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Music Show Genius Chapter 17

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“We’re only here. So let’s hang in there a little longer. He’s the composer of Jera. He’s the hottest musician in the world. Regardless of the quality, if you get the song and promote it well with Jung-Ho’s name value, you’ll succeed. You know what I mean, right?”

Kim Myung-woo, who hesitated, replied with difficulty.

“I know.”

“So don’t just shut up, say something to yourself. Jung-Ho is weak willed, so let’s hit that point, okay?”


Jung-ho, who just finished talking on the phone, returned to his seat. Myeong-woo, who changed his mind, tried to ask in a friendly tone.

“Who was it, Jera?”

“Huh? Ahh…”

Myoung-woo, who answered embarrassingly, was already convinced.

“It’s amazing. Do you remember? You called me to Gangnam Station and asked me how you should do MewTube.”

The atmosphere within Kim Myung-woo suddenly changed.

He wondered inside, but Jung-ho answered casually.

“Oh, I remember.”

“In fact, back then, I didn’t expect you to be this good. But now that you are out of the army, you’re like Captain America, you’ve changed a lot, and I’m not used to it. That’s great.”


When Myung-woo finished talking, Jung-ho laughed and Choi Woo-young cheered inside.

‘You’re doing great job!’

Kim Myung-woo leaned forward in a friendly atmosphere. And alluded to it.

“You didn’t forget I helped you, did you?”
“Of course.”

“Then help me once. Just look at Woo-young and me. Huh?”


As if to come, the answer was not easy.

Although he was anxious, Myung-woo stabbed him again, hiding his inner feelings.

“You didn’t change because you are now at the top, did you?”

“No, it’s not…”

“Or is there any other reason?”

“Because of Jera’s full album preparation.”



The words alone made all sense.

“I was supposed to take a break this month and leave the country next month, but I think I’ll have to move the flight within this week. There must be some work to be done.”

Kim Myung-woo who just reduced the huge gap between himself and Jung-ho, felt irritation, anger as inferiority complex rose.
But that’s only for a moment.

‘We have to hold on.’

“Please, can’t you do something about it”
Kim Myung-woo was instinctively feeling it.
That he won’t have a chance if it’s not now or ever.

So he hung on.


Of course it is important.

But more importantly, success.

If he get a good song, and appeal himself to the public with a great concept success would just be within an arm reach.

He also groveled to Min Seo-joon when wanted to succeed, but there was no reason not to cling to Jung-ho, who he has a good relationship.

Choi Woo-young also stepped up to the conversation.

“If you don’t have time to work on a song, I’d like some of the unreleased song, so just one. Huh?”

With the two people doing so much, Jung-ho could no longer ignore it.

“Hang on. Let me check.”

He connected to the cloud with his smartphone.

Jung-ho runs a total of two cloud files, one for Jera and one for extremely personal use.

‘Is there any song left?’

Jera had a great desire to collect good songs, and among them, Jung-ho’s evaluation of the songs was very good, so the completed songs tended to be purchased and viewed.

Jung-ho also showed Jera the completed song regardless of whether it was sold or not.

‘Unfortunately, there’s only one left.’

It was an incomplete file.

Although he filmed all of the media, he did not mix or master.

“It’s a song I made on my last vacation because you were bored.”

Tropical House Fever.

It was a cool summer song.

After composing the whole midi, he couldn’t bring himself to let Jera hear it, so it just remain unused.

The reason was simple.

It’s a song about his personal fantasies about Jera.

He wondered, how would Jera sing a lovely and refreshing summer song?

Like a Korean female idol.

It was a song that he took with all his heart in this idea.

He was excited when he made it, but after filming all the midi films, he threw it away because he was overthinking.

“What if she sees me with a strange eye?”’

He couldn’t play let her sang it because he was embarrassed.

“If he send it with a little modification of this song, like a boy versiin…”

He didn’t think that would be bad.

A refreshing, bubbly summer song made with military sentiments!

By the way, don’t male idols often sing with that concept?

All he have to do is adjust the high notes to lower ones.

‘Let’s just ask Sam first.’

“Wait a minute.”

Jung-ho, who took the phone again, called Sam.

[What’s going on?]

“Oh, it’s nothing but…”

Jung-ho explained the situation.

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3 months ago

They played him but I think it’s be a little uncomfortable if he didn’t help him instead.
Maybe it’d bring him something good too :3

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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