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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 70

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The entrance of the dungeon to a remote construction site.

More than ten hunters gathered ahead of the dungeon attack.

“Hwang Il-woo, Hunter.…?”

“Hey, what a coincidence. I can see all the faces I’m glad to see here.”

Hwang Il-woo strode toward Sung-hyun, who stopped.

His smile as if it was an amazing coincidence.

It was Sung-hyun, who was in charge of porter work to make money in a hurry, but it was embarrassing because there was no way to tell who the hunters there were in advance.

However, Sung-hyun bowed his head.

“I haven’t seen you in a long time. I’m so busy that I can’t contact you.”

“No, no. I couldn’t do it either.”

Hwang Il-woo said, waving his hands.

He tapped Sung-hyun on the shoulder.

“I’m sorry about what happened a while ago. Honestly, I don’t think it’s Lee’s fault. There must have been a mistake. It’s kind of stuck in this direction, guilds.”

Sung-hyun smiled bitterly at Hwang Il-woo’s remarks, which he said he wanted to forget.

However, Hwang Il-woo’s eyes turned sideways as he tried to say something.

It was because there was another hunter who followed after Sung-hyun.

“Hmm? Who’s this?”

” A colleague who just started working with me. He’s an E-class hunter like me. I’m here because I heard that something good happened.”

Izuna also shook her head at the introduction of Sunghyun.

Although her expression was a bit wiggly because of Hwang Il-woo’s attitude toward Sunghyun.

She did not do anything stupid because she had been told several times about his actions outside.


Hwang Il-woo looked up and down at her.

‘I heard from my subordinates that he had a colleague, but I can’t believe he is carrying a beautiful woman like this.’

‘I didn’t like it even more because he seemed to be doing good things when he sold himself to a junior hunter.’

Sung-hyun opened his mouth to Hwang Il-woo’s increasingly impure eyes.

“There are only two porters?”

“Yes, two is enough. It’s not that big because it’s a small and medium dungeon. We’re done with the internal search in the first place. Of course, it’s not like a dungeon where a porter is needed.”

There was a fine fog in the scream canyon, the dungeon.

It was a light poison that had no effect on awakening people, but it could be seriously damaged if it entered the fragile body of the general public and was exposed.

“You know it’s not about the Cheongseong Guild, right?”

“Yeah, I think it’s because you’re here.”

Sung-hyun, who looked around, said.

Of course, if he were a hunter of Cheongseong, he would not have been recognized, and they were Hwang Il-woo and his idiots.

Sung-hyun had already heard rumors that Hwang Il-woo did not concentrate on guild activities, but often went around with hunters outside.

They’re not properly recognized in the guild. As you can see, I’m taking the gang you see here to be the captain.

“They’re my brothers. It would be nice if everyone had a common name, but we don’t have time, so let’s proceed quickly. Come on, everybody, get ready to go!”

When Hwang Il-woo said, the hunters each took their own weapons, and Sung-hyun and Izuna, who played the role of porter, carried a large bag on their backs.

After completing their preparations, the 12 Hunters entered the C-level dungeons and Scream Gorges.

It was a dreary place with fog.


A creepy scream rang through the canyon.

The attackers were able to learn about their identity because they had already scouted the dungeon before entering the area for a full-scale attack.

“Mr. Lee, stay back because it’s dangerous. You know once you get caught by Banshee, we can’t save you either, right?”

“Yes, I’ll be careful.”

With a nod, Sung-hyun stepped back.

As it was a fairly high-grade dungeon, it was not a place for porters to step up.


Ghosts slipped through the canyon’s terrain and appeared.

It was C rank monster, Banshee.


“Here we go! Ready for battle!”

Hwang Il-woo and Hunters immediately formed a group of Bansi flying in the air and faced them.

Banshee was basically a troublesome opponent for being resistant to physical attacks.

However, he was not fully immune at all.


Hunters wielded weapons and cut down the banshee.

Like the attack squad that attacked the C-rank dungeon, all the members were made up of C-class hunters.

Thanks to this, they were not pushed back at all against the fierce Banshee.

“Brother, be careful!”



Among them, Hwang Il-woo’s vitality stood out, perhaps because he belongs to Cheongseong.

Even in the same classification, the top and bottom of the standard were naturally different, and Hwang Il-woo was more than average among C-levels.

Of course, this was not just because Hwang Il-woo was good.

It was because it started at a much more advantageous height than other hunters because of the brilliant halo of his older brother Hwang Seok-il and the sign of Cheongseong.

“Okay, it’s over.”

“Let’s go again.”

In any case, Hwang Il-woo and Hunters easily cut down all the banshee they were rushing into.

Going back to the dungeon, they went on the straight path of the canyon without having to wander.

But soon there were two big paths ahead of them.

“Already here. We’re going to split up.”

“Dividing people?”

“Yeah. You have to take the left road to get the boss, but there’s business on the right. We don’t need 10 players to target the boss anyway. The two are moving separately.”

“Is there something on the right?”

“There was a lot of Crimson Lima in the lake over there. It’s quite a lot, so while we’re at it, we’ll have to move it back and forth several times.”

Hwang Il-woo said with a big smile.

Crimson Lima is a rare plant that costs millions of won each.

If what he said is true, it would be dozens of times more expensive than the spoils of the boss.

“Of course, it’s hard for our porter to get bitten by Banshee in the middle, so two hunters are going together to clean up the monsters in advance. And Mr. Lee will go to the left with me. We need to move the spoils.”

“Yes, sir.”

Sung-hyun nodded at his instructions, which seemed quite appropriate.

As such, the group was divided into nine and three members, and split toward each other’s path.

“Jesus, envious children. If I knew it would be that bad, I would have been more careful. We should practice drawing more.”

“I know. My stomach hurts when I think of something fun first.”

Some of the Hunters heading left were groaning behind.

Clearly, those who headed to the right could fall into the boss’s attack, and they were right to suffer much less.

However, it never came out of such a nuance that Sung-hyun heard.

‘They’re… they’re unanswered questions.’

Sung-hyun breathed a short sigh.

He was expecting it.

There didn’t seem to need show any mercy.

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