A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A Dungeon Beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 2

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The scene is in its final stages.

The re-confirmation work was completed, and all the loot was taken out.

Now, only some miscellaneous works was to be done to completely shut down the dungeons that had sprung up underneath the city.

However, Sung-Hyun, who was in charge of the scene, was called out of the blue.

It must have been serious as much as even Cheongseong’s guild leader came here in person.

Han In-ho, an S-class hunter with the nickname ‘Viper’.

He was one of the world’s top five big names.


Sung-Hyun, who sat on his seat with a nervous attitude showed in front of a man in his 30s sitting across him.

He has a manly face, a reliable physique, and an overwhelming ability to support him.

As much as his outstanding skills, he was the best hunter who had the reputation and popularity of the public.

Of course, the story inside the company was a little different.

“I can’t believe you’re visiting this kind of place personally. Is it because of the last incident?”

“Yeah, you got it right.”

Han In-ho nodded.

Last time, it happened at the scene of a class B dungeon a few days ago.

Since it was a dungeon with many hidden monsters, pre-work had been done before the hunters entered, which caused a lot of problems.

An unidentified monster came out due to an error made by the analysis team of the Cheongseong Guild, which led to a big accident.

A major accident in which B-rank Hunter’s arms were cut off.

It was also an accident that ended the life of a young and promising Hunter, who was drawing public attention, and this made the guild’s position somewhat embarrassed.

Sunghyun knew well because he was there.

“Mr. Lee.”

“Yes, sir.”

“The last case. Have you ever spoken to the outside world?”

“Of course I didn’t tell anyone. Because there was a command.”

“Good job.”

Han In-ho smiled softly.

He looked so friendly that he wondered if the rumor he heard in the company was a lie.

“As you know, sensing ability people are rare enough to be able to play a giant guild or a team that is about the size of Cheongseong. So even if I made a ridiculous mistake, I have to be responsible about it. But it wasn’t my fault, it was a problem of the nalysis team, furthermore, our guild’s credibility should not be compromised.”

“Yes, I’ll work on it right away…….”

“No, don’t you remember the PR team making a fuss about being the most promising young teen hunter? Hunter, who was in the spotlight like that, suddenly disappears… It doesn’t make sense. It’s impossible for us to hide it completely.”

“Oh… I see.”

“Haha, that doesn’t mean you have to worry about it. Let’s make it a little simpler.”

“Is there a way?”

“Of course. It’s a matter of no time as long as you’re on it.”

“Yes, yes…? What do you mean…?”

Sung-Hyun doubted his ears for a moment.

“Don’t you understand? It’s your accident.”

“Well, I can’t do that!”

“No, you have to.”

Han In-ho spoke in a high-handed manner.

In a pressured atmosphere created by an S-class hunter, Sung-Hyun shrank his body.

Sweat came out of his forehead.

“I know the extent to which the work is going to go. If I’m responsible for this, shouldn’t I be kicked out of the business?”

“That’s right. You should.”

“I’ve devoted myself to guilds over the last few years……!”

“You’re well aware of it. But the trust of the guild depends on it. The rival guilds seem to have already smelled it, but cutting a few middlemen is not something to be buried in. We don’t have a choice anyway. I’m here to tell you in advance, so just accept it.”

Sunghyun’s face was filled with despair.

If it is enough to say this in person, it means that he has finished manipulating evidence and taking follow-up measures. No matter how much he will protest, there was no need for anyone to listen.

“And it’s a contractual clause.”

Of course, if it just end here, it wasn’t Cheongseong guild.

Han In-ho stuck out a document on the table.

“Hey, this is….”

Sung-Hyun’s complexion turned pale when he pointed to it.

A clause in the contract in the event of a loss to the guild due to an individual error, in which a full amount of equal damage is to be paid.

Such ridiculous unfair conditions would have been impossible to exist in the same society as before.

However, it was a clause that was taken for granted by the current giant guilds.

He never dreamed that this item would squeeze his neck.

“You don’t have to be too scared. It’s might be a lot bigger, but I’ll let it slide because you are a guild worker. One-tenth of the damage from the last dungeon… So pay me back 950 million.”

“Well, what do you mean!”

“It may sound cruel, but it’s inevitable. Think of it as a life-protection fee. Just in case you’re talking about it here and there, our hunters will visit you, so don’t forget to keep your mouth shut.”

“Don’t be ridiculous! That’s ridiculous……!”

Sunghyun, who jumped up from his seat, shouted.

A huge debt of as much as 950 million won had suddenly fallen on top of his head.

If it was an S-class hunter with that debt, it may not be a problem to be bothered to. But Sung-hyun isn’t that.

Han In-ho’s expression changed coldly due to his actions.

“Get that out of in front of me.”

“Oh, no! Please! Mr. President, Mr……”

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