-woo blankly looked up at Sung-hyun.

Then, Sung-hyun, who smiled, kindly said it again.

“If you did something wrong, you should ask for forgiveness. If you want to live, pray. ‘Cause I always keep what I say.'”

“What does that mean?”

“At this point in time, it’s too much to mess with the guild members of Cheongseong, not the guild under his wing. I’m not happy to turn your brother Hwang Seokil into an enemy. That’s why I’m giving you a chance to beg your forgiveness.”

“Yo, forgive me?”

“You know what it’s like right now, don’t you?”

Sung-hyun said with a big smile.

It was the act of a man who tried to kill Sung-hyun, who had met again, because there was not enough crap he had done in Cheongseong.

Of course, if you don’t beg for forgiveness, you don’t have to save it.


Hwang Il-woo looked at a group of monsters surrounding him.

Sung-hyun was a monster who could tear him apart and kill him with just one finger, and it was impossible to resist as he is now.

His life depended entirely on the will of Sung-hyun.

In addition, it was Hwang Il-woo, who was already kneeling in a terrible way.


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