Suddenly I have a husband and Children

Suddenly I have a Husband and Children Chapter 2

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“Grand Prince Bertrand, see you, Your Highness.”

“Ha ha, Bertrand. How have you been? Make yourself at home.”

“I’m just thankful that you’re here after a long time. But what brings me….”

“Oh, that’s it. As you know, our Estella is sick right now.”

“Yes, I heard from you. The princess has a mysterious disease, so should I look for a foreign drug?”

The king shook his hand, saying, “You don’t have to do that.” In fact, Estella’s treatment of the disease was very simple, he was just embarrassed to say it.

“I’d like to ask you a shameful favor.”

“What is it?”

“Actually, Estella… She loves this guy so much. But when she found out that he was engaged, she became lovesick.”

“Oh, my…”

“I won’t say anything shameless about engagement. But can you postpone the wedding even for a few years? In the meantime, I’ll introduce you to another man to my Estella.”

“Oh, don’t worry, brother. Originally, both weddings were supposed to be held after the coming-of-age ceremony. I’m more worried about her being sick than that.”


The king asked with a sorry face. The Grand Duke of Bertrand readily accepted that he would do so, saying, “Don’t be sorry at all.”

Estella, who was stuck in my room and used to live in my bed as usual. The king, who visited her, spoke in a friendly voice.

“Hey, it’s Estella. I have good news.”

“What is it…”

“Izak’s wedding has been postponed.”

“…Really? Why?”

Estella’s eyes, which had been struggling like a sick chicken, sparkled. The king continued by adding a little more lies.

“Well, maybe discord is the reason.”

“Well, maybe your relationship will stop at engagement?”

“I suppose so.”


At the age of 15, Estella had that hope. He was sorry that it’s a vain hope, but not knowing it, she returned to her usual Estella after that day.

And when she turned 16, Izak went to war. Estella doesn’t know how anxious she was at that time. Estella prays to all kinds of gods every night while shaking the essence. Her fiancee, Lily Bertrand, enjoys a leisurely shopping spree.

When Estella was 18 years old, Estella shed tears of relief as Izak returned from winning the battlefield as the successor of Mondis Duchary. At the banquet, she gave congratulations on his return to life, and Izak gave Estella a friendly smile, saying thank you.

In fact, Lily, her fiancee, smiled and drank with other young people, and Izak looked at Lily for a moment and continued to talk to Estella again.

Perhaps the rumors of discord were true. Estella’s hope for the man who did not get married even after the coming-of-age ceremony burned like fire.

“I had so much hope, but he ended up marrying Lily! Weren’t you in a bad relationship?! I can’t even speak properly…!”

But Izak, to his heart’s content, proposed to Lily Bertrand the year he returned from the war. Lily Bertrand naturally accepted the proposal, and now tomorrow is their wedding.

And in the end, tomorrow came.

The place where the wedding ceremony was held was a huge castle of Mondis Duchary.

Two happy-looking people hold hands and recite the couple’s vows. Izak kissed Lily on the forehead with a friendly face. Estella looked blankly at the scene. She thought she would shed tears and make all kinds of indecent acts when she went to the wedding hall, but she felt unexpectedly calm.

Did she cry too much and got dehydrated? Estella felt her stomach getting worse and worse.

‘Ugh… I feel like throwing up. Is it because it’s an empty stomach??’

As the nausea came up, Estella slipped down from her seat and left the ceremony. Estella, who was hovering around the mansion until the ceremony was over, moved to a huge pond next to the castle.

Estella spent time still picking up pebbles and throwing them into the lake. Seeing that the band’s performance has begun, the ceremony seemed to have come to an ending. Estella woke up after practicing smiling and sending congratulatory messages.

Estella, turn back the clock!

Someone called her name. Estella, surprised, looked around, but there were no people. Then, bubbles of air came up from the pond.

“What is it?”

After doing it again, she heard someone splashing about whether they were inside. The curious Estella leaned unknowingly near the pond. She saw something in the water. At first glance, she thought of a human spirit.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

At the same time, she lost her center of gravity and stumbled and fell inside.


Estella didn’t know how to swim. She never learned how to swim in the first place. Why did the guard leave the guard post at a time she was drowning? Stop floundering and save people! She screamed, but it was clear that her cries are probably obscured by the band’s music.

“Oh, I can’t believe I died at the wedding of my crush. What do you mean…’

Do you mean dog death? Estella sank further and further under such cold water.

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