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Superstar From age 0 chapter 21

Brown Black regained their appetite for a delicious breakfast and quickly packed up the unidentified baby food from the pot and threw it away in the food bin.

“Shall we go outside in a little while?”

“It’ll be fine.”

Seojun woke up after taking a nap. He woke up early in the morning, played as much as he could, ate delicious baby food, and took a nap, but the sun was high.

Along with Kim Hwa-ryeon, Brown Black decided to go to the apartment playground.

“Seojun, have you been to a playground?”


“I went there with my mom for a walk. I couldn’t even walk, so I couldn’t ride any rides.”

“Today I’ll show you my dancing.” Choi Si-yoon said with smile.

With last night’s influence seemed to remain, somehowge wanted to dance right away, so his feet didn’t stay still for even a moment.

Everyone went to the playground with powdered milk, diapers and thick blankets for Seojun.

It was a cold winter, but the playground was atill full of children. Laughter was heard as the children ran around.

“When will our Seojun start running around?”

Seo Eun-chan uttered as he watched the children running wild. Kim Hwa-ryeon, who heard it closely, shook off the dust on the bench and said.

“He’ll be running around in no time. Children grow up in the blink of an eye.”

“I guess so.”

Seojjn was staring at the playground while being in Hwang Ye-joon’s arms. He was so cute to see him wearing a rabbit fur hat.

“As expected, I’m good at choosing clothes.”

Hwang Ye-joon lightly pressed Seo-joon’s cheek with his finger.

The rabbit hat he bought looked so good on Seojun.

“So cute. Seojun.”

Kevin pressed the handle of the rabbit hat and the rabbit’s ears stood up. The other side was pressed alternately, and the other rabbit’s ears stood up. Hwang Ye-joon and Kevin smiled at the rabbit ears standing.

“Seojun is a rabbit. Rabbit.”


“Come on, Seojun, sit here.”

Before they knew it, Park Seo-jin, who safely put Seojun in a baby chair near the bench chair, called Seojun.

They were in a corner where there were not many people around this part of the playground.

It was a shady place because of the lack of sunlight, so they wrapped Seojun’s body with a blanket.

“He is like a Snowbaby!” (TL: Snow man but changed the man to baby)

‘This is frustrating, but it’s warm!’

Seo Eun-chan and Kim Hwa-ryeon, who were holding the cameras, sat next to Seojun, thE snowbaby wrapped with blankets.

Kim Hwa-ryeon shot Seojun and Seo Eun-chan shot Brown Black.

Brown Black stood in search of an open space.

Brown Black were not disappointed to see that their first stage was not a spectacular one, but just a simple corner of the playground.

Rather, their hearts beat so fast that they felt like they were going to stop breathing.

There was a simple audience, not the company staff who would always watched their practice. Seojun, who was sitting in the baby chair and looking at them.

‘What are they going to do?’

Brown Black’s head glistened. The number of glow grew higher and higher.

It was the same as last night.

Seo Eun-chan wish that he had a better camera and a better recording machine! It was a pity.

Leader Park Seo-jin raised his voice.

“Hello, viewers. Hello, Seojun!”


‘Hey Guys!’

Seojun smiled broadly.

Whatever happens, he will do it!

Brown Black smiled brightly and bowed down.

“From now on, Brown Black will perform. Listen to me, everybody!”

When Choi Si-yoon, who was closest, ran quickly and played music from his cell phone, music flowed to the two Bluetooth speakers on both sides of the bench chair. This was a public place, so they could hear several noises overlapping.

When Park Seo-jin opened his mouth, the noise seemed to have disappeared leaving only their music.

[The orchestra conductor connection is triggered]

‘I knew it.’

Seojun nodded. It’s not a skill that could be often used, but these guys used it too easily.

Seojun leaned his back on the stroller and listened to the song.

Even now, if they continue to trust each other and study music for a long time to improve their basic skills, he could look forward to what Brown Black would do in the future.

-It’s only one step.

Hwang Ye-jun’s mouth opened and a friendly voice could be heard. Choi Si-yoon came forward.

The Orchestra Conductors Conection only increased musical ability. There was no effect on the ability of dancing.

