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Beauty and the ugly count Chapter 3

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I was unintentionally being tortured by a corset. There were simple foods and fruits in front of me, but I couldn’t even think of eating them.

‘I’m hungry, but this hurts.’

Suddenly the room faded into darkness, and I lit a candle and waited for Count Erten. At a banquet on the wedding day, it was customary for the groom to receive a drink from relatives and both their parents and below, so I had to sit still and wait a long time. When the imagining of struggling to find freedom, such as tearing or burning a dress, was about three digits, the door finally opened and Count Erten entered. It seemed that a white mask was floating in the dark.

“Have you been waiting a lot?”

“No, you came sooner than I  thought.”

“Are you angry?”

“It’s still okay. Whether it’s unfortunate or fortunate, the corset has the effect of suppressing hunger.

Count Erten standing by the door

“Well, that’s fortunate.”

Standing by the door, I glanced at Count Erten standing in a hurried way, and I laughed deeply.

‘He is actually better than I thought.’

“What are you doing without coming in?”

“Uh, well, I see.”

Count Erten, who entered the room with stiff steps, sat across from me. He hesitated for a while to me And Asked.

“So… all i have to do is help you take off the dress.”

Is that all?

“I’m sure I’ll come in to the shrine and not say that I’m not going to do anything.”

“No, you shouldn’t…”

“If so, why did you marry me?”

Dark green eyes look black because of the darkness

He was moving back and forth to find a place to settle. I tried to laugh at this strange situation, but I kept a serious expression and looked straight at him.

“To be honest, I reluctantly married you because of the family. But why would you act like a teenager? why are you avoiding me from the first night?”


“I’m sorry for you, who got married to me, and I thought we needed time to get used to each other… and I didn’t want to burden you because you looked so uninterested before.”

“That’s a good answer.”

As I smiled, my mouth opened to the bottom. I wasn’t trying to say anything, it seemed a little bit enchanted. Although it looked stupid, it looked a little cute.

“That’s right. Me and you, the Count reluctantly married each other because of our families, and we don’t know anything about each other. I agree that they we need time to get used to each other. Surely I don’t really know your age, name or face. Even so I thought it was necessary to have a sincere conversation with each other since we became a couple. To be honest, I actually liked you from the first time I saw you today. Thank you for your consideration for me all the way until now.”

Finishing my speech of gratitude, he scratched his head lightly. Then, he glanced up his head to meet the gaze he had been avoiding all the time.



“From the first night, I had a great first impression that it was good from trying to make simple. Also, even when I came in, I couldn’t stand laughing because I wanted to do nothing.”

“Do you know what? When we leave the bedroom tomorrow morning, we will burn the blankets according to the ritual. If there is no trace, it would be widespread that one of them had a problem, and most of them would point to me. So, if it’s a good thing to hold on until the end of today, I will cry out loud, squeezing the tears that would come out tomorrow morning.”


“Maybe the relatives and distinguished guests gathered here today will ask me what is going on. I plan to endure crying to the end, and then to faint, carefully confessing that there was a problem with the count’s sexual function at the end.”

“Oh, if you want more details, please tell me. Is it over too early or can’t even start at all. In the case of the former, it seems to work with medicine, so you can keep getting married, but in the case of the latter, hopefully, It could be nullified the marriage. We will do whatever you want.”

Count Erten, who was parented by my words

I asked after shutting up.

“That’s why it’s… second, no, it’s not a matter of second , but just for a moment.”

“There’s plenty of time to think. Only before dawn

You can decide.”

“Once, so have a conversation…”

“Conversation, good. Take turns asking questions so… Shall we do it?”

“No, first of all. Did you actually heard my name?”

“I must have heard it, but I would have forgotten it because I didn’t want to remember the names of people I hadn’t met.”

“Apart from that, today’s priest was reciting Juryesa so I had my head still filled with their chant.”

“How many times have you not said it?”

“If you ask me that I’ve heard all those useless long prayers, of course I didn’t. Now it’s my turn to ask. So, is it okay to ask about your name, Count?”

“.……Ian, Ian Erten.”

At his frank answer, I barely endured the laughter to burst again. It was, of course, a lie to not remember his name. Unfortunately, what I heard or seen once was because I remember everything. Today’s officiating speech, which was shed with one ear and one ear, was also perfectly recited. However, I couldn’t even understand how to behave with this weird grumpy, but I just wanted to make fun of him for some reason.

“Yes, I am Velita. As of today, I became Velita Erten. Please call me Bell.”

Velita was in a strange mood. It was strange to allow  nickname to someone I met for the first time. The woman she thinks of herself, Velita, is a vigilant, distrustful, and terrible cynic. It was the first time for her to treat someone without hesitation.

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