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Music Show Genius Chapter 19

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The beat was quite sensuous.

When he looked up the composer, he was a duo from England.

He has provided hit songs to three major domestic agencies several times.

But what is the reason for the failure?

“It need charisma strong enough to hold the stage, but they don’t have it.”

Obviously, the song is good.

But the group members lack the ability to sing it.

“Min Seo-joon is in good condition.”

Even on stage, he knew he would run wild.
But that was all.

He just ran wild, and Jung-Ho didn’t feel a single touch of stage control.

Pretending to be charismatic.

Pretending to be cool.

Chuck! Chuck!

“He hasn’t grown at all.’

He don’t know anyone else, but he knew Min Seo-joon and Kim Myung-woo’s skills well.

Min Seo-joon was so grumpy that Kim Myung-woo had to pay attention to him because he was close.

‘They didn’t practice much.’

Looking closely, the group dance doesn’t match well.

“Teamwork is also terrible.”

Min Seo-joon was too arbitrary.
The group is giving off the vibe ‘I’ll do as I please, you guys suit me.’

The drawback continues to be seen.

It wasn’t until he realized.

‘It’s worth the trouble.’

There’s a good reason why he felt like giving them a song.

He thought he can write a song that doesn’t have much to do with group dance or charisma.

Before that, there is an important matter to be decided.

‘Did I want to do this or not?’

To be honest, he don’t want to do much.
Mainly because he didn’t like Neocrew and Min Seo-joon.

Frankly, he can’t say that he don’t have such feelings, but it’s not a decisive reason.

“I need to create some MewTube content and work on Jera’s new album…”

First priority is Jera!

Just preparing for Jera’s album and MewTube content made his head ache.

“Right now he don’t even want to worry about working on a male idol song.”

They aren’t even practicing and have teamwork.

Aren’t they asking too hard for someone who’s just been discharged from the military?

He can only snort, but it’s hard to make a decision easily because of the presence of manager Choi Woo-young.

‘When I was a trainee, I owed Woo-Young a lot.’

If he was hungry, Woo-young bought him food, and if he was sick, he took him out to buy him medicine.

At the Neocrew Company, he was the only warm adult to him.

‘I even got the advice on MewTube from Kim Myung-woo.’

He thought he should at least show his sincerity.

‘Let’s make a song as soon as possible.’

Jung-ho open up the sequencer window.

“The song I was going to give them was a summer song, so let’s make a summer song again and give it to them.”

Choose a punchy drum source and touch it properly with EQ and compressor. After that, make a percussion loop and put it on the drum beat, and change it little by little.

‘Ta-da! I finished composing the beat in just 3 minutes.’

It feels really easy and simple, but in fact, it was not good to spend a long time thinking about it.

‘That’s not bad.’

The melody line is then entered using a damping base guitar source.

“A mysterious and deep electric piano with a money cord, and a little pad in the introduction and verse…”

The harmony is getting richer.

‘It’s a summer song, so let’s add some sound effects.’

The sound of wind and waves hitting each other.

Some American sites offer free samples. After listening to some samples that fit the purpose, he select one suitable one and put it in the introduction and outro parts.

‘It’s a little old at this rate. Let’s show off a trendy look with a neat and bubbly synth lead.’

EQ- Equalization

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3 months ago

This made me want to learn music too

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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