A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 5

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Sung-Hyun followed the dirty footsteps left by Hobgoblin.

The unidentified dungeon was an income that Sung-Hyun could never miss. From the perspective of Sung-Hyun, who had to pay off his debts right away, he would receive a quite large amount of reward if he reported it.

Hunter awakening, he didn’ton’t know what’s going on yet, but he had to deal with what is happening before him.

Surprisingly, however, the monster’s traces did not come from outside the house but actually led to the underground stairs.

A basement that had been left unattended for a while with a pile of goods piled up in like a warehouse.

One side of the old wall was devastated and pierced.

“What the hell is this?”

Sung-Hyun shouted without realizing it.

He can’t believe a dungeon really broke out in his house.

It’s not next door. It’s right in his basement!

“I’m going to die. When did this happen?”

From public restrooms to the National Assembly building.

Sung-hyun had seen dungeons in all sorts of places, but he never dreamed that dungeons would appear in his house right in his basement.

The dungeon was created by destroying the basement of his house.

It was a really good day for me.

“Darn it, before more monsters came out and knock on the door, I will call the Hunters and let them take care of it…….”

Sung-Hyun hurriedly took out his cell phone.

He was trying to make an emergency report before the whole house is destroyed.

However, as attention was drawn to the dungeon’s message, Sung-Hyun blankly lowered his arm.

[Dungeon Rating – SSS+]

“SSS grade…?”

It’s clearly written SSS.

No matter how much he rub his eyes, they didn’t disappear.

What the hell is this?’

Basically, Hunter’s grade, S-class or A-class, was based on the dungeon.

Hunter, who is capable of subverting A-level dungeons, is classified as A-level, and so are other grades.

It was an intuitive standard that was set quite easily.

Of course, even within the same grade, accurate skills were divided into many different classes, but there was no such clear classification.

There was a reason for rating hunters as if they were rating Korean beef.

‘But the dungeons we’ve seen so far have the highest.’

SSS+- class dungeons.

There has never been such a dungeon in history.

Therefore, Hunters were also the best to classify S-class hunters, but no matter how strong they were, there was no more standard than that.

In addition, there used to be a huge power gap in the upper grades, with just one grade difference.

However, the SSS level jumped two levels ahead there.

It was already a level enough to be regarded as a dungeon of the end of the world.

The + sign on the end was also irritating his nerves.

‘If it’s super-super-large. What’s more than super-super-large?’

[Size – Super Large]

The scale of the dungeon written in the message.

Some of the mega-dungeons that have been found have been truly astonishingly wide.

Even in a large-scale dungeon, it was difficult to take supplies and starve to death without the help of the supply unit or to lose their way inside and disappear.

From the super-large dungeon, it was safe to say that there was another world in it, not actually a dungeon.

“SSS-rated and super-sized… So the crisis of human destruction begins in my basement? That’s very artistic.”

The worst mega-dungeon that has never appeared in history appeared right under his house.

It is monumental in many ways.

At least a name will remain in the history book.

He was the landlord of the basement where the worst dungeon ever happened.

‘By the way, at this level, the story is completely different.’

Sung-Hyun put in his cell phone that he was calling.

Perhaps most citizens would have displayed a strong reporting spirit if they had discovered such a terrifying dungeon.

However, Sung-Hyun was different.

‘If it’s a dungeon of this magnitude, it’s basically suicide to report it. I’ll try to keep my mouth shut somehow.’

He worked for a giant guild and saw all kinds of dirty things, so he didn’t do such naive things.

The Hunter industry was more cruel of a place than everyone could have imagined.

“Even in S-class dungeons many died and kill each other, and what’s in front of me right now is SSS+-class dungeons. If this is known, it’s obvious what will happen.’

Guilds will not feel anything as if when wiping out a person at a time even if they are employees, who have been working like dogs for years, and also falsely accused.

It’s just a peaceful day.

‘Then should I run away right now? But there’s nowhere to run.’

If he reported it as Sung-Hyun, who had already been in one of the two major guilds called Cheongseong, hiding in this cramped country is not enough.

If it were known, even countries and guilds from all over the world would flock like crazy dogs, but it was meaningless to run away to foreign countries.

‘For me to live… Rather, the existence of the dungeon should not be revealed, can I possibly keep it?’

Unless the once-generated dungeon is closed after completely finishing the monsters that continues to flow out.

However, it was naturally impossible for Sung-Hyun to destroy and close the SSS+ level dungeon alone.

‘But there was something strange.’

Hobgoblin’s presence in the dungeon.

Although Sunghyun almost died due to the monster, he was a monster that did not match the first SSS-class dungeon ever.

‘Then is it a dungeon with a level difference between monsters?’

A wide range of dungeons, starting with low-level monsters and even more powerful monsters.

Even though he had never seen it in person, these cases have sometimes been reported.

It was possible if the Hobgoblin that just appeared was the weakest monster right by the entrance.

‘It’s a convincing hypothesis. This is a massive, gigantic dungeon, so nothing strange.’

Damn it, he is in a real crisis, and his head is spinning.

Then all that’s left is to go inside and check it out.

Of course, he might be crazy.

It was practically gambling with his life.

‘But there’s no way at this point. If I don’t want to die while staying still, I have to at least try.:

Of course, it was too much to finish or close the dungeon until the end.

However, at least it might be possible to clean the entrance of the dungeon so that the monster would not come out.

He was no longer a regular person, but a Hunter.

When Sung-Hyun made up his mind.

A messages unfolded in front of him.

[Sync is complete!] [The user’s body is strong and energetic.] [Conditional Awakening Earns Bonus Attributes!] [Acquired attribute ‘???’.] [The attribute is not activated due to lack of experience.]

“Then let’s go.”

Sung-Hyun stepped toward the entrance of the dungeon, which was opened without hesitation.

He had already made up his, he didn’t have to hesitate anymore.

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