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Raymond doubted his ears for a moment.

Was it another person who said that?

But, only Kaham Luhaman remained standing in front of him.

He was wearing leather gloves and light armor that focuses more on movement

He even possess that beaten face.

Obviously, teaming up with Kaham Luhaman was good.

Still, why is he talking to me?

Raymond was flustered.

It was amazing that he talked to him even though he was hit like that yesterday.

If I were him, I wouldn’t dare to come out for the hunting itself.

Who would approach the person who humiliated him in a friendly way?

All Raymond could think of, that were some kind of scheme.

Or maybe he was a masochist.


I really hope that I heard it wrong.

No matter how thick skin Raymond was, the skin on his face was not thick enough to go with a person he had beaten.

“Don’t you want it?”

It was natural that I didn’t like it.

Raymond couldn’t figure out what he was thinking, he even thought of open Kaham’s head.

I hope he is just joke and he is not sincere.

If he were serious, it would be difficult to turn him down.

Raymond was sure that his intentions were far from being sincere.

‘Your eyes are full of killing intent.’

His mouth was smiling, but his eyes weren’t.

Kaham’s eyes seemed to say, “I’m going to make trouble for you.”

He shouldn’t be close to someone with that kind of eye.

But it may be more dangerous to keep ignoring it.

If he leave it like that for no reason, things would get bigger and more difficult.

In a different sense, he was like a poison.

Dangerous to keep close and dangerous to keep away.

Raymond was worried that Kaham would stab him in the back as soon as they were alone.

It was clear that, because of yesterday’s confrontation, he was very resentful of him.

“But will it be okay? You are a swordsman and I am a mage.”

“That’s okay. You can still be considered swordsman because of yesterday’s.”

“If you say so… Let’s go together.”

I don’t know what you’re up to, but you won’t achieve what you want to do.

Whatever you do, I’ll block it thoroughly.


“It’s dangerous, so please don’t go too deep.”

Before entering the hunting ground, a knight has warned them.

Only after receiving a definite answer a couple of times did the knights let them in.

Because there was a large number of children from prestigious aristocrats, the knights warned them more than as usual.

“Shall we go in now?”


Kaham kept a smile, trying not to raise the corner of his mouth.

His effort was remarkable to the point he could see it immediately.

What method will he use?

As they entered the forest, he thought of things that Kaham would do to him.

Attack, trap, and provocation.

Other than that, nothing else came to his mind.

There wasn’t much content about him in the original Novel.

Maybe there’s something inside those gloves.

“Why are you wearing gloves? I don’t think you wore it yesterday.”

“Oh, this…”

He avoided answering, scratching his cheek awkwardly.

Raymond took a step while watching him.


As they walked in silence, the bushes shook.

His footsteps slowed down and beckoned Kaham behind him to be quiet.

He don’t know what’s in that bushes. It was possible to be an Orc..

There was nothing bad about being careful in advance.

He put his hand on the handle of his sword and looked at the bushes.

Raymond can feel the hot gaze from the back of his head.

But it doesn’t matter.

From now on, he was going to “act” as the main character.

There was nothing better than the power of the main character in “hunting.”

He looked carefully.

He saw long ears and white fur.

That animal from the bushes is a rabbit….


It was an Orc that caught somebody.

He knew that there was an Orcs, but he didn’t know he’d meet him this soon.

Within the nearby area, it was normal for Knights to kill all the life threatening monsters, so there shouldn’t be any Orcs

But meeting an Orc right away…




Because of the noise by the Orc, the birds flew away.

They should be suppressed by the knights, but now they are making ruckus as if they weren’t afraid of it.

But what can I do?


Raymond took a closer look at the Orc eating the rabbit’s neck.

He only knew about them by reading books.

This was his first time seeing a real Orc this close.

Muscular body and the face of a wild boar.

It covers only important parts by weaving animal skins.

If he had only seen his face lying down, he would have misunderstood him as a wild boar.

It seemed that it had no weapon.

It was holding a rabbit with both hands so Raymond couldn’t see anything around it that could be used as a weapon.

Originally, Orc goes in groups.

In the original Novel, at least three or four of them would be together when hunting.

But right now, there was only an Orc eating a rabbit.

It looks like it was abandoned by the group.

Sometimes there are Orcs like that.

They don’t fit in the group so they want to get in separate ways.

Raymond was sure that Orc was that kind of monster.

He waited a long time, but no other orcs appeared.

He pulled out his sword.

And then he looked back.

Kaham was staring at him without saying a word. He seemed to be watching what he would do against the Orc.

