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Superstar From Age 0 Chapter 127

With not much time left before the competition, soon the front of the stage became crowded. People dressed up as various monsters sat down.

The employees, who organized all the booths, and Grace with her family, who had just finished dinner, also settled in a place where there is a good view of the stage.

“Jun will soon come out, right?”

“I forgot to tell him my phone number.”

“I hope we will meet after the concert.”

Grace’s expression with her family was active. The family was relieved by the lively atmosphere around Grace.

As they were waiting for a while, announcements in French, English, and other languages of various countries was heard.

[Monster Contest will soon start! We hope that all visitors will sit down.]

Grace straightened her back and looked on the stage.

[First contestant. Dancing Fairy!]

A cheerful music was played. A ray of light fell on the stage where everything was turned off. There was something on the stage.

One by one, when the lights turned on, the stage suddenly brightened. Something crouched like an egg slowly appeared in the middle of the stage.

She got up from her seat and stretched out my arms. At the same time, the wings at her back spread out. A fairy with rainbow-colored wings started dancing on the stage.


“Is she a ballerina? Cool!”

Grace clapped along with the other people, but suddenly stopped her hand.

“No, I have to cheer only for Jun.”

Grace’s parents burst into laughter as their daughter clenched her hand to prevent herself from clapping.

The first participant left the stage and the second participant came up. This time, a participant in the Pegasus Costume appeared, perhaps, his concept was a funny one.

The pegasus’ front legs were fake and hind legs were the participants’ real legs. The person with the Pegasus Costume started modelling around in a comical way.

Participants continued to showcase their talents. Laughter burst out here and there. The other participant watching the television backstage also burst into laughter.

Many participants were discouraged by the fairy’s dance, it was clearly at a different levels, but they decided to relax and just enjoy this event.

“I participated to have fun!”

“I had a hard time making this. I’ll go on stage confidently!”

Again, the participants cheered up and went up to the stage one by one.

There was a performance where witches and wizards perform magic. A performance in which a person dressed in Jack O’Lantern chooses his new pumpkin head piece from the closet. A performance in which a vampire bites the of the woman he was dancing with neck.

Many performances finished and finally, it was Seojun’s turn. The participate before him went down the stage, and Lee Min-joon, who knew Seojun’s order, lifted the camera and began to shoot the stage.

[The 13th contestant, will transform into a werewolf!]

The music that Seojun prepared started with it’s drumming. It has a heavy sound like the drum sound of My Clinic.


Smoke rose from both sides of the stage. It was a device lent by the organizer. Among the various effects to choose from, Seojun chose this.

Doong! Doong!

The hearts of the audience beat according to the sound of drums. Seojun, who was standing next to the stage, pressed down his wolf hat and growled in a very low and small voice.

[Shadow werewolves become wolves]

Something elongated appeared in Seojun’s shadow. It was a shadow wolf. Seojun bent his knees and started walking silently as if he was a predator afraid that the prey will get away if it’s sound was heard.

A shadow of a wolf stood next to Seojun. And Seojun and the shadow wolf overlapped.

Seojun’s fake wolf ears and wolf tail covered with shadow wolves gently moved as if they were alive.

Seojun, who had been moving for a while with his four limbs on the floor, activated another ability when quadrupedal walking became easier.

[Cloud whale’s fog starts]

[Cloud Whale’s Fog – Mid-Low Level]

Fog rises from the breathing holes of the whales flying in the sky.

The user can even adjust the concentration and thickness of the fog.

Fog flowed out from Seojun’s body. Both of his hands and feet on the stage were tense. Seojun and the shadow wolf went inside the thick fog.

The stage was now full of smoke. It was the strongest effects ever provided by the organizers. The audience couldn’t see anything ahead. As the stage was filled with cloud-like smoke, the organizers looked at the machine that made this smoke.

“Hmm. The machine is fine”.

“Is it because of the weather?”

When the organizers were confused on what’s happening, people were looking for the 13th participant on the stage. The smoke was so thick that it seems like there was nothing to see on the stage.

“What can you see?”

“I can’t see anything either.”

At that time, they something passed by amidst the smoke. Those who saw the black shadow tilted their heads.

Doong! Doong!

The sound of drums rang, and another black shadow crossed the stage. More people witnessed the shadow. It was like something with four feet.

