A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP

A dungeon beneath my house let me gain 800% EXP Chapter 1

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“What a day today.”

Sung-Hyun gave a deep sigh.

At the end of the weekend, is there an office worker who welcomes to work on Monday? (Dunno if you understood this, but it means ‘after a weekend of rest and suddenly work it isn’t something to look forward to.’)

But compared to an ordinary office worker, he was actually working at an awesome job.

Cheongseong (靑星).

It was one of the two largest guilds at its peak in Korea.

It’s been decades since dungeons broke out around the world and hunters began to awaken.

The government no longer played a big role as it did in the past, and Korea was being played by the hands of these huge guilds regardless of the political and financial circles.

Lee Sung-Hyun was also a member of the Cheongseong guild.

Of course, he was far from the Hunters who came to the forefront and were in the spotlight.

He was working as a guild staff supporting Hunter from behind.

It was a work where employees had to clean up everything from drinking under the name of support magazine sales to the back-up of accidents committed by hunters. (This is the literal translations but it means that they needed to drink together with the media in order to have a connection with them in case a hunter causes an accident.)

“Si… sir!”

“Why are you in a rush?”

“Well, because Hunter Hwang Il-woo is making a fuss…….”

“Whoa… it’s quiet. All right, I’ll be there myself, so wrap it up here.”

Sung-Hyun swallowed a curse word and took his steps.

Due to the nature of hunters who worked at risk of their own lives, they were bound to make a fuss even with minor problems on the spot.

However, the attack on the dungeon was already over.

After the Hunters of Cheongseong enter and dispose of all the monsters, guild employees are tasked to finishing up.

At that point, he is overturning the situation by making a mess.

These guys weren’t sensitive, they just had a terrible personality.

The problem is that these kids are not only one or two of the hunters.


A harsh sound came from behind the door.

After a sigh, Sung-Hyun opened the door and went inside.

“ke ke ke…”

There was a man who is bleeding on his forehead and trembling on his knees.

It was the new employee who came in a week ago.

He was worried because he was a bit of a fool, but he was actually doing a good job in this industry.

“Get out.”

“What? But…….”

The staff hesitated even at Sunghyun’s words.

He was looking at the man sitting down.

“What are you doing, motherfucker? Get out!”


A ferocious bottle of alcohol hit the floor and shattered.

Only then did the employee get up and leave the room in a hurry.

The door suddenly closed and there was a brief silence.

“Does this really work, Mr. Lee?”

“…I’m sorry.”

“You’re gonna have to finish your work but end me with this shit? How can you dispatch a bastard who can’t even run an errand for cigarettes? You’re just saying you think I’m a dick, aren’t you?”


Sung-Hyun prepared himself by putting his hands on his back.

Sure enough, Hwang Il-woo’s thick hands flew in.



He was beaten three to four times in a row on his left cheek.

The beaten Sung-hyun barely managed to balance himself after touching the wall.

As a worker, he was very relaxed in his own way, but his head shook from the perspective of the beaten general public.

“Mr. Lee, please get your work straight. Ah? Take care of this kids! I can’t stand to see them because I’m so angry.”

“I’ll educate them properly.”

Blood came out from his lips, and he couldn’t say anything other than this line.

The opponent was after all a C-class hunter.

The two largest guilds in Korea, which are full of high-ranking hunters, were located at the end of Cheongseong Fortress.

But it’s just a story among hunters.

From the perspective of guild employees, who are ordinary and supporting workers, they are in a position that they could not dare to disobey.

“Hoo… you know my personality, right? But since you’re the head of the department, let’s stop here and move on. You’ve cleaned my shit many times after all.”

‘Yes, I did.’

In the most recent event, there was a case in which this hunter had a quarrel with another drunk man while drinking with women.

Not to mention the plight of the civilians who became rags with broken bones all over their bodies, they had to sweat a lot to deal with the disturbance to prevent things any bigger.

It was the ordinary worker, Sung-hyun who quietly shut up the reporters.

“Be careful from now on. Now go.”

Hwang Il-woo, who picked up the bottle, waved his hand.

Then, Sung-Hyun came out without saying a word.

‘Ha, shit. You’re becoming an old man.’

Sung-hyun, who left the room, lit a cigarette.

He smoked cigarettes way back in the military while doing this kind of work.

I’ve been working on this for seven years already, but I haven’t gotten used to this at all.

‘But if you want, I’ll take it off.’

Sung-Hyun’s eyes had a cold look.

Even E-class hunters are monsters that can blow heads off at once if they make up their minds.

Even with the power of a giant guild like Cheongseong, it was possible to sneak over even after doing such a thing for no reason.

After the arise of monsters and dungeons the world once known became a world of hunters, a lot of things have changed.

In the face of the question of survival, the law of the jungle became more explicit.

“Whoa… let’s think about money. Money only.”

Thinking about his salary coming in this week, Sung-Hyun pressed down on his emotions.

The dungeons where monsters appear were more dangerous than any other work environment, and the industry was paid quite a bit for its life as collateral.

In addition, if it were a Cheongseong guild, the money was simply swept away, and a large amount fell into the hands of employees.

Of course, it means to not reveal all kinds of dirty things one have seen inside.

TL note:- I might add some unwanted characters or words in-between the chapters, to prevent DMCA or copyright.

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  1. Yikes but for the first time I read a novel with setting that he is an employee to one of the influential guild instead of just a porter who is like a part time job
    I’m curious to see how this goes

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