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Alice realized that there was something different from how Raymond looked at the apprenticeship wizard.

If this was before, Raymond’s eyes would be lifeless.

But now, his eyes were full of vitality, and emitting an aura befitting a young master.

“These guys are crazy.”

The moment he said that.

Alice felt suffocated.

She knew he had changed, but she never expected that such word would come out from his mouth.

She looked back and forth alternately at Raymond and the apprenticeship wizards.

Raymond’s mouth, which still has a cold smile, opened.

“Why do dogs bark at their owners?”

Such an aggressive way of speaking.

Alice quietly watched the situation going around.


‘Just because you’re a trash, that doesn’t mean you will forever remain as a trash.’

While there is a fool who does nothing to a being stronger than himself, he treats those below him carelessly.

‘There’s also the trash who reveals his teeth to anyone.’

The original Raymond was not just called incompetent trash for no reason.

He speaks rudely to beings weaker than him and sometimes uses violence, but he did not say anything to those stronger than him.

Raymond, a 1st circle wizard, could not do anything to the 2nd circle wizard, an apprentice wizard of the family.

The previous Raymond, in this situation, would just ignore them.

However, it’s him now and he is different.

As long as he lives as Raymond, many things will change.

The “Jerk” he is going to play will be a decent one, a true “Jerk”.

‘A classy jerk. This irony is too funny.’

From now on, he will never allow anyone to trample him.

Now, how should he make them give in?

“Why do dogs bark at their owners?”

Was my words so shocking?

The apprenticeship wizards were stunned and looked at him. They were facing a situation they could not understand at all.

Well, when he thinks of the previous Raymond, he can somewhat understand their reactions.

Originally, Raymond would just ignore them and then vent his anger elsewhere.

Who wouldn’t feel awkward if Raymond suddenly said something harsh?

Anyone who knew Raymond would feel 100% absolute awkwardness.

“Young master…”

The apprenticeship Wizard’s voice was mixed with absurdity and embarrassment.

Still, it was funny to see these people calling him young master, as he is the son of the count.

Isn’t their behavior and tone completely different from earlier?

Raymond couldn’t help himself but laugh.

“What do you mean dogs barking at their owner, young master? You’re going too far.”

“Those words feel very insulting. I hope you officially apologize.”

The apprentice wizards stared at Raymond harshly with their stiffened faces.

This was so funny.

These people will shut up in front of the count, but they act arrogantly in front of him.

“Don’t be ridiculous.”

They call him a young master, but no one has ever recognized Raymond as a young master.

That’s the same now.

“Young master! If you keep doing that, we can’t just stay still.”

Frowning, the apprenticeship wizard snapped at Raymond and raised his arm.

Mana flocked around the apprenticeship wizard’s arm, and the atmosphere changed slightly.

He was prepared to use magic at once.

Inside, Raymond was a little fearful of the magic, but he continued to act calmly.

“You’re going to use magic against me in my own residence, right?”

It didn’t make sense.

The Millennium family was one of the best Wizard Families in the kingdom.

What would others think if a subordinate of the Millennium family tried to use magic against Raymond Millennium, the young master of the family?

“How should I accept this? This is definitely treachery.”

Raymond turned his head slightly and looked at Alice.

Alice, who was preparing for any emergency that would occur, immediately bowed her head at what Raymond said.

“It’s clearly a treachery, and it’s something to be officially reported to the head of the house.”

Even though she said so, the apprenticeship wizards snorted.

“Even if you tell the lord… Do you think they’ll embrace a son who’s incompetent, than us, who are talented wizards?”

The way he is talking… It really annoys people’s feelings.

“Daniel, watch your mouth. Put that hand down right away.”

Alice spoke in a low voice.

He raised his arm to block her from trying to step forward.

Alice stopped right away because of his words.

When he thought about Raymond’s current behavior, the apprenticeship wizard put on a mocking smile.

Perhaps he thought that Raymond blocked Alice because of his fear for magic.

“Even if I put it down? If I use simple magic like this, will our incompetent young master be able to stop me?”

He disregarded me, right?

Raymond was speechless. He was able to know very well what you usually think of me.

“Why is this punk so arrogant?”

Next to it, the other apprenticeship wizard was also preparing to use magic with his arms raised.

There’s something with their level.

And it seems like they’ve been out of the apprenticeship level for a long time.

“Don’t… Let them try it.”

“Young master. What…?”

Alice, felt confused by what he said, she took a step forward to stop him, but now it was not the time for her to step forward.

He stopped her and flicked his finger at them.

He also didn’t forget to give them a smirk.

Daniel and the other apprenticeship wizard frowned.

It was hard for them to know what he was thinking.

“Why? I told you to do it. Are you feeling scared now?”

Raymond deliberately provoked them more.

In the meantime, inside his head, he calculated his distance from Daniel.

Raymond never bluffed without thinking.

He is not that irresponsible.

Raymond had thoroughly analyzed and reviewed the “The Master of talent” novel, that he had read over the past few days before coming here.

Naturally, Raymond also has a plan for this type of situation.

