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A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 69

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After talking to the Hunter service company, Sung-hyun went to a small dungeon in a nearby area.

It was to build a career to show by joining a temporary offensive team of similar level individual hunters.

But behind Sung-hyun walking down the street.

There was a look at him from a distance away.

“Are you going to deal with the E-rank dungeon? So far, there’s no particular movement.”

The man who was watching Sung-hyun secretly murmured.

The man, who was ordered by Hwang Il-woo, had been following Sung-hyun since he left the house.

“Huh…? Wait, what?”

But while the man blinked for a moment.

Sung-hyun’s appearance on the street suddenly disappeared.

The embarrassed man hurriedly took his cell phone out of his pocket.

“Oh, shit! Where did he go all of a sudden? Let’s get in touch…….”

“But who are you?”

Seonghyun’s voice came from right behind.

The frightened man tried to turn his head in a hurry, but Sung-hyun grabbed the back of his head and stuck it in the wall.



“Looking at all this clumsiness, I don’t think Cheongseong sent it.”

“I can’t……!’

The man struggled desperately, but it didn’t work.

The difference in the overwhelming power of taking and pressing was not noticeable.

It was never possible for an E-class hunter to have such strong power.

“Let’s see who ordered it.”

“Oh, no! Argh!”

” Give it to me.”


Sung-hyun took away the cell phone that the man had in his hand.

Inside the screen of the cell phone he took, the name of the person he tried to contact was written.

“…Hwang Il-woo?”

Sung-hyun’s eyes looking at the screen cooled down.

“You know I’m about to be dispatched, right? Why don’t you call the guy who followed you?

Hwang Il-woo frowned and said.

He looked a little uncomfortable.

“I’m sorry. I should have heard from you by now.”

“Didn’t you get hit by Chief Lee?”

“Well, no way.”

The man said in embarrassment.

There was still no contact, but it was just a coincidence and could never have been.

However, Hwang Il-woo had a different idea in his head.

“Does he really hide his power?’

Han Tae-sik, who was hired from outside, failed to pass on as a ridiculous lie.

However, if you failed one after another this time, the story will change.

It was almost impossible for Lee Sung-hyun, who has just become an E-level hunter, to eavesdrop on two D-level hunters in a row.

“It feels a little weird. Why don’t you talk to the guild? I mean, are you overreacting?’

Hwang Il-woo was in conflict.

It simply couldn’t happen by chance.

With two incidents and a sense of being a hunter, Sung-hyun began to be seriously suspected.

If you’re really hiding your potential, I could tell you to investigate it clearly at the Cheongseong guild level.

It was a good way to eliminate the risk of Kang Il-hoon because of his tendency to hate it.

Ring ring!

However, as soon as he tried to think seriously, Hwang Il-woo’s cell phone rang.

It was a call from a man who was waiting.

“Hey, you motherfucker! What are you doing now?

– I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I almost missed him once on the way, so I was distracted… But I checked all the movements carefully.

He heard the voice of a man who was very nervous.

It was natural to be nervous in front of Hwang Il-woo because he was late to contact him for hours.

However, Hwang Il-woo delayed his craving until later and asked questions.

“Is there anything special?”

– Yes, today’s work is all we’ve done with a class E dungeon. I sneaked into the dungeon and watched it, but it was no different from other hunters.

“Is that so?”

-I even watched the attack on the boss, but there was no sign of hiding his strength.

‘But… it’s not the other guy, and it makes no sense that he’s suddenly acquired that kind of ability.’

Hwang Il-woo rolled up his mouth in relief.

He almost humiliated himself when he told the guild that he felt uncomfortable.

“By the way, is this the end of a dungeon? I heard that he has a lot of debt, but he seems to be relaxed.”

– No, the money seemed pretty urgent. I overheard him talking to a company after dealing with a dungeon, and he even claimed to be a porter.

“What? Porter?”

Hwang Il-woo paused at the man’s words.

His mouth wiggled abnormally.

“Hahaha! Is that real?”

Hwang Il-woo burst into laughter.

“I’m sure he’s in a hurry. I’m sure it’s too much to pay off all that debt because of the E-level Hunter thing. Oh, he is living hard.”

Hwang Il-woo’s words full of ridicule.

Indeed, porters in the Hunter industry meant lower-level hunters who were mobilized to clean up the dungeon.

Usually, such things are handled by guilds and company employees, but they were mainly employed in dungeons in dangerous environments where it is difficult for ordinary officials to enter.

Porters did not participate in direct combat, mainly in dungeons of Class C or higher.

He was able to earn a little more money right away than to go around the E-level dungeon in personally.

But it wasn’t a good thing for Hunter at all.

From Hunter’s point of view that he had to gain experience by killing monsters himself, porter was practically selling the future.

“You managed to get me this information. Good job.”

Hwang Il-woo said as if he was in a good mood.

With such nutritious information, I could forgive you for a little delay in reporting.

“Oh, that’s great. Thanks to you, I got a good idea. You should approach Mr. Lee and offer him a job as a porter.”

– You mean me?

“Yeah, give me a high pay so I can’t refuse. I’ll give you a rough idea and bring him to my side. I’ll get you a dungeon.”

– Oh… I see what you mean. Then I’ll proceed like that.

“Well, thank you.”

Hwang Il-woo hung up with a satisfied look on his face.

Out of nowhere, he felt uncomfortable, and things started to go smoothly.

“Pil-jae, did you hear that? I should prepare a dungeon.”

“What kind of dungeon do you want?”

“Get me an undeclared dungeon of Class C, not an official permit. I’ll go there myself this time. It’s been a while since I’ve had fun.”

Hwang Il-woo smiled meanly.

There is no impromptu feeling, but the sooner the work was done, the better.

As it is a hobby that he hadn’t tasted in a long time, he made a proper game to play with.

‘I’m sure I’ll be able to relieve my stress before I leave for the guild.’

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