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Suddenly I have a husband and children Chapter 3

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Estella opened her eyes and breathed in. She can now breathe well after her nose was being blocked.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she thought, “Am I alive?” As I jumped out of her seat, she heard the nanny’s voice.

“Oh, my princess!”


The nanny wasn’t with me at the wedding. Did she bring her back to the palace? Who took herself out of the pond? Estella looked at the nanny with a puzzled look. The nanny held Estella’s hand and burst into tears.

“Oh, my God, how surprised this nanny was! Oh, my God! How dare you jump into the pond!”

“What? I didn’t mean to kill myself…Um? Nanny, look at me for a second.”

Estella held onto the face of the nanny, who was wiping away tears. Something feels strange.

“Why, why?”

“Why are you so old?”

I think you’ve aged at least 10 years. The wrinkles are deeper, and the voice is more like a grandmother. 

The nanny flared at Estella’s words.

“What? You’re such a rotten apple!”

Even so, does it mean that her nanny grows old in just a few days? Estella looked surprised to see the nanny whose black hair began to gray. Just out of curiosity, Estella looked around.

Looking closely, this was not her room. It was not a colorful wallpaper or a canopy with lace strings, but a really monotonous room with minimal furniture left made up of dull red bean porridge colored monochrome wallpaper.

“Where am I? Was there a room like this in the palace?”

“What? What are you talking about? We’re here.”

As soon as the nanny was about to talk, the door opened wide and I heard footsteps. 

There were two small heads peeking over the mattress. Estella narrowed her eyes to see what that was.

The two little children wriggled up on the bed and rushed into her arms.


The two little chilfren who ran to her cried and said.



Estella repeated the little ones’ words, doubting her ears. 

These little children, mumbling with their tongues and small lips, rubbed her face while being within Estella’s arms.

“Mom! You’re not going to do it anymore, are you?”

“Hey, what are they talking about? Who’s the mom?”

Estella was frightened by the young people who just climbed up to her. 

‘No, why were they calling me mom? I don’t remember giving birth.

I’m sure they’re from the Countess of Dorne, who is known for being rude and playful! How dare you not even recognize the princess. 

I quickly took off the children and checked their faces.’

“…aren’t you countess Dorne’s kids? Who are you really guys?”


They aren’t the kids I know of.

Whose children are so pretty, cute, and handsome?

Estella, who was struggling, didn’t realize that she had gained weight. She quickly regained her senses and pretended to be strict with the children.

“I’m not your mother. What do you mean? A princess who’s not married has no manners! Go to your mom.”


Now, the children, who seemed to be about four or five years old, were surprised by Estella’s loud voice and rolled their big eyes, and soon began to pout their lips and cry.

“Princess, what’s wrong with you? What?”

The nanny next to her says, “When are you going to sit on the sidelines and why are you doing this now?” 

Estella once again looked down at the children crawling into the product out of injustice. By the way, it looks familiar. He looks strangely like himself, and strangely….

I think I’ve seen this face somewhere..’

When I thought about it,

I heard a flying voice somewhere.

“You don’t want to see my son anymore? Ruth, Lucy. Come here to Daddy.”

The protagonist of the sarcastic voice looked at Estella with a sharp look as much as her voice. When he opened his arms and asked his father to come, the children escaped Estella’s arms and hugged him. Estella looked at him with a blank face.

“What’s wrong, mom? It’s as if I saw someone I couldn’t see.”

The man who said he was the father of the children and now tells himself he’s his wife,


It was the Izak Mon DS, whom Estella had a passionate crush on, and yet married Lily Bertrand.

Estella quickly rolled her head to understand the current situation.

The old nanny, the place I’ve never seen before, the two little boys who call me Mamang, the father, my child, his wife, and Izak who say things that I don’t know. What is this situation?

“Why are you here, no, where the hell are we?.”

Looking at Estella, who was confused, I frowned whether Izak was strange. His eyes look like she’s crazy, what’s wrong with her? It was that kind of look.

“Where are we?! Why, why are you calling me a wife, no. What about Lily?”

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The grammar is a mess, needs some editing here and there.
I appreciate your translation tho, thank you

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But good work

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