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The Greatest Extra Chapter 32- Blow the trumpet first

TL: The author is also the same one that wrote: My 990 Thousand Past Lives Help Me, a good manhwa and novel.

I changed Manasword to Aura because most of the Korean English translated novels use them.

Also, I have a helper! My dorm mate. She will be helping me translating.

Now I can escape from the Admin’s nagging😌

Danube would always persuade me to increase my pace of translation saying, it will take me 4 years to finished this novel If I stick to 1 chapter a week.


“Fire Blast!”

A higher tier magic incantation popped out from Raymond’s mouth.

As soon as he finished uttering the words, the surrounding mana fluctuated. Near the huge rock, a magic circle appeared, and soon, it exploded. Smoke spread in the surroundings.

As the smoke subsided, the rock appeared and there was only a little crack.

The strength of the magic was not enough to be called a higher tier magic, but even so a bright smile spread around Raymond’s mouth.

It was not long before his eyes turned to the owner of the enemy tower.

“Red Tower Master, is this enough?”

At Raymond’s words, Berenus Kyle, approached the rock and examined the traces of the Mana.

Obviously, the strength was not enough to be called as a Higher-Tier.

“I think that’s enough talent for the Fire magic. You can learn the secret techniques of the Red Tower.” Berenus said.

Unlike the Blue tower, the secret techniques of the Red Tower had minimal conditions to be passed on. That was the resistance and talent to Fire magic.

[If an unqualified man covets, he will not be able to escape the wrath of fire.]

It was a description of the secret techniques of the Red Tower in the novel “The fallen Empire”.

It is said that the Third prince did not want to learn the secret techniques of the Red tower, perhaps because he was afraid of it.

Since the Blue Tower did not stand behind him in the first place, the only Secret techniques that the Third Prince had learned is the Yellow Tower’s.

“Are you really going to give me the secret technique of the Red Tower?”

“It’s a technique that would be need passed on to someone. I think it would be better to give it to your Highness, the Fifth.” Berenus said.

Since he decided to leave the Third Prince and stand behind the Fifth Prince, he would give his best to help him take over the throne to protect his own life and preserve the Red Tower for a very long time.

It wasn’t strange that he decided to pass on the secret techniques of the Red Tower to the talented Raymond.

“It’s reassuring that the owner of the Red Tower is taking the lead.”

“I have no choice but to be active. It is no exaggeration to say that my life depends on you, Your Highness the Fifth.

“That’s true.”

Raymond smirked and nodded.

“But this should not be taken lightly, Your Highness the Fifth. The secret techniques of the Red Tower is not something that you can easily acquire by just transferring it.”

The voice of Berenus Kyle, the Red Tower owner, was serious. Raymond couldn’t hide anxiety and had to swallow dry saliva.

And the hell training began.

* * *

“Blue Tower Master, why are you looking for me?”

The door opened and the blue-eyed Desia walked inside the meeting room.

“You’ve come so soon.”

“It’s not polite to keep my Master waiting, but Master still came earlier.”

“The Marquis Crayer gave us some good tea leaves. I was busy spending my time enjoying the scenery outside from here.”

“You’re relaxed.”

At the end of the brief conversation, Desia drew the chair in the front of the Lisefield Dior. She is now sitting face to face to the Blue tower Master.

“How’s your progress?”

Lisefield gently asked, filling the teacup in front of Desia.

After the excommunication of Philip, an elder of the Blue Tower and her previous master, she officially became the disciple of the Blue Tower Master.

However, it was the Fifth Prince who would always provide her the training.

This was because Raymond knows better than anyone else the way of the source of her power.

“Using the technique that the Fifth Prince taught me, I think I can get to the Supreme level faster than I thought.”

Desia Heli’s setting among the supporting characters was more detailed than other. So Raymond knew exactly what it would take for her to become a Sage wizard

The pace of Desia’s growth was bound to be fast, because someone who knew the setting was helping her.

“Huh, I can’t believe we are already talking about you becoming the same level as me…….”

Lisefield was just surprised. He wasn’t close with Desia, but he knew she wasn’t a fool to look for false hope.

“It hasn’t been four years since you started walking on the Wizard’s path, and I can’t believe you could achieved this kind of status…If this is known by the Southern Magic Tower Union, the other Master Towers may attempt to dissect you.”

