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Music Show Genius Chapter 20

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Then, the chorus melody uses brass as the lead instrument to further boost the excitement. Let’s change the beat source a little bit or add it to make it look like a big band.

‘It’s a little splashing. Use an EQ and a compressor…’

Clack clack clack.

Repeat removing and pasting several melodies as if to assemble Gundam.

“Finally, one song is complete!”

A pretty exciting and trendy KPOP summer dance song was created.

‘As expected, arranging is fun.’

Considering that it was made in a hurry, it seems to be quite complete.

Jung-ho, who smiled satisfactorily, soon sighed.

“Sigh, should I also write the lyrics?”

It’s annoying, but he already started.

First, he have to make a concept.

Only when this is selected can the lyrics, choreography, costumes, and vocal feel would be determined.

‘On mysterious islands. I had a good time with my ideal man in my dreams and fell asleep, and when I woke up, it was a dream.

A beautiful and regrettable dream presented by the summer sea!’

It is appropriate to use musical instruments such as electric piano and pads to give a dreamy feel.

Like this, the concept, scenario, and lyrics were completed in an instant.

“Now, let’s sing.”

Demos should follow the beat and notes, it was not about bragging about their skills.

Considering the characteristics of the member, the purpose is to decide the part to them and then let the member know how he or she should sing.

‘I happen to know the characteristics of the five of thwm.’

They were all trainees first.

First of all, they were in the debut group, so he had an experience of analyzing them very hard.

Fortunately or unfortunately, all five of them haven’t grown a bit.

Verse, bridge, chorus, etc.

After choosing a member’s part in a flash, he thought about each vocal characteristic in his head.

‘Well, that’s not bad.’

After all, it’s not a song that requires singing ability.

Kim Myung-woo, who was in charge of rap parts and dance breaks because he couldn’t sing, will also be able to sing excitedly.

Wearing old monitoring headphones and setting up a dynamic microphone that was easy to roll, Jung-ho started recording vocals.

The song, which was made in an hour, was sent to Choi Woo-young’s personal e-mail after singing.

Choi Woo-young received messages and e-mails while moving to a local festival event.

‘This is Jung-ho’s message!’

[There are no songs left, so I made it in a hurry. Listen to it, eat it or throw it away, whatever you want.]

The message was sent via another sharing platform because it was too big to be sent as an email.

This was because the file size was so large.
This is the original track.

Fortunately, there was also a temporary mp3 mix-down version.

He downloaded the mp3 file, connected it to the car audio, and put it loud.

“Everyone, listen to this song.”

The words draw the attention of the five members.

After a while, dance music full of summer vibes with the sound of cool waves is followed.

They were pretty focused.

Choi Woo-young, who figured out the atmosphere inside the room mirror, grinned.

“I heardhe made it in a hurry…”

Let’s hear how Jera’s songwriter make a song.

The composition was not complicated. The performance and melody of all instruments are wrapped around the ears to create pleasant chords.

Compared to the countless sample songs they’ve received from A&R team so far…

“It’s good.”

It is well optimized for KPOP and S.O.T.A.

The members knew that their singing and rapping skills were lower than that of the first-rate male idol groups, and well-established.

It was only possible because Jung-Ho know them well.

Woo-young was sick and tired from constant driving, stress, and he felt the song was surprisingly good.

Finally, the first replay is over.

Choi Woo-young asked not to hide her feelings.

“What do you think?”

“This is really good. Who made it? Is it our song?”

“I’ve only heard it once, and the melody and chorus are ringing in my ears!”

“Are you sure we’re singing this song?”

The three members are at their wits’ end.
Their reaction was very pure.

On the other hand, Min Seo-joon and Kim Myung-woo’s facial expressions were not very good.

Choi Woo-young, who knows how the two feel about Jung-ho, cursed inside.

“Those idiots.”

Choi Woo-young knew that Yoo Jung-ho’s debut was lost because of those two, especially Min Seo-joon. He knew it, but he couldn’t say anything.

At that time, he was just a powerless employee.

‘…It was just an excuse, actually.’

He wanted to take on a more important task.
In order to do so, he had to avoid being out of sight.

The thought that he wasn’t much different from those two stifled anger and disgust with himself.

And tried to speak in a calm voice.

“I’ll have to talk to the company, but it’s likely to be our next song.”

If the company isn’t just a bunch of idiots, it’ll appreciate the value of this song.

It’s a song that anyone can listen to.

“Let’s think it’s our last chance and work hard. All right?”

The members gave powerful answers.

On the other hand, Min Seo-joon and Kim Myung-woo quietly laid back.

Trying to suppress the boiling anger inside, Choi Woo-young played the song.

Summer fantasy

It’s J.ho’s first KPOP debut song.

It was also the first and last hit song of S.O.T.A.

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now he cut a chain of past and could focus for his future >-<

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