“Dogs? Wolves?”

“Werewolf… Is he a werewolf?”

“But aren’t they walkinh on four legs?”

Doong! Doong!

The shadow appeared again.

Doong! Doong!


The audience swallowed their saliva.

“It gets bigger and bigger, right?”

The four-legged beast gradually increased its size. He hid his body within the fog as if he was hunting. From the very back of the stage, it could be seen that he was approaching the audience in zigzag way.

Doong! Doong! Doong!

Unlike the fast drumming sound, the shadow began to move slowly. The blurry shadow created by lighting and smoke was like it came for a re wolf.

The wolf slowly wandered from right to left on the stage. near the end of the stage, the wolf slowly raised its upper body.

[The dignity of the young lion king is activated!]

Step by step, in the smoke, the wolf gradually became a person. When the bright light shone from behind Seojun, it looked like a real halo.

People were speechless and only looked at the stage where Seojun stood proudly.


The smoke from the machine was carried away by the wind and gradually disappeared.

The wolf, who has now stood up completely, stopped walking sideway, turned around and walked slowly in front of the stage.

The smoke was lifted and the wolf’s face was revealed. It was a cute round face, but the audience felt the pressured by the aura it’s emanating. His ears were slightly moving, even his tail also moved gently.

Charlie and Charlie’s dad, who were watching on television, admired him. The audience’s exclamations was heard to the people behind the stage.

“…I didn’t know he’d express his werewolf transformation like this, but Seojun is really amazing. He used the lighting and smoke well. Like a shadow play.”


But not all of them could do that. Even though he was just walking on the stage, it really looked like the wolf’s movement. Charlie’s dad, who studied about wolves to play werewolves well, immediately noticed it.

The audience didn’t know in detail, but they felt that way too.

A while ago, the shadow wolf’s movement among the fog was felt as it was really a werewolf walking on its two feet.

It was amazing.

Either walking with Four leg or waking with his two legs, both had similar atmosphere, even though the movement in this two way would be different. It was so natural that the audience felt like he really became a werewolf a while ago.

Doong doong! Doong doong!

They heard the fast drumming sound. Seojun, who walked till the end of the T stage, turned around. His blueish gray tail swayed gently at his movements.

Doong doong! Doong doong!

Smoke rose on the stage. Seojun, who was walking slowly looking toward the stage with his back against the audience, accelerated his pace gradually.

The lights on the ceiling shone like a full moon. The fog coming from Seojun rose to create a shadow.

Seojun, who was running on two feet in the smoke, bent his knees. He touched the floor with both hands and became a wolf again.

The shadow wolf protruding from Seojun’s shadow covered Seojun’s body. His wolf’s tail swayed gently while he walked.

The audience only looked at the wolf becoming a dot due to the smoke.


A very loud drum sound was heard and all the lights were turned off. After a few seconds, the lights turned on again. Both the fog and wolf were gone. The audience, who was still mesmerized for a while, jumped up from their seats and began to applaud loudly.


Grace, who was clapping hard, suddenly realized.

“Oh! It’s Jun!”


“Dad! It’s Jun. The werewolf who found me!”

At Grace’s words, they recalled the child they saw at the lost child center. It was a child wearing a wolf-like hat.

“Oh? Come to think of it, his clothes are the same.”

“It’s really Jun”.

“Wow. I didn’t expect much because he is just a kid…”

At that time, he thought it was a well-made outfit, but looking at him like this, he was really amazing.

“Jun, how did you act? Like modern dance.”

“Hmm. I don’t know.”

“You are really cool. It was just running and walking, but it was still amazing.”

“You’ll win first place with this, right?”

“Of course!”

Grace her family applauded hard. His first place in this competition wasn’t something that the audience couldn’t refute.

When Seojun came back from the stage, Seo Eun-hye handed him over a water bottle she prepared. Charlie praised him while he was drinking.

“You’re amazing!”

“I’m a little…”

Seojun grinned at Charlie’s compliment. Charlie’s dad, vampires, werewolves, and the other contestants were also applauding at Seojun, who had just return from the stage.

“Little wolf you are amazing!”

“We should do our best so that we won’t lose!”

The organizer staff who calmed down the cheering audience appeared. Participants in the contest were notified of the awards ceremony, while Charlie’s dad and uncles were informed to prepare for their performance.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
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Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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