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Beauty and the Ugly Count Chapter 2

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Translator: ManhwaLover

The old and thick book was a political science book written by Hittart, who is known as one of the greatest monks in the history of the kingdom. To be honest, few people in the Empire can fully understand that book. However, it was Rael who kept the book in his library, which not all the nobles read, and it was Rael who secretly took it out of the library and gave it to Velita.

‘A genius born with the wrong time and environment.’

Velita was not given the opportunity to learn anything other than basic liberal arts. When she showed genius beyond his brother, her  father banned her from entering his library. For her, Rael sometimes stole books from his library or secretly gave a book he bought in his name as a gift. That is why she has few books.

However, the books that could not be discarded even though they were read countless times were tattered, and were the only support for her. It was present in any era and in any field, but Rael was very wasteful because he thought it was his sister.

“Blessed by the benevolent Millesian, I declare that the two have become a life-long couple.”

‘Oh, it’s finally over. Why are the Lord’s Prayers so filthy long? Keep it short, keep it short. This was the third longest in prayer.’

Originally, she didn’t know that it is a prayer often recited at wedding ceremonies.

She was hungry, and her head was heavy because of an unfamiliar tiara. I wanted to take it off as soon as possible.

“Here’s an oath kiss.”

I turned to Count Erten, who had just become my husband, and quietly waited for him to roll up the veil. The veil, which had been obstructing his view all the time, disappeared, and she saw his face wearing a white mask.

The face could not be properly confirmed with a mask that only reveals the corners of the mouth, but there was a slight scar on the neck that was not completely covered with cravat. I looked at the scars without inspiration and made eye contact with him.


The dark green eyes like dark greenery, the moment I thought, ‘Where did you see those eyes?’, the white mask came closer. As he kissed lightly and moved away, she could see clear dark green eyes again.

‘Is it an illusion?’

He looked down and avoided his eyes. Dark green eyes that looked upright weren’t worse than I thought.

‘I like it, very much.’

I was very embarrassed right now. It was because at first glance, there was little, no, nothing I liked to see someone. It was a strange feeling. I raised my head to check again. The dark green eyes were still staring at me through.

The sound of applause rang in the church. Count Erten, now officially my husband, reached out and put his hand on me .As he walked as he led me , I could see the surroundings scattered by the fluttering flower leaves. After making a very satisfying smile, I saw the familiar face of Viscount Zoran clapping his hands. The moment I saw that face, the disgust grew, and I held my hand tightly without knowing it.

“It will be uncomfortable, but please be patient.”

Count Erten supported me and guided me gently. Then I saw the end of the long and long Virgin Road. There was a flat laugh out of my mouth. end

I don’t think it’s a family, but the author of the blooded father sells me in a good place and is satisfied. There was no skit like this.

‘On a topic that seemed to be talking about Rael… … ‘

He said he had no feelings, but it was a lie. Long ago, I only hated it, but now the disgust is greater.

‘Yes, it’s disgusting.’

“I don’t feel good, are you okay?”

“Fine. Because today is an auspicious day.”

“You don’t have to say that.”

“Why? I’m so happy now?”

The answer narrowed his eyes as if they couldn’t understand. As my eyes and I became entangled again, this time he turned his head. I narrowed my eyebrows for a while

Looked ahead.

‘Well, I have enough time to talk.’

It was time to live together for a lifetime. No matter what kind of relationship it was, I didn’t have any intention of going out in a hurry.

‘I think it feels good.

“I’ll bring you back, Madam.”

The title of ‘Madam’ was awkward, but I let go of my hand without showing any expression, and then I followed the maid. From the moment I walked through the Virgin Road, I became the Countess of Erten, Velita Erten. Now, I have to wait for the first night in the Shinbang while the banquet is being held by Count Erten in the capital.

‘Wearing this uncomfortable wedding dress.’

My chest hurt because of the corset that was so tight that it was difficult to breathe. I squeezed the bouquet I was holding to keep my expressionless. As I pushed all the hem of the dress into the carriage, Count Erten sat across from me. As the wagon began to move, I barely exhaled the breath I had held.

Despite the fact that it was a fairly large wagon, few seats were left on my side. I shake my ass and tidy the hem of my dress to make it even a little more comfortable.

“Isn’t it uncomfortable?”

“It’s uncomfortable.”

Knowing that no matter how I sit, I gave up neatly and focused on my shoes. When I barely took off one of my shoes with my feet fluttering, it seemed that I had a little breathing, even though it was one of them.

“If it’s very uncomfortable, why don’t you take off your shoes?


“I’m taking off now.”

When I took off one shoe, I fixed the heel and took it off, but when I tried to take off the right shoe with only lace socks, I kept going in vain. Count Erten, who watched me wriggling for a moment, walked to the hem of the dress and took off the other shoe.

“By the time I arrive, I’ll wear it again.”

He put my shoes neatly next to him. I’m tricked by his attitude that keeps liking

“And one thing to say, if you’re uncomfortable, I won’t come tonight.”

“… Yeah?”

“I can sleep in my room, so don’t be uncomfortable,

“Have a good night’s sleep.”

“What are you talking about? If the Count doesn’t come, how can I be comfortable?”

“But, I got married to a guy like him, and I was forced to have the first night….….”

“It’s the first night, and you can’t take off this dress all by yourself.”


“And the principle is that wedding dresses are not taken off except for the groom. You mean, you’re making me spend the night wearing this dress and corset? It would be fortunate if my body was not found tomorrow due to difficulty breathing. Besides, I didn’t eat anything but water all day long. It’s impossible to eat anything in this state, and when I’m hungry, I get very sensitive, so if you don’t want to fight a couple with your head grabbed from the first day, you’d better come tonight.”

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