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Music Show Genius Chapter 6

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There is such a participant. 

BJs that aim to promote the channel rather than singing.

He understood how he felt, but if he visited other people’s content, it would be polite to follow the rules, but there are too many clueless people who don’t even carry the concept.

‘They’re the ones who won’t last long anyway.’

He would have felt really bad if it were a normal day, but he felt good today. It was the unexpected charm made by a popular female anchor because of her he has secured a good content. 

‘If we do well this time, we can gain hundreds of thousands views.’

Having been doing this content for a long time, he looks forward to this content.

If he looks at the participants, the number of views is roughly tallied. 

Popular BJs don’t always have good content responses, so it’s hard to exceed 100,000 views without any issue.

Finally, the fighting song ended. 

‘This will be edited out.’

Only three contestants are left. 

Today’s winner seems to have been decided roughly, so he was going to call Xia again after finishing it as soon as possible. 

“Next contestant, please come out.”

At first, there was no expectation.

“You’re pretty handsome.’

However, it is not to a particular extent like Xia.

To be honest, that’s pretty common in appearance. 

“Please introduce yourself.”

“I am Yoo Jung-ho. I look forward to your kind cooperation.”

Nothing special about self-introduction.

‘I wish it was shorter.’

He wanted to hand over the reward quickly, so he just went straight ahead.

The intro is rhythmical with acoustic guitar.

Then, intense yet heavy kicks, often used in hip-hop and R&B, and a base with a lot of mbience are released. 

A powerful beat that beats the heart!

Jeon Ji-wook’s New Day? Is this contestant confident? This is a difficult song.

As soon as you recall the suspicion, an amazing scene unfolds. 

The participant began to dance.

Neat yet restrained choreography!

Jeon Ji-wook’s unique groove is weak, but instead, the coolness that comes from his big and accurate movements is stronger than Jeon Ji-wook.

The vocals are very stable.

Both dance and song are cool enough to feel refreshing.

‘Most of all, I like his stage manners.’

To perform a dance song live, even a professional needs constant effort. 

If the song is different, you should find a way to fit the song and train it thoroughly accordingly. 

Only then can the performance be stable. 

Being good is another level of problem.

‘You’re good. You’re good.’

You are good. 

Unlike singer Jeon Ji-wook, this participant has his own color. 

Jeon Ji-wook’s dance and vocals are like chocolate.

It’s thick and sweet enough to make me wonder if my tongue is going to break.

That contestant is like a cool breeze. 

He basically feel relaxed in his movements. 

‘It’s not a stage where you practiced it for a month or two.’

The completeness is very high. 

That is not something that can be accomplished by talent alone.

It needs a great deal of repetitive training and research

It could only come out if it went through a harsh evaluation process. 


The large crowd was immersed in that participant’s dance and singing. 

I was listening.

Even other participants and Xia were mesmerized watching the contestants’ performances. 

I didn’t even think about evaluating it.

This is a scene that only professionals or equivalents can create.

It is very stable and high to the level. 

I don’t feel any anxiety. 

This will allow people to watch the stage with confidence. 

This is not something that an amateur can hope for.

In short, the person who is now performing with karaoke equipment, Jung-ho is not an ordinary person like them or an amateur.

It was certain that he was a professional or equivalent. 

The stage ended in an instant as I watched it absentmindedly.

“Wow, that’s great!”

“You’re so good!”

Applause and shouts burst forth.

If you look at the reaction, it’s more than Xia.

‘I’m sure it’s great, but…

I hesitate.

Xia also showed excellent performance.

But that’s not the problem.

Compared to the visuals and the topic, Xia is definitely more valuable. 

Wait for now.

It was difficult to judge right away. 

There is one way to do this.

‘Let’s quickly hand over the remaining two participants and give them another chance.’

Isn’t the more content the better?

BJ Young-hoon started the interview with a glimpse of his heart.

“I want to ask you something, are you a trainee?”

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This is good story, can’t wait for the next chapt

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Cliff hanger! Looking forward to the next part!

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The one performing is so calm, yet the reader is the one who feel nervous instead! 🤣

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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