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Music Show Genius Chapter 5

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“Well, the interview will be over after the song. Give her a round of applause!”

“Did she ever sing a song?”

“Yeah. Can she sing well?”

“She’s holding a microphone, isn’t she?”

The audience is full of expectations.

I came to my senses and found that there were more new people.

The rumor seemed to have spread.

‘If she sing well, it’s over.’

As soon as the calm piano accompaniment was played, Jung-ho felt his body exerting strength.


It was an R&B song written and composed by pop star Jera, and it was a masterpiece that topped the Billboard single chart for as long as six weeks.

It is a song about how he feels to leave his beloved lover, and three years after it was released, it is still loved as the best breakup song. Whenever a contest took place, one of the female contestants who sang well chose this song.

In addition, it was also Jung-ho’s song.

Because he was confident in his singing ability, he intended to show his skills and give the audience a strong impression.

The moment the first verse ends and the first verse begins.


The audience burst into exclamation. 

Jeong-ho was thrilled and bit his lips tightly.

Standing posture, eye contact, and facial expressions.

She was never a beginner.

An unexpected strong enemy appeared.

There was no chance of winning in the present composition.

If the song is the same and the skills are similar, the female Xia has an overwhelming advantage over the male Jung-ho.

‘Let’s change the song.’

There is not much time left.

Stressing his nervousness, Jung-ho rolled his head desperately.

The high notes of the chorus were neat, and the stage manners were followed.

A strong competitor who instantly rose to the ranks of popular female cams with excellent visuals and talent as weapons.

To show the audience Jung-ho is great, which song should he sing to overwhelm her?

‘I’d rather sing a pop song than a Hip- pop song.’

Those who claim to listen to music tend to prefer pop songs to Hip- pop songs. However, most people prefer songs that are comfortable to listen to and fit their emotions well. 

It is not for no reason that the so-called “Rock song” is difficult to reach the top of the domestic charts.

What I need now seems to be a KPOP song.

“Let’s create a stage that you can’t even imagine unless you’re a trainee at a large agency.”

If so, the scope will be greatly narrowed.

It is a hit song by Jeon Ji-wook, who proved his genius talent through solo activities.

New day.

It is an R&B-style rhythmic dance song that allows you to enjoy the unique grooves of black music.

It was a regular song for male trainees who were confident in dancing and singing, and Jung-ho practiced this song for half a year and even reached the brink of being in a debut group. 

‘Let’s hit it with my best weapon.’

I don’t know how far I can go with the street, even karaoke equipment.

Jung-ho decided to risk his life to run into each other. 

The stage of Xia is over.

The audience gathered like clouds and raised their thumbs, saying that Xia was the best.

BJ Younghoon was also very excited.

It was clear that she thought she had more than earned her money in this content alone. 

“Now that I see it, you’ve been hiding your amazing singing skills. But why did you reveal it here, not on your own?”

“The street singing contest was a show that I’ve always enjoyed watching. I thought I’d like to appear at least once if I had a chance.”

A good answer.

The audience booed, and BJ Younghoon also squinted and doubted.

“I don’t think that’s it. Tell me the truth. Is there another reason?”

He asked the question instead of answering the question.

“If you win here, I’ll give you a chance to promote your channel and self-promotion, right?”

“Of course! But I don’t need such publicity? My ranking is still going up.”

“But it’s not comparable to Younghoon, who is the most popular BJ.”

“Oh, I’m flattered.”

While the horse was doing so, the corners of his mouth were all raised. A burst of laughter broke out.

“Anyway, that’s fine. I think she’s a strong candidate for the championship. Okay, then please stand by over there, Xia.”

The next contestant was also BJ.

A man as big as a mountain introduced himself as a fighter. And he revealed his purpose of the appearance in great detail.

“I’m here to promote my channel. The martial arts channel is operated by MewTube and Trigger TV. If you are interested, please search BJ Jaewon!”

You’re quick to finish the promotion!

However, if this happened once or twice, Younghoon proceeded in a random order.

“Well, I’m looking forward to a good song.”

‘I think he’s going to be edited a lot for some reason…’

What was his idea of participating, he used the “drunk manager Park’s singing method” and shocked and scared the room.

At last, Jung-ho’s turn was coming.

At this moment when he was about to start! 

The average person would have been very intimidated, but Jung-ho was very used to this atmosphere.

‘It’s nothing compared to the monthly evaluation.’

The monthly evaluation of large-scale agencies is as fierce as TV survival programs. This is because it is the moment when debut and release are decided. 

Think about it!

More than a hundred children from Korea and abroad gather in one place to evaluate each other!

Company executives and trainers are all present, and sometimes a senior singer from the agency comes out.

Compared to the pressure of the occasion, this atmosphere was more like a festival. 

‘Let’s show them my skills.’


At last, Mr. Park… No, the contestant’s song is over. 

He must have been embarrassed by himself, but he disappeared as if he were running away.

“Next contestant, please come out.”

Jung-ho stepped forward.



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3 months ago

Poor Mr. Park qwq
It’d be interesting if that guy before the mc was more awesome than the girl haha.

Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

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