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TL: The author would always switch between 1st POV and then 3rd POV. I decided to stick with 3rd POV because it is the most used in the later chapters.



Feeling suffocated, he groaned without realizing it.

He tried to sit up while frowning.

He could feel his muscles flinching with strength, but his body showed no signs of getting up.

He opened his eyes, only then he felt frustrated that his body wouldn’t move according to what he wanted.

“Aish, my head…”

What’s the problem? His head had been aching for a while now.

He tried raising his arms but he felt that they were heavier than usual. Slowly struggling, his hands reach up to his forehead and rubbed it.

Headache similar to a hangover.

“Did I perhaps get drunk?”

Last night, he returned home to read the novel without even drinking.

What’s wrong with my body? I didn’t even put alcohol on my mouth.

“No, that’s not the problem…”

He stared around blankly.

Something is weird!

This wasn’t the same familiar studio.

The ceiling of the studio where he lived was not that high.

As his body’s senses gradually returned, he was now able to raise his upper body.

The thick blanket gently swept down his body.

Was it because of the blanket that made his head ache?

That wasn’t the point now.

He was now in place where he had never set foot in his entire life, moreover, this was a place he had never seen, even in pictures!

This room was as big as his living room.

“Is this a set?” It was so well decorated that he wondered if this was a set for filming a movie.

Old-fashioned furniture and sparkling decorations disturbed his eyes.

“What is this?”

He was just reading a novel back in his studio, but as soon as he woke up, he was in a completely strange place.

Was this a dream?

No, this was not a dream.

To call it a dream, the senses he felt throughout his whole body were real.

The blanket and clothes, he could feel them rubbing against his skin.

A lucid dream?

It can’t be.

And then he thought… Was this a hidden camera prank?

But that didn’t make sense either.

He didn’t know anyone willing to prank him like this.

“What’s the point of doing a hidden camera prank against me? It will only cost money.”

Then what is it?

I am so confused.

There were all sorts of things he didn’t own in this big room.

There are so many desks, books, closets, and doors.

There was also as many as three doors.

“I don’t even know where each door is leading to.”

He got out of bed and walked to a desk on one side of the room.

He was wondering if there was anything he could get information about.

On the desk, there was a palm-sized notebook and a pen on top.

He opened it out carefully.

Although the shape was a little different, he was familiar; it was an item similar to what he would frequently use.

The moment he was going to read something from the notebook.

Knock, Knock

He heard knocks on the door.

“Young master, Alice is ready to serve you. May I come in?”

“Yeah, yeah. Come on in.”

His body was stiff, but his mouth moved by itself to answer.

He felt awkward by his random answer, but he tried to keep a straight face.


The door opened. Along with it, a woman dressed in maid clothes appeared.


He closed his mouth.

Although the room has a antique theme, he never imagined that a woman with a maid’s clothes would appear.

She looked at him and said with a tone slightly surprised.

“You woke up early today for some reason, Young master.”

“Uh… What?”

It was his first time experiencing this, so he looked awkwardly down.

He can’t help but feel awkward.

He experienced many things in his life, but this was his first time experiencing something like this.

After he lost his consciousness while reading the novel, as soon as he opened his eyes again, he found himself in a place he had never seen before.

This was a situation that didn’t even make sense in the first place.

In addition, even the woman standing in front of him was dressed up as a maid.

It was natural that his confusion would increased.

“Are you not feeling well?”

“Huh? No. I am okay.”

He shook his head and answered.

Perhaps he still couldn’t process things, but whenever he answered, there would always be “Huh”.

“You don’t look good… Are you okay? Did you drink too much last night?”

“It’s okay. More than that…”


He wanted to ask why he was here, but he thought it would be weird to ask that.

“It’s nothing.”

He shook his head and acted as if nothing had happened.

One of the things he is best at is acting.

While acting, he carefully looked at the maid in front of him.

Pretty, she is very pretty.

But what was her name again?

Was it Alice?

The name sounds familiar.

Was it because it’s the same name from a famous fairy tale, Alice in the Wonderland?

Suddenly, he realized that it was also the same name of an extra from the novel “The Master of Talent” written by his fan.

The ‘Extra’ character, Alice. Exactly, it was just a passerby role.

There was a character that slightly interfered with the main character’s path at the beginning of the novel, giving him proper growth, and allowing the main character to show off his talent.

Raymond Millennium.

The son of a Master Wizard (5-6th Circle Wizard), Count Millennium.

Raymond, who acted as a Tyrant, as usual, met the main character and losed his life.

He then became the cause of the sudden explosiveness of talent of the Main Character.


The description of Raymond’s death was deeply imprinted in his head. Either it was because he read each word carefully or because it was the first murder of the Main Character.

“I’ll help you with changing your clothes, young master.”

Raymond stood up straight without saying anything to Alice.

“What clothes would you like to wear today?” Alice asked while showing three sets of clothes in front of him.

He chose one of the three clothes right away, without minding the style.

He thought it’d be awkward if he took more time on choosing his clothes.


He didn’t know why, but it actually felt natural for him to choose clothes.

As if he had already done it several times.

“That’s a good choice. As expected of Master Raymond….”

At Alice’s words, his body suddenly stopped.