“That’s a terrible joke. Of course, His Highness the Fifth and Master will stop them, right?”

“Of course, they will not be able to touch you, even if they are stronger than the Tower.”

“And there’s something you got wrong, it’s three and a half years.”

At the end of the short joke, Lisefield shook his head with a smile.

Even reaching Higher-Tier wizards will take five years to reach by a genius. However, she is at the same level of the other Tower Master in just less than four years, so if the rumor spreads, other wizards may feel relatively depressed by such comparison.

“What about the Fifth Prince?”

“He is with the Master of the Red Tower.”

Desia answered the question of Lisefield. It was easy to imagine why the Secret Techniques of the Red Tower was being passed on without further hesitation.

Not long ago, as they met Berenus Kyle, the Master of the Red Tower, Raymond said he was positive about getting the Secret Techniques of the Red Tower.

“Your Highness will soon rise to the rank of the Higher-Ranking Wizard.”

Even with how talented she is, she would still be overshadowed by the Fifth Prince, who has just started walking the path of Wizard less than a year and was now aiming at the point where even a genius takes more than five years to achieve.

“How was the teachings of the Fifth Prince?”

“I don’t need to explain, but I think Master is more aware of the talent exhibit by His Highness the Fifth.”

At the subtle question, Desia answered with a grin.

“Well, yeah. I have a special relationship with Her Highness the Fifth.”

Lisefield nodded with a pleased look. It seems like it was just yesterday when they first met at the Imperial Chamber No. 7, but this much time has already passed.

“I think I need to get up.”

“What’s the matter?”

“The Fifth Prince’s training will finish today.”

With a slightly surprised look on his face, Desia slowly got out of the Meeting room.

“I, I’m coming with you……!”

The place where Raymond and Berenus are training was not far from the main building.

Arriving at the training field, they saw that the surroundings was a mess.

Dark red smoke was rising from each of the pits created there.

Raymond was seen standing at the center and Berenus, the Red tower master, was about 5 meters away.

As soon as they stepped inside the training field, Lisefield felt the Mana fluctuating.

“Don’t tell me…….”

The Fifth Prince ascended to High-ranking wizard.

* * *

He was lucky.

It was written in the settings of the Novel that there would be a reaction if he learn both the Secret Techniques of the Red Tower and the blue tower, but he didn’t know it would be this much.

“Fifth Prince, congratulations on reaching the High-ranking wizard.”

By the time he finished organizing his thoughts, Lisefield approached and bowed his head. It was a good things, but he wasn’t too surprised.

Rather, his mind was as calm as the sea. This may not be a big achievement compared to the level of enemies they will have to deal with in the future.

“Fifth Prince, congratulations on your new founded strength.”

This time it was Desia. The Red Tower owner gave a proud look, but didn’t open his mouth.

Raymond wiped his face with the towel that Desia handed him and grinned as he opened his mouth.

“Desia, won’t you be overtaken by me sooner or later?”

A clear smile spread around her mouth at his light joke.

“I don’t have to worry about that. I’ve decided to speed up my training a bit too.”

It was a short answer without a long explanation. However, Raymond could easily see that she was speaking with the highest standards in mind.

“You are fast.”

Just as Richard, the main character in the novel, did, he recommended a magic book that suits her and gave her some advice.

But she really has a remarkable pace of growth. She was already at the Supreme level, just below the Sage.

“It’s not enough compared to His Highness the Fifth.”

“Is that so?”

“Yeah. You didn’t eat yet, right? Lord Cron invited me to dinner. You have to change and attend.”

At Desia’s words, Raymond nodded. It was necessary to establish and maintain a friendly relationship with Cron, the full successor of the Marquis Crayer.

“We’ll have to postpone the dinner until later.”

Gesteine, who appeared next to him, said in a low voice. His expression was unusual. Something must have happened.

“What’s going on?”

“A General of the Fresyrian Kingdom went south. Three border Squad were killed and two strongholds were lost.”

The actions of the General’s are like blowing the trumpets of war in the Kingdom of Fresyria.

They are the first to move before a full-fledged war begins.

He thought it would take a little more intense provocation to get them moved but this was unexpected.

