A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 3

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Sung-Hyun was eventually kicked out of the scene.

He was angry but still begged, yet he couldn’t see Han In-ho’s face again.

“You crazy bastards… Ifi’ve been accused and kicked out, at least pay me for my severance pay! You want me to throw up all my money there?”

He couldn’t help cursing.

The 950 million won was an unprecedented amount that even if he sold his house and all of his savings he still couldn’t pay it.

Since such a big accident was caused by a false accusation, it may become impossible for him to enter the same industry.

There is no way to pay off the debt.

“I think I’m going to stay still even after I’ve been beaten like this!”

Sung-Hyun, who lost everything, was filled with a desire for revenge.

He wanted to somehow beat the bloody Han In-ho and the Cheongseong guild.

‘…but how?’

The sudden burning of revenge quickly faded.

It was impossible for an individual to fight against the massive guild itself.

I knew better because I’ve been working for them.

A group with enormous money and even with the strongest force.

How miserable the end of those who were hostile to this huge power was.

‘Ha… shall I just die?’

With a sense of helplessness, loss, and a strange impulse, Sung-Hyun returned home.

It was a small and detached house with a yard.

It was the only legacy left by his parents who were killed by monsters in the past with great debts.

Of course, as long as the debt of 950 million is added to this, it is soon to be settled.

Knock knock!

Sung-Hyun naturally opened the door and entered the front door.

He felt stuffy as if he had a rock on his chest, so he wanted to lie down for now.

“Hmm? What is it?”

In front of the dim front door, an unidentified figure appeared.

I’ll tell you in advance, but I’ve never had a pet in my whole life.


“Hey, what is this!”

A strange-looking green monster.

Goblin ran to Sung-Hyun, revealing his sharp teeth.

Surprised at the unexpected appearance of the monster, only one thought came to his mind.

Why is there a monster on my house?

Second, why a big one.


Surprised by Goblin wielding a club, Sung-Hyun ran away in a hurry.


Goblin followed Sung-Hyun, who was running inside the house, tenaciously.

When I first faced him, I wanted to go out the door that I had entered, but I couldn’t because I had already locked it.

If he press the door lock button with a monster like that right in front of him, the back of his head will crack open and die before he had chance to leave.


The table was crushed to a nasty appearance.

The power of a terrible monster.

“Crazy…! I know he was big, but he’s not a regular goblin!’

It was “Hobgoblin”, twice as big as a regular goblin.

Hobgoblin was a monster in an E-level dungeon.

Just a Goblin would have to fight for its life with an adult man holding a weapon, but Hobgoblin was obviously too much for the general public to deal with.

‘What should I do… How!’

In the face of the death crisis, Sung-Hyun’s head turned tight.

Even if he quickly locks the door, it will break down and the hobgoblin will come in, so edn if he runs around recklessly, he will eventually die.

‘I can’t die from a monster like this! I need to figure something out!’

The moment a normal person faced a monster as big as Hobgoblin in front of his nose, he had to be considered dead.

However, Sunghyun had extensive knowledge of the Hunter industry and experience working in Cheongseong.

Even if he is not a hunter who hunts monsters himself, he was quite familiar with the field situation as he worked at the best guild in Korea.

“The color of his skin…….’

Sung-Hyun, who turned his head, quickly captured the image of Hobgoblin.

Basically, it’s not easy to distinguish because it’s dull green, but Hobgoblin’s skin with a dim blue color.

It was characterized by Goblin monsters adapted to cold climates.

‘And the weakness of such goblin is fire……!’

It was impossible to stop monsters with physical abilities, but fire would not discriminate against others.

Sung-Hyun quickly took the lighter out of his arms and threw it.

I got it!

“Huh… what?”

When the lighted lighter flew in, Hobgoblin quickly hit the lighter, albeit briefly.

No matter how weak fire is, it cannot be beaten by such a small lighter.

He was so distracted that he couldn’t even think of such a simple thing.

“What a fool!”

Sung-Hyun threw himself away from the flying club again.

The flowerpot that he had cherished as a gift from last year was broken as it rolled around the floor.

Oh, he is going to break down the whole house.

‘Yes, that’s right……!’

An urgent thought flashed through Sunghyun’s head.

After running to the room, Sung-Hyun picked up a sleek black sphere from the corner of the room.

Originally, it was Cheongseong’s employee equipment to be disposed of, but it was a special flame bomb that was roughly buried in his house due to the mistake of a foolish subordinate.


Sung-Hyun threw a flame bomb at Hobgoblin, who followed him.

With the explosion, hot flames soared high.



Hobgoblin, engulfed in flames, ran wild.

As a flame bomb used for employees at the Cheongseong guild, it is no match for self-defense equipment for the general public.


“It’s working… it’s working.”

The crispy ripened Hobgoblin fell to the floor.

Although it was a device that only works correctly for monsters, small fires spread around it to what extent there were limits.

Sung-Hyun hurriedly brought a fire extinguisher and put out the remaining fire.

“Oh, that’s a mess. When are we going to clean this up?”

Looking down at the charred floor, Sung-Hyun sighed deeply.

The damage was even greater because he smashed the whole house with a club and even caused a disturbance as he died in flames.

At first, he wanted to grab the dead goblin by the collar.

I held it in because it’s still hot.

“But… I am still lived.”

Sunghyun touched his knee without even realizing it.

As the threat disappeared, my legs felt relaxed for a moment.

I never dreamed that the disposal process would save my life thanks to the guild’s equipment that I threw away roughly.

“I can’t believe I survived because of the guild that ruined my life… I don’t feel good.”

Sung-Hyun, who uttered a curse word inside, grumbled and pointed at the wall.

There was nothing strange about catching Hobgoblin as a public figure, even if it made headlines the next day filling the front page of the newspaper.

However, it was impossible to use the media to talk about unfair circumstances or unfair dismissal.

If you do that, the Hunters of Cheongseong will come to you and cut you off without realizing it.

[System synchronization starts.]

At that time, a translucent message appeared in front of Sung-Hyun.

“What, what? No, wait, this is……!”

Sung-Hyun, who rubbed his eyes, opened his mouth in surprise.

It was my first time seeing it, but I couldn’t not know it.

It was a “system message” window that only Hunters have seen, which has been talked about a lot of times.

[The Awakening Condition has been met!] [After a while, awaken as a hunter.]

“Have I awaken?”

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