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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 71

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“…what are you doing?”

Izuna said with her arms crossed.

Two men who were accompanying her on the right side of the road stopped out of nowhere and were blocking both sides of her.

It was not long after the number of people split.

“There’s nothing more to go here.”

“Actually, there’s no Crimson Lima in this dungeon.”

Hunters giggled.

Then Izuna frowned.

“Then there’s no reason for me to come here.”

“Puhaha, pretending to be tough.”

“Don’t rebel for nothing. I’m not gonna kill you if you stay calm.”

Two men with a sly expression approached.

Even if the porter was also a hunter, it was impossible to resist them, who were hunters of grade C.

If she showed any signs of rebellion, it was enough to overpower her right away.

“Lee Sung-Hyun or whatever will die here, but it’s a waste to kill him in one go.”


The man couldn’t even finish talking.

His head was literally crushed.

Blood and brain water trickled through her gripped hands.

“What, what! Kkkk……!”

Even before the other could accept a colleague’s death.

Hunter’s body, caught in the throat, popped up.

The man, who moved his trembling eyes, was only then able to see the real presence in front of him.

Let’s go!

Izuna’s red eyes stared at him as the black energy that she had suppressed flowed all over her body.

“Trash… How dare you address him without honorifics, who are you?”

The Hunters, who took the left path, went on to kill the Banshee crowd.

Perhaps because the boss was in the direction, the number of monsters that appeared was quite large.

Of course, during several battles, Sung-Hyun only followed with his bag on his back.

However, for some reason, there was Hwang Il-woo, who was half-heartedly participating in the battle and walked side by side.

“I know what this chief’s up to. Pretending to be a porter like this. Don’t worry, I’ll give you extra money when I’m done. What’s a good old relationship?”

“…thank you.”

Sung-Hyun looked nervous at Hwang Il-woo’s approaching behavior, pretending to be close.

Someone might think he is a good-hearted old co-worker.

But when they were about to have more uncomfortable conversations.

The haze thickened rapidly and there was a sign.

“Oh, she’s finally here. Let’s get into the game.”

When Hwang Il-woo grabbed the sword, Hunters were ready for battle without having to say anything.

Queen Banshee appeared through thick fog.

It was the beginning of the attack on the boss.


Queen Materia of Banshee glided over.

Unlike Banshees who were screaming like monsters, she was very quiet and deadly.


Kaga Gak!

The sickle of Maitria, which passed by, split the floor.

The dim ghost covering his eyes made no noise even when she swung a black sickle.

“Here she comes again!”

“Pick me!”

The Hunters stabbed Queen Banshee in the face of another attack.

The spear and sword penetrated the side of the boss, but Maitria swung briefly and quickly turned around.

This was due to the physical resistance properties of Maitria.

She had higher resistance than ordinary banshees had.

Considering the strong physical strength of the boss, it was difficult to inflict fatal injuries with physical attacks.



“Jesus, Sungjae’s cut!”

“Hurry up and heal!”

A sickle flew in again, and a hunter collapsed.

Hunter, who was seriously injured in his thigh, spilled blood uncontrollably.

“Don’t struggle and stay still! You hurt yourself once or twice?”

“Oh… it hurts like hell. I can’t get used to this until I retire.”

Hiller, who ran toward him, showed his skill, and the wound on his thigh slowly healed.

Thanks to this, Hunter’s face, which had been blue, returned to some extent returned.

On top of that, the fire of the wizard that was behind broke out.


Maitria’s body, which was directly hit by the flame ball, was shaken greatly.

As expected, she was properly damaged by the magic attack.

As a well-organized striker, he could easily catch the boss if he continued to accumulate damage without losing power.

However, this situation was also lacking in Hwang Il-woo’s standards.

“It ends quickly, with no time to eat.”

Hwang Il-woo, who lifted the sword, instilled mana in his weapon.

Then Hwang Il-woo’s sword responded to the mana, and the flame properties were in place.

What Hwang Il-woo held was more than 1 billion won expensive weapon.

Even if it was a C-class hunter, it was not a weapon that could be held without pressure, but Hwang Il-woo did not have to worry about money thanks to his good older brother.


The flame-bearing sword cut Maitria.

He still didn’t say anything, but she twisted his body as if it were in pain.

It was not just a physical attack, but a magical sword, which was a great blow to Queen Banshee.

“Keep driving like this!”


With Hwang Il-woo at the forefront, Hunters poured out attacks on the boss.

With their onslaught, even Maitria could not last long.


The sight of Maitria, who fell down after losing strength, allowed the hunters to sigh and wipe off their sweat.

“Phew, it’s barely over.”

“Good job, everyone. We’re done with the attack, so let’s get to the point.”

“Haha, I see. Hey, there’s a porter. Go get the spoils.”


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