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A red fairy lives in the emperor’s bedroom

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Chapter 1

Hwan Ju-gyeol, the 19th emperor of the Hwanyang Empire, sat staring at a woman with a fine appearance.

The woman was surprisingly calm. Late at night, there were no complaints about the father who had not let his head down.

‘Or maybe he’s that good at hiding his behind face.’

He watched the woman in front of him, hiding his innermost thoughts. The furniture decorated with gold and silver jewelry and five-colored silk looked very heavy. The black eyes were still, and the lips were tightly locked. The white face and painted features were the same as the face claimed by the Hwayul Bureau.

A red wedding robe with a silver-colored bird on it. A green beanie made of jade decorated with fireworks symbolizing the Hwanyang Empire. The golden earrings and tunes that were presented at the palace as evidence of Hwa-chin. Red hair that you can’t hide.

It all told me that the woman was the one who arrived as the empress this time.

The emperor, Ju-gyeol, spoke to a woman who stood up straight despite heavy furniture.

“Hwa Yulguk and Hwanyang Empire are not close, so you must have had a hard time coming a long way.”

On the first night of the wedding, it was so cold that it was disgusting for the voice of a child. However, the bride’s voice was also not easy. She shook her rich eyelashes once and replied with a soft voice.

“Yes, Your Majesty, you’ve been through a lot.”

Oh? For a moment, Joo Kyul’s eyebrows wriggled like a worm. Considering the woman’s position, she didn’t hide her feelings too much. That sharp look is the proof. He asked calmly, hiding his surprise.

“Why? What’s wrong with you?”

When asked, the woman replied proudly.

“The carriage was uncomfortable and the butt was sore, and the clothes were thick and cumbersome. The courtiers of the Empire who arrived in the procession after all the hard work were very nervous. So there’s nothing good going on.”


“It’s a book-sealing process, like baking beans in a lightning bolt, not to mention, the palace you’re being guided to, was there a web of cobwebs on it. “The princess wedding of a small country won’t be like this.”

Ju-gyeol opened his eyes wide.

“Your words are not nice, so Jim seems to have a lot of complaints.”

Surprisingly, the woman nodded.

“Yes, there are a lot. Because you treated your concubine like this. You’re still being neglected.”

“Hold you? Jim treated you poorly?”


“Okay, try more.”

“Yum-yang is not an example, so I’ll speak comfortably.”

Princess Hwaryeong, a woman from the Hwayul Bureau, smiled coolly at that moment. The twisted lips without hiding their dissatisfaction were like a carvings moon. She pointed at her own head and said.

“You still haven’t lowered this filthy heavy furniture.”


“But you didn’t renew your promise to have a splendid wedding, nor did you join us for today’s bookkeeping.”

There was a cool energy between the two, which was not the first night of marriage. He said with a drawing of ridicule.

“I did. One, I was busy. I know you’ve already told me.”

“The splendor is a luxury, so even if it was frugal, the fact that your Majesty was not with you is as good as the ink sprinkling on the face of Sinchup. In the history of the continent, this has never happened. Isn’t that right?”

The woman asked coolly and sharply.

“It doesn’t make sense if I’m ignorant of the rituals of the Empire. “I think it would have been perfect three beats if I got hit by a small box today, but I think it’s surprising that you didn’

He did not deny the verdict. It was right to mistreat the Empress. But I didn’t think a woman who became my wife and empress would question it clearly.

“Well, Jim was definitely indifferent. I admit it.”

With her big, round eyes straightened, the woman moved her lips clearly.

“I’m not indifferent. It’s an insult. If I recall that I’m here as evidence from Hwa-chin, it could be even worse. The first day will be like this. What about the rest of the day?”

Funny, Ju-gyeol tilted his head as he touched his chin.

“Are you going to stab me with the head of a beanie, or are you going to complain to the Hwayul Bureau about the persecution of tears?”

“Sigh. There’s a woman who stabs a child. From now on, Miu and Gowu are my husband. Sadly.”

“You are the Empress, the head of my list, and Jim is the Emperor of the Empire, so it could be different from normal marital relationships.”

“What a difference.”

Joo Kyul’s face has become no less cold. The palace is different, very different.

“This palace is always bloody, and it’s often the case that even a normal person falls back and dies in a night, so it’s no different than a marital relationship, Empress.”

“Are you threatening me now?”

“Why. Do I sound like a threat?”

Looking at his burning eyes, Ju-gyeol rose from his seat.

The table was shaken and pushed, and the chair squeaked. The sudden movement shook the lamp, deepening the shadow.

Joo Kyul looked straight at the woman who was looking at me and smiled like a picture.

“Now that I’ve told you what I’ve been thinking, I have a question for the Empress.”

“What is it, Your Majesty?”

A brief silence flowed like a river between the two.

“Is the Empress hiding anything from me?”

“No, sir.”

It was a firm answer.

“The relationship between a couple is extremely serious, so there should be no secrets. You’d better confess now.”

“Ha, what am I hiding? You’re going to catch a raw man now?”

It was that moment. I heard the sound of a sharp iron being dragged. It was that Ju-gyeol pulled a sword from the sword at his waist.

“Yes, I’m a raw man.”

On the first night of the wedding ceremony, the emperor’s behavior of bringing a sword to the palace was very shocking. If the archers were watching, they would have run screaming.

Chaeng! He drew a sharp line of silver and pointed to the white neck of the arrow sitting upright in black.

The air in the room bumped into each other very tightly.

“……What’s wrong with you?”

Joo Gyeol’s blue eyes shone coolly.

And he said, moving as if to stab the sword right away.

“Who are you?”


“Where’s the real one?”

The big eyes of the arrow blinked. The moment the smile of Jin Hwa-ryeong, which seemed to be drawn, became stiff, the woman recalled what happened to her a few days ago.

That man is right. The woman was not a true spirit. But it had to be an evolutionary spirit. To be exact, wearing the mask of the Spirit…….

“……I am.”

Her time began to go back to the past, the moment it all began with a sweet voice. To the moment I wanted to avoid it if I could.

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