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A way to Elegantly Tailor the Duke Chapter 3

“……What’s that…… is it related to the letter?”

Elisha asked.

Count Leonard continued without changing his stance with Elisha.

“A long time ago, I made a promise with the Duchess of Penblen in Tebon. To have our daughter Cornelia married to her son. A few days ago, a letter of marriage proposal arrived from Penblen Duchy. But Cornelia doesn’t want the marriage.”

“……Well, wait a minute. What the hell is that….?”

Elisha’s eyebrows wriggled.

Why did Cornelia not want the marriage?

She even said she was going to the crown prince’s birthday party.

Cornelia was dreaming of becoming crown princesses.

It must be because she was aiming for a bigger position than the Duchess of the periphery.

Of course, Elisha doesn’t know how likely her thoughts will come true, but the Count will give Cornelia as much support as he could.

So… It means she would substitute Cornelia for this marriage.

“I want you to substitute Cornelia and marry Duke Penblen.”

The Count continued.

Elisha’s mind quickly started thinking about many things.

‘Pretend to be Cornelia and deceive both Duke Penblen and his family?’

If such facts were found by the noble society, it would be an insult to Duke Penblen.

‘Who the hell is to blame for all that when it is discovered?’

It would be all up to Elisha’s hand from that point.

“This is a letter from the Penblen family.”

The count handed out the letter to Elisha. Elisha read it quickly with her trembling hands.

Duke of Penblen……. Elisha, who had never been to a party before, was familiar with the dark side of the society.

Tebone, Duke of Penblen’s estate, was a peripheral area far from the capital, Arlene. So it has a relatively quiet and cold climate.

There were rumors that the Duke’s castle, called Crow Castle, was infested with ghosts every night because of its dark and bizarre appearance, and that people were cursed to death if they go inside.

Furthermore, rumors about Duke Penblen, nicknamed the monarch of the Crow Castle, were also notorious.

“The Duke Penblen also thought that he could not put off his marriage any longer. He wants to bring the bride in advance and prepare for the wedding.”

Elisha seemed to receive a severe headache. This will not have happened.

Marrying her to a monstrous duke instead of Cornelia!

“……the marriage, I can’t do it. No, I can’t!” Elisha said firmly.


When her name came out of the count’s mouth, she felt terrible.

“I never asked about your opinion. I’m just calling you to inform you of this. Plus, if you are married, you’ll be the mistress of a duchy. It’s not such a bad thing, is it?”

The content was even more appalling.

“What… what?”

It was amazing—how she is treated as an object easily discarded. She thought she could use a flame magic now.

“You’re really, really cruel. So you want me to be a scapegoat for Cornelia? I’d rather get out of this house.” Elisha said clearly, holding back her magic and staring at the count’s dark brown eyes.

The count’s face was horribly distorted.

“Do you think I’m just watching you leave the house, wander around and disgrace the name of Count Rubitz!?” The count was clearly angered now.

Elisha was also ranging in anger right. It was at this moment that one could say they are definitely Father and Daughter.

“……what if I throw away Rubitz’s name?” Elisha spoke slowly, suppressing her tingling heart.

She’ve been thinking about this over and over again. This was what she always wanted.



Elisha’s lips burst at the count’s rough slapp and blood started to appear. Her cheeks were tingling with intense pain. But the most tingling pain was inside her chest. She was angry that her heart started to hurt because of this kind of person.

Elisha continued, glaring at the count.

“Just once……have you ever considered me a child?”

The count turned his head without saying a word. A thorough disregard. That was enough of an answer.

“……I knew it, too. Me too. You’re not my father. A Father can’t do this to me. I won’t.”

A Father wouldn’t be this callous. To the count, he was just a child who could be thrown away for Cornelia. Her stomach felt so twisted. She felt like she was going to have nausea.

Elisha ran right out of the spot and bumped into someone.


It was Cornelia, entering the Count’s study.

“Dad, are you done talking?”

“I think I’ve said everything I have to say.”

Speaking in a calm tone, Cornelia pushed Elisha, who was in a hurry to leave.

“Get out of the way.”

Cornelia grinned seinv Elisha’s eyes trembling with anger.

“Elisha, you better be careful. Duke Penblen is crazy about blood. He’s a man that cuts people down mercilessly. And how creepy and scary his face was! Look, this is his portrait. Now that he will be your husband, shouldn’t you get used to it?”


“Don’t be so upset. But you’re still gonna be the Duchess, aren’t you?”

Cornelia gave Elisha the portrait with a grin. The portrait contained a man with a black and hideous impression.

His ugly chin, aquiline nose, and face were full of pockmarks. In addition, he almost had no neck and a bulging back looked like a hunchback. There seemed to be only a few strands of hair left. He was so ugly that couldn’t even stand it.


A sigh came out of Elisha’s lips.

Cornelia’s unwillingness to marry may have been largely attributed to the Duke’s fearsome rumors and appearance. No matter how blinded by background and money, is there a woman who wants to marry such a terrifying man?

It seemed that their patience has reached the limit  The Anger of Cornelia and Count soared. Elisha closed her eyes tightly.

Yeah, it didn’t seem to make any difference between living under these cruel humans or being the wife of a violent and hideous duke.

At least it won’t be as miserable as it is now.

“All right, I’ll marry the Duke. I hate you people, and I hate being here.”

“Well, that’s a good idea. Elisha.”

She dodge Cornelia’s arm as she tried to pat Elisha on the shoulder and escaped from the study.

Cornelia and Counts grinned at each other.

As soon as she arrived at her room, Elisha’s vision became blurred.

Elisha recalled what had happened, wiping away tears flowing through her cheeks.

‘Maybe this is better. Yeah, I think so.’ Elisha crouched under the covers for a long time, comforting herself.


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The Way to Elegantly Tailor the Duke

The Way to Elegantly Tailor the Duke

An Elegant way to tailor the Duke, Tailoring the Duke elegantly
Score 5.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2018 Native Language: Korean
Due to her father’s command, Elisha, who was born with witch’s blood, will marry a scary duke on behalf of Cornelia?! She just wanted to make a dress… A handsome butler, John, appeared in front of Elisha who was in the disguise of her half-sister Cornelia. Elisha does not know that John is Duke Luzark. Two people who are deceiving and being deceived by each other, a heart-pounding smuggling drama! Are they getting married like this? A heart-thumping romance between the lively Elisha, who dreams of becoming the best seamstress, and the duke, who launches infinite affection!


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