However, Choi Si-yoon felt the rhythm and beat of the song with his whole body.

Choi Si-yoon, who felt that for sure, moved more intensely than usual.

Three people moved their bodies guided by the intense choreography of Choi Si-yoon.

Seojun’s eyes grew bigger in the endless colorful dance. It was different from the usual dance he saw on TV. The stage right in front of him that he felt was full of unique vividness.

Four people danced to the music. It was amazing. He could feel the members’ hearts like last night.

It was a familiar dance, but today their fingertips and toes were more tightly matched.

It was so much fun how they sang, danced and smiled brightly.

The Four people’s dance was more perfect than ever. Seo Eun-chan clenched his fist.

Last night, it wasn’t just a fluke.

Yesterday’s happening is also here today.

“This is going to be a success!”’

Seo Eun-chan got up without realizing it. Instead of sitting still, he wanted to take a closer picture of his cool idols.


Kim Hwa-ryeon, who returned home last night, turned the camera that was filming Seojun to Brown Black without realizing it.

She didn’t expect it because she knows it was the first idol group from a new entertainment, but it was more than she could imagine.

It’s her first time hearing the song, and the lyrics were stuck in her ears and the colorful group dance delighted her eyes.

‘It’s just the beginning!’

The song, which lasted for about four minutes, was now over. Brown Black bowed to the camera filming them.

“Gasp, thank you!”

Exhausted, Brown Black sat on the ground in front of Seojun. Seo Eun-chan handed them a bottled water bottle with a strange face.

“Weren’t we supposed to do two more songs?”

“Oh, no. Heck – it was so hard…….”

Hwang Ye-jun, who drank water without breathing, shook his hand.

The other three also nodded.

Park Seo-jin washed his face with a completely exhausted face.

“We sang all the songs yesterday, but I feel like I’m going to die because I’m dancing.”

“I know. Wow, how did we sing it all yesterday?”

‘It’s because of me, right?’

Seojun wanted to reach out his hands and pat the older brothers, but he couldn’t move because his arms were wrapped tightly in a blanket. Only his fingers wiggled.

The Skill wasn’t used for nothing. Mana was used as a base, but if Mana was not there, they had to pay for it with their own physical strength.

Yesterday, Seojun and Brown Black were close to each othdr, so they replaced Seojun’s mana half way with their physical strength, but now their distance was far away.

Today, on the stage ahead, it was entirely done by Brown Black.

Kevin, who sat on the dirt floor and breathed a few times, laughed.

“I need to work out.”

“Okay. I’ll arrange you to a gym. I need you to increase your stamina for the concert.”

At Seo Eun-chan’s words, Brown Black’s face, who was sitting on the floor, were all speechless.

It was a far-fetched word from his imagination. Choi Si-yoon asked back with a puzzled face.

“Co, Concert?”


Seo Eun-chan smiled brightly.

“You guys are awesome! If you debut like this, we might have a concert within a year!”


Brown Black put on excited look on their faces. They were eliminated from various agencies. Their debut was canceled and their schedule was constantly postponed, saying there was always something missing on them.

But they can’t believe they were going to have a concert.

They just thought they did better than usual, singing and dancing.

It was a heartbreaking song they sang last night and a dance that couldn’t have been more perfect.

They thought it would be a great debut stage if they did this on a music show.

“I think so, too.”

It was Kim Hwa-ryeon. Unlike her usual calm face just now, her face was very bright.

“Wow. Why didn’t you debut until now? You sang and danced so well! Here, look. I got goosebumps, right? It was amazing.”


Brown Black was at a loss for compliments from Kim Hwa-ryeon.

It was then.

“Excuse me!”

A man called them. The friendly atmosphere subsided in an instantaneously.

Is this a civil complaint? Seo Eun-chan jumped up and ran to the man’s front. Was it loud? Seo Eun-chan bit his lips. Even before their debut, he could not ruin Brown Black’s image.


“What’s the title of the song?”

“We will accept any complains…Yes?”

The man who came to pick up the documents he had left behind, rushed to hear their song and laughed awkwardly.

