Suddenly I have a husband and Children

Suddenly I have a husband and Children Chapter 4

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She didn’t know what to ask first, so Estella stuttered.

‘I definitely had my eyes on Lily when he married her. Then why do you call me your wife? What are these kids? Why are they calling you dad?’

Estella looked at Izak with a confused look.

But Izak looked coldly at Estella with his old sweet eyes nowhere, and soon turned his head and told the nanny.

“Get the doctor back. My wife’s condition is very strange. I think she hit her head when she fell into the pond.”

Estella recalled the last memory of falling into the pond and floundering. 

Estella said, pointing her finger at Izak in an urgent situation.

“Yes, that pond! That pond! I fell after your wedding. …wait a minute. Is this a bad joke? Where is Lily? Are you… perhaps joking with me me?”

Considering Lily Bertrand, who used to be playful, it was a good possibility. Lily likes to fool the little Estella and even now that they are grown ups.

“Is this a joke? It’s not fun.”

As Estella said, Izak, who was still looking at her, continued again.

“…nanny, go get the doctor.”

“Yes, yes!”

The nanny also left the room quickly because her face turned blue.

The children in Izak’s arms asked their father with an innocent look.

“Papa, did Mama hit her head??”

“Yes, I guess so.”

Estella looked at Izak, who was holding two children, as she was about to argue but she was dumbfounded by their conversation.

Oh, my God. I am totally knocked out. The two children’s hair was the same as Estella’s shining platinum hair.

The girl, who looked at Estella with her thumb sucking, looked like Estella, and even had a dot similar to her cat-like eyes. On the other hand, the boy was similar to Izak with tearful eyes with thick features, he is like a miniature version of Izak.

‘It’s obvious that these two children are Izak’s children.’

Estella blankly looked at the three and thought. However, no matter how much she thinks about it, she doesn’t remember spending a hot, boisterous night with Izak. After a long period of blank contemplation, Estella suddenly lifted up the mirror next to the table.

“Oh, my God.”

19-year-old Estella is nowhere to be found, and only a very mature woman is in front of her.

She stood in front of the mirror every night and thought that this would be what she would look like in her 20s.

Estella, who opened her eyes round as if her eyes would pop out right away, began to touch her face and hair as well as her whole body. 

Izak’s expression, while witnessing this sight, became strange.

Estella slowly turned her head and asked Izak.

“What year is it now?”

“…it’s 650 years of climbing.”

“Oh, my God, my God. Oh, my God. Oh, my God! That’s ridiculous!”

Estella’s mouth opened wide at Izak’s words. All kinds of denial of reality came out of her mouth.

The last memory of Estella was the wedding of Izak and Lily on May 17, 643. She remembered the date clearly. She cried so much in bed the night before that date, and he’s now a married man.

Was this a fantasy of her, imagining to be his bride?

Seven years. I arrived seven years later in the future.

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