He couldn’t even hear his surroundings anymore.

His brain has stopped working.

He swallowed his saliva and opened his mouth with trembling lips.


“Yes, young master.”

β€œWhat did you just say?”

“What? I said Master Raymond has a good eye for choosing clothes?”

He ignored the other words, and only focused on one. Raymond.

Oh, God.

He closed his eyes tightly.

An unbelievable theory came to his mind and then disappeared.

Those are ridiculous theories.

But I think they make sense.

Something big seemed to have happened.


It took 10 days.

After 10 days he could finally accept that he transmigrated in the novel, “The Master of Talent.”

At first, he wanted to deny it, saying it was ridiculous. But as he lived as a Raymond Millennium, not a “Lee Sunghyuk” for these 10 days, he accepted it on his own.

He got used to Raymond Millennium’s life little by little, and the name Lee Sunghyuk slowly faded.

10 days was enough time to finally realized that he really had transmigrated in the novel.

In addition, it was time to decide on what path he would choose to walk on in this new life.

Knock, Knock.

“Young master.”

“Come on in.”

With a knock on the door, he immediately replied to Alice’s voice.

At first, he felt that it was very awkward and crazy, but now he got used to it.

To be exact, he got used to “acting” as Raymond Millennium.


Alice came into the room familiarly.

Before she could say anything, she chose the plainest clothes among the three clothes she brought.

Choosing clothes was the hardest thing to get used to as Raymond.

Most of his clothes are adorned with extravagant accessories, and they are so colorful that it became hard for him to wear this type of clothes.

He was still used to Modern clothes.

“Today, I will be wearing this.”

“I understand.”

Alice answered slightly without hesitation and helped him change.


“Yes, young master.”

“What’s the rumors these days?

He did his best to understand his current situation for the past 10 days.

He busied himself these 10 days by comparing how same this place is with the novel he read,and if there are some differences.

And his conclusion is…

It’s exactly the same.

Raymond Millennium in the novel was an incompetent Son.

A jerk who denied the reality after his mother passed away and grew up not believing in the world.

“…still the same.”


“However, from what I feel…The young master has changed a little.”

“I’ve changed a lot.”

He replied by cutting off Alice’s words.

She shut up for a moment.

After changing his clothes completely, Alice took a step back and spoke.

“You’ve definitely changed. If Master saw the current young master, he will feel the same way.”

“But I still have no talent in magic.”

Alice flinched and couldn’t reply to his sudden remarks.

The Millennium family is one of the four prestigious families that supported the Magic Tower.

In other words, they are a Wizardry Family.

And Raymond, the only child of the Millennium family, possessed no talent for magic.

At the age of 17 years old, Raymond still remained at the level of 1st circle. An age where most of the children of the other three Families are in their 3rd circles.

“It’s not the young master’s fault.”

“Let’s go. Today is ‘That Day’.”

He scratched his cheek at her words to comfort him.

Once a month, there would be a class where the 1st and 2nd circle students gather together.

A class with a special lesson about the basics of magic.

It was being carried out at the Magic Tower. This type of lesson would be a great help to the apprenticeship wizards between the 1st and 2nd circles.

“Are you going to the Magic Tower right away?”

“Yes. I’ll go alone, so go to work.”

“Yes, young master. Then I’ll guide you to the Gate.”

Over the past 10 days, everything he could do has been done through Alice.

Since he was already strange from the beginning, no one doubted him not coming out of his room these past 10 days.

“Will it be okay?”

He was a little nervous because it was his first time going to the Magic Tower and meeting other people since he came here.

It was also because there was little description in the novel about this.

The novel “The Master of talent” revolved only around the main character and it never describe the back story of the other characters.

The Gate was a passage connected to the Magic Tower.

A device that allows people to travel a distance that would usually take tens of days compressed into seconds.

As a prestigious Wizardry Family, of course, a Gate was installed in their residence.

“There are other people.”

Alice found two apprenticeship wizards standing in front of the Gate and said.

Apprenticeship wizards working for the Millennium family.

They are now in their 2nd circle.


“Oh, it’s been a while. Young Master Raymond.”

The apprenticeship wizards smiled and greeted him.

Their smile didn’t contain any good intentions.

“Young master must be attending this class.”


“You’ve been attending it for nearly 10 years… I hope that you can gain enlightenment and rise to the 2nd circle.”

The two apprenticeship wizards giggled and laughed as they pretended to encourage him

If it were the original Raymond, he would not say anything.

He would have just relieved his anger to his maids or servants later on.

“Look at these punks!”

However, he had no intention of ignoring this situation.

For the past 10 days after he came here, he had already decided on how he would live as Raymond.

He never intended to be a useless jerk.

If he is going to live his life as a jerk, it’s better to be a proper reasonable Jerk.

And to do that, he shouldn’t stay still in this situation.

He took a deep breath.

[“The Unknown God” glitters in anticipation of your talent blooming]

He closed his eyes and opened his mouth.

“You guys are crazy.”

That’s what he said before raising the corners of his mouth.

It’s time to “act” as a true jerk.

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When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

When I Opened My Eyes, I Realized That I Became a Genius With Sword Art

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Lee Sunghyuk, an actor specializing in being an Extra. In the novel, he is a crazy extra.


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