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Music Show Genius Chapter 18

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Be as honest as you can. That way, he wouldn’t be able to make a good judgment.
Sam grinned and said.

[Share the file. I’ll listen and judge.]

“Don’t let Jera hear it, all right?”

[All right, just give it to me]

“Don’t ever let me hear it. I’m sure Jera thinks I’m a pervert!”

Lyrics were more of a problem than anything else.

Without filtering, Jera’s fresh, sexy, and bright charm was enthusiastically praised.

Anyone must feel bad to hear these lyrics.

[I got it. Don’t you trust me?]

After asking several times, he hung up and shared the file.

“I hope Sam keeps his promise.’

Jung-ho, who went back to his seat with a little concern, said.

“I can’t decide right now, but I’ll give you an answer tonight or tomorrow.”

Sam hung up and shrugged.

“Yes, what do we do with that?”

Jera was holding her stomach and smiling.
When Sam answered the phone in the first place, he answered it in speaker mode and was sharing all the call with Jera.

After laughing for a long time, she tried to calm down and said.

“I’ll listen and judge.”

After a while the music came out.
Literally, it has a cool yet sensual arrangement.

It was close to a dance song, a refreshing, bubbly piece of music that reminded of a midsummer beach in Hawaii.

At the end of the song, Jera said with a stunning face.

“Oh, my God, he thought about giving this song to someone else and not me?”

“What an amazing song. But I understand what J.ho is feeling. It’s quite different from your existing image. Lovely, fresh and sexy.”
“It feels like I’ve been confessed ti.”

The heat rises in Jera’s eyes.

She spoke relentlessly.

“I’m going to have to refine this song and make it the title track of my Full album.”

She didn’t expect it, but there was a great song that popped out of her head saying It was really crazy.

“It’s a shame that he didn’t want to let me hear it after making it.”

Jera thinks that she should take this opportunity to let J.ho know for sure.
Whose singer are you the composer of?

‘I’m sorry about this.’

Contrary to what J.ho wanted, Sam pulled out his cell phone with a gloating smile.
After talking on the phone, Jung-ho lay down on the sofa silently. Then he tore his head off and shouted.

“You fucking bald man!”

It was about the song that he made in a hurry.

[Jera is angry, so you’d better be prepared when you come.]

This was what he said in the last call.
Moreover, this muscular bald man laughed all the way through.

‘She heard that, I’m doomed!’

Everyone would have had such an experience.

He worked hard on it, but he didn’t dare to play it to anyone because he was embarrassed.

It was a song full of Yoo Jung-ho’s soldier delusion.

‘How can I face Jera now?’

Sighing helplessly, Jung-ho stared blankly at the ceiling.

Neocrew Entertainment’s rookie group.
“No, they’re not even a rookie anymore.”

Come to think of it, it’s been well over two years since they’ve debuted.

If Jung-ho had been active that much and the response was insignificant, he thought that he should have given up earlier.

‘I don’t know what’s going on because I don’t know anything.’

Lying on the sofa, he accessed MewTube with his smartphone. He searched in search terms and found quite a few videos.

Music shows, events, autograph events, entertainment shows, etc.

“They’ve been working hard…”

Most of the MewTube posts were posted on the agency’s official account. It hasn’t been long since it was posted but the fans already liked it.

‘First of all, shall we start with the debut stage?’

A song he might have sung if he were a member of the debut group.

S.O.T.A – Monster

It is an EDM-based minus-scale dance song.

A man’s confession that he received a farewell notice from his lover, but he doesn’t admit it and blames himself for being obsessed with it, calling himself a monster.

Five members were working hard on the live stage in black suits.

‘I don’t think the song itself is bad.’

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