A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 4

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It took Sung-Hyun some time to accept his situation.

However, the more he looked into the message, the clearer it became.

That he is destined to be a Hunter.

[System Synchronization 37.1%]

“Jesus, it’s not a dream… You’re telling me?”

When awakening as a hunter, a message window like what Seong-Hyun sees now appears.

It’s like a hologram in virtual reality.

From that very moment on, the “system” will be applied to those who awakened, and growth will be possible easily beyond human limits.

After this brief synchronization process, he will awaken as a hunter.

‘Then am I a conditional awakener?’

There were two cases of Hunter’s awakening.

First of all, when one’s ability is naturally expressed at a certain age.

Second, in the case of ‘conditional awakening’ in which the ability is expressed only when certain conditions are satisfied.

The absolute majority of Hunter’s current activities were innate awakening.

In the case of conditional awakening, the number was extremely small.

There were many different conditions for each person to satisfy, so he didn’t know the conditions until he experience this, so even if one was born with the ability, most people didn’t know that for the rest of their lives.

‘But if I am a conditional awakener…….’

There was a special merit as the ratio was low and very difficult to obtain.

Unlike innate awakeners, the privilege of getting bonus characteristics as soon as you wake up as a hunter is given.


[Synchronizing system]

Acquire [‘??’-level attribute ‘???’.]

‘That’s true.’

The synchronization has not yet been completed, so it was not known exactly what the characteristics were.

However, the characteristics given to conditional awakening were usually special.

That’s why there are quite a few conditional awakeners in the top hunter compared to a much smaller number.

“Was killing monsters a condition for me?’

Sung-Hyun looked down at the charred body of Hobgoblin.

He was the only one in this situation, so he could guess his awakening condition was killing a Monster’.

He didn’t know if he had to catch any monster or if he had to catch a monster like Hobgoblin to awaken.

But one thing was for sure.

‘Crazy, how the hell are I supposed awaken when I am hanging on to something like that?’

Even Sung-Hyun, who has been working in Cheongseong, would never have been satisfied until his death if this amazing thing had not happened.

Nevertheless, ordinary people who are not involved in this industry would not have been able to meet the conditions even if they died and woke up.

However, he has met the conditions and he is now a Hunter as a conditional awakening.

‘Then… can we see a reversal of life like this?’

An opportunity fell before him who was on the edge of a cliff due to strange fate.

Even those who have been working and have a tin can of brains have been stuck just because they are hunters.

It made me think, “Why use your powers so stupidly.” This was mostly what he thought.

But now Sunghyun has entered the world.

Because he had a good understanding of the Hunter industry, he was confident that he would use his abilities properly.

But there was one thing that bothered him.

‘From now on… But I started a little late.’

Those who were born early in their teens began to play in active service, and at the latest in their early and mid-20s, they were able to awaken their abilities.

As you can see, Sung-Hyun was a second-hand rookie in his late 20s.

For Hunters, it was very important to gain experience by killing monsters.

This did not simply mean ordinary experiences such as work-life or experience in the examination.

Hunters who are subject to the “system” kill monsters and accumulate their combat experiences in the body.

The accumulated experience actually becomes a stronger ability, and thus the owner of power beyond human beings.

Therefore, the Hunter’s Guild rated the age of awakening as one of the most important indicators when looking at the rookies they would raise.

At least in that regard, Sung-Hyun was completely out of line.

“Jesus, don’t you ever do anything like double your experience? One should pay attention to the latecomers.”

Sung-Hyun had no reason to complain.

Of course, he knew it was meaningless and nonsense.

It’s been a pain in the neck for the past few years, but unlike games, life in this world was very unfair.

‘No, that’s it. Think about it later. First of all, I need to know where this crazy Hobgoblin came from.….’

Once detected, it was very unlikely that he had sneaked out of the dungeon where the hunters had taken action.

It was already decades after mankind fought against monsters in the dungeon, and the guild’s dungeon management system was not so lax.

If it had been pierced, Hunters would have already noticed and searched the whole neighborhood.

In other words, it is highly likely that he came from an unidentified dungeon that did not notice the outbreak itself.

“If Hobgoblin wasn’t a quiet hiding guy, and wandered around the streets, there would have been a disturbance in no time.”

‘Wait, maybe… It’s not like there was a dungeon right next door, is it?’

No way.

Sung-Hyun laughed in vain at the absurd idea.

Fortunately, there was no dungeon next door.It should have crushed the entire area within the range of creation, but who would have thought that the place where the dungeon suddenly broke out was not next door, but his basement.

[A new dungeon has been found!] [???][Dungeon Rating – SSS+] [Size – Super Large]

“No, you… This is crazy!.”

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