“Don’t think I will not do this…”

“Do it. I’ll tell you what happens when a dog barks.”

“You crazy punk…!”

Eventually, Daniel, who couldn’t stand it, reached out to Raymond.

Manas flocked in front of his hand.

“Magic Missile!”

Two arrows made of mana were created in the air.

These two magic missiles, only about half the length of a regular arrow, flew at high speed.

Facing it straight, Raymond kicked the ground and jumped forward.

Alice opened her mouth, but there was no magic missile stuck in his body.

One passed by Raymond’s arm and the other near his head.

“What is this…”

Surprised Daniel tried to say something, but the words did not last until the end because Raymond’s fist struck the side of his face.


Daniel’s face wrinkled at the dull sound.


Before he could react, Raymond turned his body slightly.

Magic missiles passed through his body again, but they were struck in the wall.

The apprenticeship wizard next to Daniel hesitated and eventually used magic.

“How dare you!”

Raymond lifted his foot and kicked the other apprentice wizard in the solar plexus.

The movements that he couldn’t do even when he was an actor, now there was no problem in using them.

His body moved too flexibly, and he could now control his body the way he wants.

He hit Daniel’s face with his elbow.


He felt something breaking with his elbow.

Daniel tried to use magic for the moment, but he had already kicked the other apprenticeship wizard, and the small flame that appeared in the air, disappeared immediately.


Perhaps it was too painful, Daniel screamed.

Even with that scream, Raymond didn’t feel pity.

Raymond raised his fist and swung it on his unlucky face.


When Raymond punched Daniel’s bloody face, he flinched and collapsed.


Daniel screamed and shook his arm randomly to block Raymond’s fist.

If he had used magic in the meantime, things would have changed.

However, Daniel didn’t think about that.

Meanwhile, Raymond saw the other apprenticeship wizard sneaking up and lifting his arm.

Raymond immediately bowed his head to the chill feeling he felt from the back of his head.


The magic missile passed by his head and hit the decoration on the wall.

Raymond had a cold sweat.

If he were 0.5 seconds late, he would have died with the magic missile struck to his head.

At the moment, Raymond wanted to collapse because his legs were weak, but his body held on.

When Raymond’s body, hardened by the shock of almost dying, the fear he initially felt disappeared and he quickly calmed down.

More precisely, his body moved on its own.

Raymond turned back and kick the ground.

His body jumps up in the air.


Raymond could feel the broken ribs of the apprenticeship wizard on the back of his foot.

The apprenticeship wizard, who was kicked in the chest by his foot, fell behind.


At the same time, as if confirming that he fainted, Raymond hit his shoulder with his knee before he collapsed.


Raymond stood up slowly, gently pressing his neck with his palm.

‘Fortunately, I didn’t get carried by adrenaline.’

If he was too caught up, he would still be swinging his fist even now.

And then the lives of these apprenticeship wizards would be in danger.

I have no intention of committing murder.

“Young master.”

Alice approached him.

Her eyes are on Raymond’s hand.

Glancing at her gaze, he tried to shake off her hands, but Alice was firm and wouldn’t budge.

Her voice, wiping off all the red blood, trembled a little.

“I never imagined you would look like this someday.”


Raymond also didn’t expect this result.

He just remembered what was written in the book, and he thought he only could win against the 2nd Circle Wizard by a hair’s breadth.….

“I didn’t know it would be this overwhelming.”

Raymond swallowed his dry saliva.

This is Raymond’s first time seeing such a radical appearance, so he can’t help but feel weird.

After confirming that she had wiped all the blood, she turned her head and looked around.

Traces of magic missiles were everywhere, and Daniel, with the other apprenticeship wizard, was lying on the floor.


Daniel grabbed his face with one hand and shook the air with the other hand, trembling with fear.

The apprenticeship wizard was crouching and groaning in pain.

Throughout his life as Sunghyuk, he had never punched anyone more than 10 times, and he had never seen so much blood.

He has seen a lot of fake blood, though.

I, who had never fought properly, made these two miserable.

Strangely, Raymond didn’t feel any emotion.

“You’ll be late for class. I’ll organize this place, so the young master should hurry up and go.”

Alice raised her eyes and said it to him.

Realizing that he was moving to attend class, he nodded and moved.

Being with her for the past few days, she was really a competent maid.

At the same time, she was seriously thinking of Raymond’s well-being.

Alice will take care of it on her own.

Standing in front of the gate, the light bothered his eyes.

When Raymond closed his eyes and then opened his eyes, he saw a blue shining gate.

Mana flow caught his eye right away, so when Raymond looked at her, Alice reacted sensitively.

“Young master, are you okay?”

“Yes, it’s okay.”

Nodding at her question, he took a step and entered the gate.

The previous scoundrel Count’s son, it’s time to live as Raymond Millennium.

The unlucky swordsmanship genius born from a Wizardry Family.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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11 months ago

Oh so that’s why he couldn’t become successful as a wizard- his talent was swordsmaship goodness gracious

Call me B
Call me B
10 months ago

sometimes I don’t know who is “he” you referring to here.

especially when there are a lot of male characters

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