“That’s better.”

If he step in to help for no reason, it would become difficult in its own way.

It was better to move alone from the beginning.

And fortunately, Kaham showed no signs of movement.

The cool blade was pointed at the Orc.

The Orc haven’t noticed anything yet.

[“The Unknown God” looks forward to your performance]

Raymond jumped forward ignoring the message that came to his mind.


The Orc with blood and fur on its face looked back at him.

The Orc’s eyes stared at him blankly for a moment.

After a while, the Orc screamed and swing its fist.


Raymond bowed his head and poked the Orc’s chest avoiding his fist.

“It is fast.”

Raymond swung his sword against the Orc


Blood poured out from the Orc’s chest.

The Orc, who saw his blood, breathed heavily and attacked him.


After moving a step to avoid it, Raymond swung his sword again and the tendon of the Orc’s wrist was cut off.

Soon the Orc’s left hand drooped.


The Orc made another attack regardless of the missing hand.

He turned to the side to avoid the Orc and slashed its thigh.


He breathed briefly and swung the sword.

Right now the Orc’s whole body was full of wounds.


Orc shook his fist in anger.

He escaped the fist and slashed his arms.


He jump up and stabbed the flustered Orc in its head.


Raymond could feel that he had penetrated it’s skull.

As soon as he pulled the sword out, the Orc drooped down.


His heart was stuffy.

His head was confused and he was out of breath.

What’s wrong with me?

His view was starting to get blurry.

I’m going crazy.

He had never felt this way before.

The guilt of killing a life?

Or was it because of his first time?

Various complicated feelings bothered him.

Maybe, because he just killed a monster similar to a human-like form.

Whatever it was, what’s important right now…

He can’t stand this feelings.

[“The Unknown God” look at you with worried eyes.]

[“The Unknown God” recommend “acting” the main character]


Raymond thought about what kind of mentality the main character would have now.

Let’s do that.


Surprisingly, his mind quickly calmed down.

He was no longer reluctant to kill.

He took a deep breath and straightened his back.

He looked down at the dead Orc.

Unlike earlier, when his heart was beating like it was on a verge of exploding, right now he was feeling calm.

Currently, he was thinking that this Orc was just a humanoid pork

“Your tusk would be mine now.”

Raymond took out the dagger hanging in his arms and opened the mouth of the Orc.

In a case of defeating such a large body, it was okay to bring by-products such as the tusk.

It would be better to take his whole body, but he was not strong enough to carry a body of this size.

And there was no reason for that.

All he have to do is take the evidence that he had defeated the Orc.

“As expected, you’re are very capable Raymond.”

As he pulled out Orc’s tusk and put it in his pocket, Kaham, who had been stunned until then, approached him.

“I didn’t know you would defeat and Orc. Honestly, I was a little surprised.”

Were they close enough to have this kind of conversation?

Why is he talking to me?

He was even talking to him in such a friendly manner.

“I apologize for yesterday.”

He was taken aback by Kaham’s sudden apology.

Raymond wondered if he heard it wrong for a moment, so he pricked his ears.

“Then let’s move.”

Kaham took the lead.


Beatrice decided to move alone.

She was confident in her skills, and she didn’t want to hang out with the children of other nobles.

It was annoying and hard to get rid of them. They were really sticky.

Above all, she refused to attend the banquet after what happened back then.

This is the order of the Tower Master. I must Participate in this banquet.

If her master had not ordered it, she would not bother herself to come here.

“I hate noisy places.”

She attended the banquet, but she only stayed in the accommodation.

Even if she didn’t get out of the accommodation, she was still updated of what was happening.

This is because the children, who wanted to get her attention, informed her of various news.

“Raymond beat Kaham.”

This was the most talk among the news she heard, it was also the only rumor about Raymond.

As soon as she heard him, she remembered hearing about happened in the previous banquet she attended.

“How come my brother saved such a guy?”

She just couldn’t understand it no matter how much she think about it.

Why did her brother sacrificed himself for that kind of Jerk?

Beatrice shook her head to shake off what she was thinking.

She didn’t like the way she thought of him.

So she decided to stop paying him attention.

Rejecting the offer of joining other children, she entered the forest alone.

She moved with the idea that it should be enough to catch a rabbit or deer.


How far did she walk?

Her legs suddenly stiffened.

In front of her was an Orc with red looked back at her.


Her legs trembled. She thought of her brother, Jerion.

Her brother was in coma, while trying to protect Raymond and herself from Orcs.

The memory of that time bothered her.


The Orc roared at her.

Beatrice’s face turned white looking at it.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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