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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 72

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The man pointed his finger at Sung-Hyun and said.

He said to do his job because he was hired as a porter.

Nodding, Sung-Hyun tried to approach Maitria with his bag in his hand.



But at that moment.

The back of Sung-Hyun’s knee, which was about to pass by, was kicked strongly, and he knelt reflexively.

“What is this all of a sudden?”


A cool blade touched Sung-Hyun’s neck.

Hunters surrounded him before I knew it.

“Mr. Lee, are you embarrassed?”

Hwang Il-woo, with an arrogant expression, stood in front of him and looked down.

Sung-Hyun could roughly guess what the situation was with his expression with his mouth corners up.

“Did you cheat on me?”

“I’m not doing this because I have bad feelings. But not too long ago, there was something annoying about Mr. Lee. So I’ll take it easy on my pastime as well. Shall we start with your fingers?”

Hwang Il-woo said, biting his head.

Then Hunter, who pulled out a dagger, strode toward him.

However, Sung-Hyun burst into laughter rather than panic.

“That’s why you called me? You’re playing like that.”

“Haha! Chief Lee, are you about to leave because it’s time to die? You’d better watch your mouth if you want to go at least a little fine. I’m going to have a lot of fun today to relieve my stress.”

Hwang Il-woo said with a grin.

Other Hunters surrounding Sung-hyun were also smiling meanly.

They were also outstanding among hunters who said there was nothing to be clean about.

“Go ahead.”

The moment Hunter’s dagger was about to go up and fall into Sunghyun’s hands.


Chilling screams rang everywhere.

Everyone’s surprised eyes turned back, but the black sickle had already been swung at them.


Hunter, who was pierced by the ship, went out without even screaming.

The sprawling man looked almost like he was cut in half.

“Hey, that’s ridiculous! The boss would have killed you!”

Surprised Hunters shouted and faltered.

Queen Banshee, who only thought she was dead, stood up with unknown black energy.

The spirit of a man who is ready to jump.

“How do we do this?”

“What do you do, draw your weapons…….”


“What is that?”

Their eyes turned upward at the sound of another scream.

Numerous banshees in the Scream Gorge were pouring over their heads.

I’m sure he’d have gone through everything carefully, entering the place where the boss was.

However, hundreds of people gathered at once, apparently from where they came from.

“I can’t handle that……!”


A bunch of banshees pouring towards them.

I fought desperately, but it was too much for the seven remaining attackers to handle that large number of monsters.

Even these banshees with black energy seemed to be stronger than they had just faced.



When two colleagues were torn apart by Banshee, the hunters faltered back.

There was no chance of winning at this rate.

“What should I do…….”

“You guys, wake up! We’re getting out of here!”

Hwang Il-woo shouted.

Then, the hunters quickly turned their backs and began to run away.

Something went wrong and had to get out of here for now.

But a big monster stood in front of the entrance where they entered a while ago.

With the appearance of Goblin’s great general, Geard, and another boss monster, the Hunters stopped in despair.

“There can’t be a monster like this in the valley of the Banshees…….”


The club of the Geard fell down.

The hit four hunters disappeared with a burst of shock waves.

Hwang Il-woo was left alone among the miserable traces and the prosperous bodies.

‘What the hell is going on here?!

No matter how much he thought about it, it didn’t make sense.

He has been targeting dungeons hundreds of times, but this has never happened before.

In the sudden unrealistic situation, he felt like his head was struck hard.

At that time, a voice came from behind Hwang Il-woo’s back.



Sunghyun, who looked fine, walked out of the group of banshees.

He was caught in a monster attack and thought he had died before, but rather, the boss of the dungeon, Maitria, was hovering around him as if he were protecting Seonghyeon.

Hwang Il-woo was caught with a stupid look at his appearance that didn’t make sense.

“You, you… How could you be among the monsters……?”

“Hwang Il-woo, I’ve heard of your dirty hobby many times.”

Grade C Hunter Hwang Il-woo in the guild.

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