Suddenly I have a husband and Children

Suddenly I have a husband and Children Chapter 1

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Note: Chapter 1 is pretty long of about 60 pages so this is divided into 10 making 1 chapter is 6 pages long.

Nothing is more cruel than making the world full of false hopes.

Perhaps, just in case, such a mind instantly lifts a person to the top of the sky and sinks him deep into the ground.

I think love is the most damaging thing among the heart diseases.

If I were to pick one out of them, it would be one-sided love.

“Oops, oops, oops…!”

“Princess… Please don’t cry… What?”

She pulls the pillow while she’s tearing it out, buries her face, and cries. She is Estella de Rieff Messian. The king’s only child and the only princess in the Messianic kingdom.

The princess, who had no choice but to be immature because of the king’s deep affection and the love of the people, had everything she wanted, and the world had her head big.

But… Why is she crying so sad when she has everything?

There was a good reason for Estella to make such a scene. This is because her passionate crush for five years ended today. Her crush was going to get married.

At 13 years old, Izak Mondis, the successor of Mondis Duchary, whom she met for the first time at the academy banquet. He has a beautiful appearance, tall height, broad shoulders to hug, and a husky voice. Izak was everyone’s ideal type.

On the first day when she saw him, Estella told the maids that she felt something really fateful.

“The moment I saw Izak, a bolt of lightning came down in the clear sky and passed through the top of my head.”

“Hey, princess. You’re too much.”

“Oh, I’m telling you! I’m telling you!”

Estella’s heart beat hard when her eyes met with Izak. She couldn’t do anything and she felt like her heart was going to come out. It was like hearing a bell from somewhere. 

She was out of her mind for a while because she felt something had gone through her spine.

From that day on, at the age of 13, Estella had a passionate crush on Izak. Estella’s heart was sincere to dismiss it as a child’s puppy love. She couldn’t help it because her heart beat for him heavily.

She always attends every banquet he says he is going to, takes courses she was not interested with in order to see him at the academy, writes letters, etc. She did everything she could at a shy young age. When she talked to Izak, her face turned red as if it would explode.

The princess always imagined her future with him. Having kids with him, being a happy couple! And… a Romantic marriage!

A year after she began her unrequited love, Estella visited King Benjamin and said it was not just a New Year’s greeting but a marriage permission.

“Father! I want to marry the heir of that man.”

His beloved daughter says this anxiously, would he not listen to her? With such a feeling, Estella clung to her father.

“I’m totally in love. Can you grant it?”

“…Estella, do you mean Izak?”

“Of course! Who else is there?”

King Benjamin grumbled and swept his beard away. He continued, muttering, “This child is like her mother.”

“My dear Estella. I’m sorry, but I can’t do that.”

“Why? What? Why?”

“He’s already engaged to the eldest daughter of the Duke of Bertrand.”

*Kwang! Kwang!*

Estella turned her head and looked at the window, startled by the thunder. The weather was still sunny and sunny. Only then did she realize that the thunder was heard only by herself. Is this the shock of a broken heart?

At the age of 15, Estella lies down with the news that her crush is her cousin’s fiance.

When her only daughter was sick, King Benjamin called all kinds of doctors to see and treat her, but the answer seemed to be one thing. It was a mental illness. Of all the many diseases, it’s just a lovesickness. Estella became sick like a dying flower because of love.

Estella was his only child, so she was very precious to King Benjamin.  The only child between his beloved queen. Estella, who resembles the deceased queen,was the king’s greatest weakness.

In the end, the king summoned the Duke of Bertrand.

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