“No matter how many times I searched, I couldn’t find the title of the song or the singer’s name. You sang several songs last night, but only one today.”


Brown Black and Kim Hwa-ryeon’s eyes, who were holding their breath with nervousness, grew. Seo Eun-chan and Brown Black both lost their words when asked by a sudden man.

The man who asked the question was embarrassed, because there was no words from then. There was only silence.

Everyone seemed to be out of their minds.


This is when Seojun supposed to step up. ‘What’s with this atmosphere?’

The baby’s laughter broke the silence because he knew nothing.

Surprised, Seo Eun-chan replied quickly.

“Oh, yes! The song is called ‘Start.’ And the singer’s name is, uh. Wait a minute.”

Seo Eun-chan beckoned looking at the back. Brown Black, who flinched, quickly ran to Seo Eun-chan. Greetings. Greetings. Seo Eunchan whispered.

“Oh, hello, we are Brown Black!”

“Oh, it’s Brown Black. Thank you. You were a great singer. Also great dancer.”

“Thank you.”

“But I couldn’t search for songs…….”

Seo Eun-chan replied quickly.

“They haven’t made debut yet.”

The man’s eyes got bigger. Oh, so the man who searched music sites all night and even posted questions felt better when he found the answer.

“I hope you make your debut soon. Please sing a lot of good songs.”

The man took the paper out of the bag with a smile. A pen came out of his pocket. Picked out the paper and pen to Brown Black.

They didn’t know what it meant, so Brown Black just stood there blankly. Seo Eun-chan stabbed Kevin in the ribs.

“Sign, sign.”


Hwang Ye-jun’s breath stopped. Park Seo-jin’s hands were trembling but still grabbed the paper and pen.

“If you don’t mind, please.”

“No, excuse me.”

Meanwhile, Choi Si-yoon, who had difficulty breathing, signed a paper.

As they continued to sign, Kim Hwa-ryeon carried Seojun and headed to them.


“Oh, you’re a baby.”

“Yes, we’re filming an entertainment show on YouTube. If you have time, please watch it. This is our YouTube channel.”

The autograph ended while Seo Eun-chan and the man continued their conversation. The man smiled brightly at the sign.

“I’ll definitely buy it when the album comes out.”

“Thank you!”

Brown Black and Seo Eun-chan bowed. The man also greeted back and left.

Brown Black was only looking at the back of the man walking in the distance.


They were tearing up.

Kevin bit his lips. He felt hot inside. It was so hot that he almost cried. Choi Si-yoon, the youngest, was already crying. Tears fell down without a sound.

Hwang Ye-joon and Park Seo-jin opened their mouths with their eyes full of tears. They couldn’t speak at all, so they shut up.

“Well done!”

Seo Eun-chan, who was able to speak at least, tapped Brown Black on their shoulders. He kept saying ‘good job’ because he couldn’t control his overwhelmed emotions. He constantly repeated, ‘Good job.’

Kim Hwa-ryeon, who careied Seojun skillfully with one hand, held the camera.

She sniffed, too.


Seojun, who couldn’t cry by himself, smiled broadly.

Brown Black’s eyes turned to the baby. Looking at his bright smile.


“This is the first time I’ve heard someone complimenting us!”

“[He’s buying an album! They want us to sing more!]

“Huhuhu. We are a good dancer!”

Starting with Hwang Ye-joon, everyone burst into tears. They hugged each other and cried with a little baby in the middle.

Seojun wanted to stand their hugging, but…….

‘You make me want to cry!’


Seojun burst into tears. Seo Eun-chan wiped away his tears and Kim Hwa-ryeon took out a handkerchief.

It was a good day.

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Superstar From Age 0

Superstar From Age 0

Gong Salbuto Syuposeuta, Korean Idol
Score 8.4
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
He had lived a thousand lives… some were long and precious and some short-lived, forgotten in the back of his mind. This time, he was born as baby Lee Seojoon. Elves… fairies… slimes… gift box… devils… he’ll use the mystical abilities from his past lives to captivate and capture the hearts of the people and become an idol, a superstar. Using the memories of his life akin to a fairy tale, he’ll become an idol that will be remembered in the annals of history.


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