“There’s going to be a military meeting soon. Marquis Crayer wants the Fifth Prince to attend.”

Because there was the Black Mountain range at the borders, it was inevitable to react sensitively to this way.

Being asked to attend the military meeting on the estate, showed how deep Marquis Crayer’s trust in Raymond was.

“Tell him I’ll be there soon.”

“I understand”

It wasn’t long before the time for the meeting came. Rather than calling it a military meeting to discuss countermeasures immediately, it was close to receiving information on the current situation in the Black Mountains.

The messenger from the border forces detailed what was going on at the border and in the Black Mountains for half an hour.

“The situation in the Black Mountains isn’t as good as I thought.”

When the border army messengers finished delivering the message, the people gathered at the meeting began to discuss countermeasures. The first to speak was one of the Marquis of Crayer’s supporters.

Raymond was familiar with his name, but he doesn’t remember the exact information, so it was clear that he was an Extra without any notable doings.

“Shouldn’t we send reinforcements to the border?”

Someone asked carefully. This time, he was a nobleman from one of the families who vowed to join the Marquis Crayer.

It was agreed that they should send an additional of 1,000 troops to compensate for the loss in the Black Mountains, and also a minimum of support should be sent to fill in the gap in the border.

“Who should I give the command of the army to?”

Marquis Crayer asked. He was not yet fully recover from the injury. All that remained was to elect representatives from the Subordinate families.

As soon as the discussion began in a stern atmosphere, Raymond took a step forward and opened his mouth.

“I’m coming too.”

“No, you can’t! Your Highness the Fifth!”

“There’s a General from the 21 Generals of the Fresyria Kingdom in the Black Mountains right now!” Unsurprisingly, Marquis Crayer was the first to voice out his disagreement.

“I’m not asking that I should command the army, so don’t worry. I’m only there to accompany. The command will still be taken from the other families.”

He added in a hurry, fearing that he might seem greedy for the command of the Crayer’s Army, but judging from the responses of Marquis Crayer and his family, he was not seen like that.

Instead of saying that they can’t give up their command, they said that the current Black Mountains is too dangerous and they are worried about the safety of the Fifth Prince first.

“If the reason you’re going to the Black Mountains is because of the Spearhead, please don’t!”

Marquis Crayer raised his voice with a vein around his neck appearing despite his body that has not yet fully recovered.

A faint smile spread around Raymond’s mouth because the Marquis was genuinely worried.

“If the nobles of the capital are afraid of the Spearhead, I will be the shield that stops their attack!”

The smile around Raymond’s mouth became clearer. Although he is a benefactor to their family, he did not know that if he could be trusted to claim to be a shield.

‘It felt better to have someone worried about me than I thought…….’

Perhaps it was frustrating to see Raymond smirking and nodding his head, Marquis Crayer sighed briefly.

“It’s no use sighing. Marquis, my meaning remains the same.”

“Fifth Prince……. As you may know, I spent most of my youth with the Emperor. That’s why I remember the young Emperor.”

It may seem a little out of the blue. However, Raymond listened quietly to Marquis Crayer.

If Raymond knew what happened, he could predict what would happen next because he knew the settings of the novel.

Seeing his current appearance, the Marquis Crayer unconsciously uttered.

“If you look at him, you can see him as a young emperor.”


Tl: Perks of being a TL that has its own account to update, is that I can have sneak peak of other novels or new novels! There is a new novels between 10-15 chapters and has the MC named as Raymond. The other is about business. It seems like they are stacking up chapters before starting posting them with a regular schedule.

I like the first one, it is like a combination of omniscient reader’s point of view, with celestial that spectate his growth, and the greatest extra.

The MC has even the same name as Raymond! But in the raws, the names are written differently. This novel has Raymond written as LAYMAN (레이먼) and the other as LAYMONDO (레이먼드).

This novel is more detailed compared to The Greatest Extra.

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The Greatest Extra in history

The Greatest Extra in history

Score 7.2
Status: Ongoing Type: Author: Released: 2019 Native Language: Korean
One day, when I opened my eyes, I became the 5th prince of the empire that appeared in the novel. I was supposed to be happy. But the empire fell and the 5th Prince was horribly killed.


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